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Wow amazing finds

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Great finds, but I am confused.  Are you the original finder, or did you find a box in your closet with the relics in it?




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Most of what I post I find. However I do collect artifacts and coins from around the world since I can't travel there.

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Thanks for clearing up my confusion George. 

It would certainly save someone a lot of time collecting to find that horde in a box in the closet.  

I particularly like the six sided die, is that stone or metal?






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    • By Buzzard
      Only got out for just a little short hunt today. no coins found this time but, I did find a Henry .44 rimfire case...never found one so I am pleased. Try to get a pic up soon.
    • By normmcq
      I found this great  badge in an old barn

    • By maxxkatt
      when my boys were growing up 8 and 15 we spent two years gold hunting in an area around Dalonegha, GA. yes we always found a little gold but my best find was an 1800 hand forged mining pick.
      I was using a fisher gold bug and when I swung over the pick it sounded like a buried volkswagen. This is one of my finest finds. In addition my older son found a 400 year old fully intact alt alt point.
      The memories of our hunts are more valuable than the gold we found.

    • By BigSkyGuy
      Hello all,
      I made an interesting find with the Nox the other day. I was detecting an early 1900s military site in Montana and found a copper or brass arrowhead (left in photo). I did a check online and found a few similar ones which are described as "fur trade era" arrowheads. They were apparently commonly made from scrap metal, copper kettles, etc. The Crow were said to have been expert at making these points. The other arrowhead I found at a different military camp in Colorado from the late 1860s over 20 years ago. I suspect that these points had nothing to do with the military camps, but were instead lost by native hunters. These are the only two metal arrowheads I have found since I started detecting in 1977. Just curious if anyone else has found a metal arrowhead.

    • By sillllvar
      A couple of weekends ago My 800 delivered two bucket list finds. I have always's wanted to find an old Gun and this one was in heavy Iron about 10 feet off the side of an old cellar hole. After some Research I have found this Cannon barreled pocket pistol ( boot pistol or lady's pistol) is from Belgium and dates from 1853 -1877 .The seated I have been looking for for many years. Finally I can say I have my seated Dime. When I found the dime it was a sweat high tone 25. Oh I love that sound! I hope the picture upload works! 
      My small coil arrives in the mail tomorrow..now I can get down to some real heavy Iron taming 😉

    • By Alluminati
      Shown here with some other high conductors from tonight's outing. I found this with the Equinox at a site that is no stranger to a FBS or two.
      I'm not sure what the thing in the back is, any ideas? It says "50 feet" on it, I'm thinking it could be from a fishing reel.
      The black copper band, I don't know what it is, but it has characteristics of native jewelry fashioned from colonial metals that I have found around here in the past. With this site, if you can't ID it you keep it, nothing goes in the garbage unless I'm sure what it is.
      Last but not least is the Sterling WWII Red Cross pin. "Womens War Work C.R.C.S." (Canadian Red Cross Society) There was a war hospital just across the water from this location, so I have a hunch this may have something to do with that lol. It's kind of a cool find because up until tonight the only evidence left of the hospital existing that I'm aware of is in the form of black and white images, now I have a cool relic that I can hold in my hand.