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Nokta Invenio Imaging System

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The World's First Smart Detector & Imaging System that can display the shape, depth and dimensions of underground metals in real time. Ideal for Deep Treasure Hunters, Archaeologists, Municipalities, Utility Companies, CSI and Law Enforcement Agencies.



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$10,000-$12,000. So certainly not for the hobby market. But I believe it's only a matter of a short time before technology like this reaches the hobby market. Minelab has incorporated a crude version of imaging into the CTX already in the form of target trace. There have been hints that First Texas has been developing imaging for use in hobby machines. If you think about it, it's one of a few remaining logical next steps in a hobby that has been cornered by the laws of physics for a while now. The first company that incorporates competent imaging in a machine under $2,000 is going to run away with the market, even if it comes off as a bit gimmicky at first. Here, it's not just the price that is prohibitive though. Most detectorists make quick decisions about what to dig and not to dig. Outside of suspected caches, consulting with a separate piece of hardware is not feasible for people other than In the professions this targets. It would have to be incorporated into and accessed from the machine. This feature in the hobby market would be a bit like waterproofing. It probably wouldn't be often used on your average dig, but people would love the idea that it's there. The idea of that big score, hidden cache or buried hoard is always in the back of our mind. And you'd see more of us planning digs to make use of such technology. For now it'll have to remain a dream for most of us to own something like this. Very impressive though. 

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I believe this is their second generation of what amounts to a GPR in a detector format.

I'd imagine that as technology gets cheaper and cheaper to implement, so to will devices like this, and likely smaller.  Perhaps we'll eventually see that separate display logger integrated into a single hand held detector. 

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