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Question For Steve: Equinox

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So I know Minelab has iron clad written in stone confidentiality agreements on “testers”.... does this agreement last forever? Is there a sunsetting clause?

Im curious because you ( and a select few others) have been testing, using, and experimenting with detectors in a variety of conditions for a long time. That insight, is huge to the data and testing nerds like myself. 


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You asked this question before and it has been answered - are you not checking back on your previous questions/threads?


What data specifically are you seeking that is unavailable given the large number of people who currently have an Equinox in hand? It does not matter what prototype machines did or if they even worked at all. The only thing that matters is the performance of detectors available to the public. Performance questions are being asked and answered daily.

I have been answering questions about the Equinox for months - people simply don't want to believe what I have been reporting.

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Yes sorry.. it popped in my head today during a conversation with a guy about the equinox hunting... and I haven’t been on in a week or so. 

I read your comment and answered my question... thanks!

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    • By CrainRacing
      Heya everyone, new user here but I am not new to the game.

      I purchased an early Equinox 800 a while back, in fact it was the first one that our local shop received. 

      I am having a problem where it will not update, the program simply freezes and will not come back no matter how long I let it sit, the detector does not freeze though.
      I have tried many different combinations of connecting and disconnecting the detector, starting it while connected, starting the program after connecting and so on. 
      I also tried on a laptop that had a fresh install of Windows 7 on it with no updates, added the program to Windows defender and tried it with windows defender off. 
      On my primary computer (Windows 7 Ultimate) I have given the program all permissions, pretty much it could Skynet me if it wanted it. 

      My Wifi router is open, with no firewall. 

      I have tried everything I can, spent hours on this and still have not solved the issue. 

      Please let me know if you or anyone you know is having this problem and how they went about solving it.


    • By Condor
      Temps here in Sunny Yuma are still unbearable, but I got out for a few hrs early this AM to play with the Equinox 800 and 6" coil.  I went back to the same spot as last week, an area of relatively flat drywash tailings.  I poked around for half Hr in the Gold II setting but the hot rocks were becoming quite tedious.  Even if you apply some discrimination, they blow through the filter with a choppy broken tone.  I remembered that our skilled Moderator has said, many months ago, that he was quite confident in finding small gold in the Park II mode.  I thought I'd give it a try figuring the hot rocks would come in the low tone and gold would pop through in the higher tones.  I picked a spot of choppy hot ground and put down my 1/4 gram test nugget.  It zipped through with a nice high tone and the choppy hot ground more or less disappeared.  I ran the Sens up to 23, no discrimination, everything else factory preset in Park II.  It was truly amazing, the hot rock tones were gone.  Park II also runs with no threshold so the machine was nearly dead silent.  I went back over the ground I had just covered and started popping these tiny bits of gold.  Half of them came out of boot scrapes I had left last week.  I did not rely on the VID numbers, just the tone.  If the machine grunted a low tone but fluttered a high tone I dug.  I pulled up some tiny pieces of rusted steel and wire, but enough of those targets turned into gold to keep me digging.  I watched the VID numbers on a couple targets.  They started out negative VID -7, -8, but when uncovered popped 0 or +1, all the while with a high tone. 
      As we discussed on the last thread, VID numbers for gold vary, but now it's clear that relying on VID is going to miss gold.  The tones were certainly more reliable than VID in this situation.  And clearly, Park II is plenty sensitive to small gold.  These 10 pieces combined would not register on my scale.  I used a sewing needle for scale, they are that tiny. 
      I suspect that the hot rocks were screened out by the "iron bias" filter, perhaps Steve can shed more light on that aspect.  This machine is really starting to impress me.

    • By Bhogg
      Hi Everyone 
      Just interested to see if anyone has done a comparison of TID Numbers between the 6 inch coil and the 11 coil?
      I’ve personally never used the 6 inch on coins before only gold, but would like to use it at a few spots that are full of junk as there’s to many targets seeing the coil at once,  so hard to distinguish a good target from bad one and then due to this it’s very hard to get a clear TID due to a junk target mixing TID Numbers up.
      So if anyone has made a list/ chart of the comparison I’m sure plenty on here would also be interested to see the difference.
    • By ColonelDan
      In an effort to simplify my detecting life with the EQX 800, I limited the number of tones to three corresponding to the common low, mid and high conductive ranges.
      I thought I'd share this with the forum...for what it's worth anyway.  Please keep in mind as you read on, it may be worth even less to you than you paid for it!  😎
      Since 99% of my hunts are on east coast Florida beaches, I hunt in all metal and dig just about anything that doesn't sound specifically like iron. Yes, I dig a lot of aluminum!  But having a rough and simple indication of what my coil may be over, be it a low, mid or high conductive target, I thought would be helpful and shield me from the “tone overload” I get using 50 tones.   Even using the factory presets of 5 tones , I sometimes find it tricky to distinguish between tones over the ambient sounds along the beach. Again, I asked myself if I really needed that fine level of distinction anyway based on where and the way I hunt and dig. Agreed, that's strictly a personal preference.
      I tested quite a number common targets of varying size and metallurgical composition and came up with some common VDI ranges that I see on our beaches for each of the conductivity zones. I then modified the 5 tone option to 3 tones. My results:
      Conductivity              VDI Range         Tone
      Low                                -9 to 0                   1
      Mid                                  1-19                      12
      High                                20+                       25
      I can now easily hear a distinct difference in those three tones and my life is simpler.
      Granted, the specific conductivity ranges based on the VDI display will vary depending on the soil, target depth and metallurgical composition.  All of which is a known and acceptable factor to me for the purpose of this “approximation exercise.”
      Just the view from my sandy foxhole...
    • By mn90403
      Every 3rd Friday of the month the metal detecting club I belong to allows us to display our 'finds of the month' as a competition.  The categories are listed on the white board below my display.  This month my display number was 19.  I had an entry for each category this month.  All of the items were found with the 800 using the 11" coil.  (You can see the club info and pictures of past finds here: http://prospectorsclub.org/  )
      I've put in a few hours over the last week because conditions were good.  What I didn't show were the coins that I found which was about $50.  So I dug a lot of holes when you add in the trash!
      About 3 nights ago I went out on a low tide and was not finding much on my first beach.  I was getting ready to go and I found a piece of micro jewelry.  I didn't really want to leave so I began a SLOW grid of the area.  Just about every target started out as a negative number.  I kept gridding and found another micro piece as one of the studs, nothing very exciting but a target.  I locked into the slow pattern at the 'bottom of the hill' which is the end of the steep part of a beach slant.  I ended up with 5-6 small pieces and was satisfied with that.
      Sometimes after I grid I look at the holes I've dug and consider the depth of the targets and extend that line or cross over where I've been before.  One of these times I extended the grid and came back to the pattern and I heard a 17.  Well, the Nox does 13, 20,21,30,31 and 15s quite often so 17 was a digger in all metal.  I took my normal couple of scoops and the target was still there.  This was the deepest target in the grid.  I looked in the scoop after about 9 inches and a 10k 6g ring was shinning at me in the moonlight.  This was a shock.  It was out of place and it didn't sound like that type of target.
      The ring is pretty solid.  I could not tell from the sound.  One of my criticisms of the 800 is that it doesn't make heavier, more massive items louder.  Larger items like aluminium cans detect over a much larger area but I don't get a sense of 'density' from the audio target signal.
      So, I guess the 17 is because the gold has more copper or silver to make it the 10k.  It is a nice class ring.  I'm still trying to find the owner.
      The other items in the picture all have a story too including the two silver dimes and two silver chains.  I'll try to remember them if you ask me.

    • By Mark T
      I was ground balancing in single frequencies with my Nox 800 the other day and as you would expect the ground balance numbers change depending on the frequncy used so i wonder if we can alter the the 'weighting' of a program by doing a ground balance in the opposite frequency to the 'weighting' preset eg Field 2 is 'weighted' towards the higher frequencies so if we did a ground balance in 5kHz and then switched to multi would the 'weighting' have changed to any degree? would the Field 2 program now favour a wider range of conductors? would doing this offer any benefits ? i dont know but i will be trying to find out this weekend any thoughts on this ?