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Gravel Suckers & Crevice Cleaners

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The way things are going are you sure they are still legal?.......:blink:

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Yeah, I am done with shovels into sluice boxes etc. Metal detecting is the only way I find gold from here on out. I spent decades doing all the dredging and other stuff. Great memories but been there, done that. Time to clear it all out.

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1 hour ago, fredmason said:

easy to build...

Easy for you to say, Fred.  ?  Ok, I'll get serious.  Do you know where I can find instructions on how to make one?  I'm sure I could throw something together but it would probably work about as well as my first ever metal detector (instrutions/schematic in an electronics magazine) that could find a manhole cover within 6 inches of the coil on a good day.


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