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The way things are going are you sure they are still legal?.......:blink:

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Yeah, I am done with shovels into sluice boxes etc. Metal detecting is the only way I find gold from here on out. I spent decades doing all the dredging and other stuff. Great memories but been there, done that. Time to clear it all out.

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Is the Keene A23 Crevice Super Sucker still available?

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1 hour ago, fredmason said:

easy to build...

Easy for you to say, Fred.  ?  Ok, I'll get serious.  Do you know where I can find instructions on how to make one?  I'm sure I could throw something together but it would probably work about as well as my first ever metal detector (instrutions/schematic in an electronics magazine) that could find a manhole cover within 6 inches of the coil on a good day.


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    • By Swegin
      This may be the wrong form but here goes.  I know Bill stopped making these but does anyone know where I could get the hand crank handle assembly?
    • By Highlandhowler
      Hi forum, hopefully yaal are keeping safe.Im looking for the following mat.Its been discontinued but im gonna try anyways.I need 2 pieces and hopefully some great gold prospector out there can help me out.
      Mat dimensions are 
      8" wide
      20,5" long
      Im looking for exactly this mat and not the blue 10" version,we dont want to cut it down.
      Can anyone help
      Many thanks

    • By Ridge Runner
      I know it still comes down to getting the old pan out but I was wondering if any of you ever used the above Trommel?
       I know it’s been around a long time and I’ve seen videos but I want to hear from someone not selling.
       I was thinking maybe of running the material out of my drywasher.
       Any and all opinions appreciated.
    • By GB_Amateur
      I can't figure out a reliable way to re-mount this pick handle.  This is a small pick (USA quarter on left, Australia 1943 penny on right, for scale).  You can see what I tried -- wooden wedge in the long direction and steel wedge in the short direction.  This didn't hold worth a nickel.
      Given that this design has been in use for well over a century there must be a solution.  I can't be the first person to have this issue.  (I looked online without success.)  Any advice is appreciated.
    • By KrisDeVo
      So we did end up pulling that old 8" out of the bush from an old mining camp (previous post). We're going to go through the whole thing and get it back up and running. Main question I have is about sluice box design. I've read "The Clarkson Study" a few times over the years and just re-read it. Did a bunch of googling, youtubing and searching forums, but its hard to come up with great information about sluice box design for a larger dredge like this. I like Keene's sump system for fine gold but I wont be building that. For the most part I'm going to use this on our claims that are on a larger creek. We do have fine gold but not a ton of it. What we do have is potential larger gold (1-5oz nuggets).  Most of the gold ranges from 30 mesh to 4 mesh.
      Looking for links to good information and/or input on ideas on how to put a box together. Sadly when the old AMDS forum shut down I stopped keeping up with any other forums with new information after bouncing around a while. I can build/fab just about anything needed. Also curious to what you guys think about some new types of matting in a large dredge. I have all winter for the build.
      Box is 9'x34". 1st 3 feet follow the flair angle till it meets the max width of the box. The old riffle set up leaves a lot to be desired. Had been thinking I wanted to do some smaller woven screen at the last few feet of the box for smaller gold and then talked to Mark Keene. He said they have been testing 1/4" woven mesh (1/8" thick) over expanded metal and it was really doing well. Dropped the water flow to 1/2 the rate when the screen was 1-1 1/2" above the expanded. 
      Was thinking 1/2-3/4 woven mesh for the first 2-3 feet over a combination of Hungarian riffles and expanded metal ( separately, not on top of each other). Then 2-3 feet of just hungarian riffles. Last 2-3 foot maybe run a section of 1/2" woven mesh and then 1/4" woven mesh over a combination of smaller riffles and expanded metal. I would like to make 2 sections in there for some hog mat maybe. Also curious what you guys think of just carpet and moss over carpet in some of these different sections, what size riffles and expanded for the different sections also.
      What do you think about this equalizing power jet design and hose attachment to the powerjet/flair.
      Dredge came with four 18hp Vangaurd motors and two powerjet/flairs.
      Any opinion on any part of this or links to information is appreciated! Thanks

    • By Skookum
      Have you ever wished for a smaller classifier that fits your small pan for remote, hiking and sampling purposes?  Here’s something that may work at least until any manufacturer decides that small pans deserve matching classifiers, too.
      1.  Select a pan that nests inside the one you want to use. 
      2.  Download and print a steel perforating template. 
      3.  Use some water soluble glue to affix the template to the bottom of your extra pan. 
      4.  Once the glue is dry, drill small pilot holes through the center of each circle on the template.  I used a 3/32 inch for the pilot hole.
      5. Next, use a larger drill bit to match the size of the holes on your template. I used 5/16 inch holes. Advance the bit carefully so as to not bite to quickly and crack your pan (like I did).
      6. Afterwards, soak and rinse off the template and glue. 
      The picture below is a 10” black pan nested inside a 10” blue pan.

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