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What Makes Equinox Special

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Yep, unabashed brand loyalty really blinds you to what can be and keeps you in a box.  Sometimes people are happy not knowing what they don't know.  So as long as their happy...perhaps more targets for me!

I think XP may have something up their sleeve with respect to the HF coils, perhaps even something Multi IQ like since the coils are designed to work on a very wide bandwidth from 13 to 80 khz.  Time will tell, but if it takes too much time, then they may lose their customer base.  They are also going to have to bow to the realities of price competition since they can no longer claim that no one can touch them on recovery speed and using that to justify prices needed to subsidize the cost that comes with the manufacturing complexity of putting the smarts in the coil and the technical complexity of all-wireless, light weight design.

Nokta/Makro are doing some interesting things, and if ML hadn't come up with the Equinox, I suspect that the Multi Kruzer might have been delayed until they could come up with their own simultaneous multifrequency technology rather than simply releasing a waterproof version of the venerable Impact, but their hand was forced to release the entire Kruzer series to compete not only with Garrett but also, now, with Minelab.

Whites took a stab at simultaneous multi frequency and separately waterproof detecting.  Neither took the detecting community by storm.  They really need to marry the two, and up the performance of their high end detector while making the user interface actually user friendly such that you don't need an IT degree to run it..  I do not think they can continue to lean on their stalwart metal box detector designs like the TDI and MXT.

Garrett just continues to tweak the AT series without really addressing the key shortcomings, terrible ergonomics (I need wrist surgery swinging that thing every day), mediocre recovery, and lack of even multiple individual frequency modes (you can get the Max or Gold but not both wrapped up into a single detector).  There is some good programming under the hood, it is just that the entire chassis and gearbox needs to be redesigned and updated.

First Texas - what can I say.  Bounty Hunters are solid entry and mid-level machines.  The best ergonomics in the business with the T2 and F75.  CZ series is a niche market but a loyal one.  Very good performance from the flagships.  But no multi-frequency VLF machines, certainly no simultaneous multi frequency machines on the horizon that I know of, and no waterproof versions of their venerable F75/Tek flagships.  They appear to have been lapped by Nokta/Makro at the moment.

Tesoro is Tesoro.  You know what you are getting and can depend on getting it.  Great simple performers that kick butt at contest hunts and some good PI surf machines.  But now even Terry Solomon has moved on.

Well that's my unsophisticated take on the state of mid to high value, multi-purpose detector tech in 2018.  But what do I know...I don't know.



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I have to confess, Minelab gave me a free hat last year. It was after the 3rd time I had to send my CTX in and the frustration level had reached a fever pitch. It was a nice gesture and if I was running a metal detecting company I'd put a hat into each detector box I sold just for the optics of it. 

That being said the hat had no influence on my purchase of an Equinox. The fact that it can and has gotten me more coins per hour in the shortest time frame that I have ever owned a detector is what has me sold. I said on this forum I had no interest in selling my other detectors once I got the equinox but after 10 days of using it I simply realized I wasn't going to use my deus anymore nor my excalibur for how I hunt and for what I hunt. I'm not a collector of detectors but rather a collector of cool things my detector can find and for my money I'm finding more coins and better coins since I got the equinox. 

The problem with all the drama and hate is that people have lost the ability to debate based on facts and now seem to debate solely on their feelings. All one has to do is look at all the junk going on around you and the arguments people have and it's easy to see. The fact that you can buy three Nox's for the price of one CTX doesn't make the Nox a lesser machine than the CTX. I finally got the scrap metal guy to come take my $5000 big box HDTV that I bought 10 years ago that I replaced with a better TV that cost $899. The fact is there is better technology now and it's cheaper to make and replicate. This concept also applies to metal detectors.

In life kids do what feels good and adults do what they have to. Hating on a public forum for metal detecting is what a kid does today on social media. 

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Great comments Skate.

The analogy that sticks in my head is that the Equinox is like a universal golf club that any golfer can use regardless of the shot situation, no golf bag required.  Driver - Park 1, Fairway Wood - Field 1, Mid-Iron - Park 2, Chip Shot - Field 2,  Sand Shot - Beach 1, Water Hole - Beach 2, Putter - Gold Mode.  OK I am stretching the metaphor a little too much, but you get the picture.

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Very well said Steve!

I've been having such a challenge trying to convince my hunt partner that his Exp2 is 20 year old technology, and impress upon him to give the EQ800 a fair shake.

Contrary to me seeding him good vids, and the well written Minelab Tech Talk series on the EQ and Multi-IQ technology, he continues to convince himself that his Exp2 is a superior device.  He just received his EQ800 Monday, and his big plan is one test at a park, and if he doesn't immediately see the wow factor, he's dumping it on fleabay.

Oh well, I tried to lead the horse to the water....

I kind of feel that way towards the rest of the naysayers, because to be honest it doesn't affect me one bit.  I don't really care anymore what detector they use.  Actually that's not entirely true, I'd prefer folks continue using their legacy detectors, because that leaves  more finds for us EQ users to dig :happy:

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Great posts guys. Simultaneous Multi frequency is the key. The Equinox is a very convenient and capable design. I can’t wait to try out the 6” coil. It should be interesting.

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Wow, what a discussion. Here's my small contribution. I have detected since the late 1970's on and off. I have used everything from Compass, Garrett, Whites and etc. I am not technically adept but I do have a good 'feel' for detectors, and, this is a short way of saying that this Equinox 800 and it's Multi-IQ is for real - it is a powerful game-changer that is probably leading the way into a whole new branch of detector technology. I love it and it loves me.

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I've seen people physically fight over detectors and which was "better", and of course, word wars and feuds have gone on about it since the first detecting forum hit the internet some time back in the 90s.  It doesn't seem to be slowing down any either.  

There are some out there that took great offense to Minelab's advertising words of "obsoleting" other detectors.  They still hold a grudge for that, although most seem to not have a clue what the word obsolete actually means.  But come hell or high water, they are sticking to their guns with a stick up their craw and refuse to even give the Equinox a serious look.  Most in this category are posting little snide comments or posts about how their detector still works fine...there again, the ones that have no clue what obsolete actually means.  

I really don't care what other people decide to use.  I'm always going to use what works best for me.  Actually, when it comes down to it, if I know I have an edge on other people, why would I want to level the playing field?  Other local people are my "competition" so to speak, and I am always looking to gain that edge to put more goodies in my pouch and less in theirs.  If I'm going up against some guy out there with say an AT Pro, who thinks it is the best thing out there, despite me personally knowing he is missing a lot of stuff...why turn him onto something that is going to put more finds in HIS pouch and less in mine?  Some people may think differently than me but that's how I am.  If it's my buddy or something like that, I wouldn't be that way but not everybody out there is my buddy.  

I'm actually compiling data and stuff for a post in the future about the Equinox that is going to probably ruffle some feathers of said fanboys of different brands and models...particularly aimed at the guys that are saying the Equinox is just a mid range performance beep/dig machine with no good target ID, etc.  I've already laid somewhat of the ground work for this in another post on another forum with a "what if" scenario type post.  

The basis for it was this.....if a person had a CTX and all coils available for it, and used the Combined mode, set up with tone bins of their choice and the Fe line lowered from factory default down to around 32/33, and systematically detected and dug every single target in said area....how confident would they be that they have removed all good targets in that area?  

I was referring to my yard, in which not only has had the above scenario play out, but also with every detector I've ever owned since the 1990s.  The last machines to bring any targets to the surface was the eTrac and CTX, and eventually I got to where I could go out there and use any coil combo and pattern, and not dig one single non ferrous target.  Wiped clean to the abilities of a CTX and many others....not just of high or mid conductor signals but ALL.  When I tried the Cors Relic and Impact, they did find a few more targets but none of them were keepers and actually were just those lead seal screws that are used for metal roofs.  

When I first went out there with the Nox, I was expecting more of the same...just a barrage of iron and nothing real big.  I figured if I wanted to find anything good, it was going to be elsewhere but since it's my yard, I have to try.  My first signal stopped me in my tracks with a 20s signal...right smack in the middle of the yard.  And it was a pocket watch case over 9 inches deep.  I was in awe at just that....then this began happening all over the yard.  Deep non ferrous targets coming to light...and not junk stuff either.  I'm talking coins, buttons, mid to large size brass, minie balls, etc.  NOTHING I have dug has been shallow...everything has been beyond the "wall" that Steve spoke about, that all other detectors hit in this dirt.  Thus far I have only been digging the signals that are 15 and above on the ID.  I've not even ventured into digging the 0 to 14 signals...there are so many of those out there that it is going to take a while to recover them. Keep in mind...this is in my yard where I have removed everything above a 33 ferrous line on the CTX.  And I'm not talking about iffy signals either!!  I've kind of been in shock at what has came out of the yard.  

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