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Hi-Ho Klunker!


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I did not want to get off topic on another post so I figured I better start  a new one to find out the answer to a reply Klunker made

" My thanks to Nokta for communicating with the folks that actually use detectors.

 Gold brick;- I have a P.I. detector that has nearly 100% accurate discrimination."

O.K. klunker, I'll bite :blink: . Although I know it is probably a mistake and I am gonna get Klunkered  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: for some reason I can not help but ask the question " Pray tell, what PI would that be, Klunker?"

I think I am gonna regret getting up this morning............


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Mr. Goldbrick; Sir;

 Your post is pregnant with the implication that you question my honor, my voracity, my vast experience and innate skill. So today I have arranged for a demonstration to prove my claim of a P.I. detector with nearly "100% accurate discrimination". I have retained the services of Mr. ddmk6 to act as a disinterested third party judge and have requested of him to respond back to you via this forum, if so allowed by the administrator.

 I think your jealous because i am more handsome than you.

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I, in fact witnessed some of Klunkers discrmination skills today...Anyone that can wear steel toed boots and long sleeved shirt with steel buttons on the cuff while using a GPX, and STILL tell when he is waiving a nugget over the coil......Well, he has some skills :-)  I may have to investigate his GPX a little further and see what he has done.  Mine surely won't tolerate any of that nonsense LOL.



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Klunker- your snide insinuations and accusations have no basis in fact! <_<  I merely asked a simple question, hoping you could illustrate the workings of this discriminating PI for our edification. I warned you before of the effects of indulging in high test Humboldt Ganja and the likely hood that you would experience extreme paranoia. :blink:  :blink:  :blink:  

Kenny- if in fact Klunker has been chosen by Dilek as an early tester of the hybrid PI/VLF (only my supposition) :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  can you at least try to get him on decaf instead of high test? We only ask for a succinct analysis not the flowery prose he is so well known for.



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