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Brett Poling

Seeking Prospecting Partners In Alaska

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Hey everyone,

I am interested in conducting exploration activities in Alaska this summer and am looking to find the right partner or group of partners to conduct this activity. I am interested in joining an existing group, or would like to create a group of like-minded prospectors. I have the intent on prospecting and mining 7 days a week and have the physical endurance to withstand working 10+ hours per day easily. Any prospectors looking to conduct joint operations, or claim holders or property owners looking for income without doing any of the hard work, I am your guy. I am a trusting individual with an extremely hard work ethic, I'll have also recently obtained my college degree in economics prior to my trip to Alaska if that is of interest to any of you'll.  If anyone knows anybody who would be interested in a physically fit 23 year old, please let me know. I've come across some important information I would be interested in sharing (in person only) with the right individuals. I would be willing to conduct business upon a negotiable agreement, satisfying all individuals interested. I'll be arriving in Alaska around May 14th and will be ready to get to work immediately. If any of this is of interest to you'll you can reach out to me through phone or text at (904) 495-5202 or reply to this thread.

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