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Coin Below Iron - XP Deus Vs Minelab Equinox 800

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YES, I HAVE THIS TEST -EQUINOX TO RECOVERY SPEED 5,6,7,8 ... MY SETTINGS IN COMMENTS IN THIS TEST  ,,,,       SlavoM777   .....                                1 week ago
Equinox -Tone break is set to 2 in the Field 2 program, changed to 0, and open the Discrimination Accept -2 to 40 ... and this test goes to Recovery sped 5,6,7,8 ...
Tuomas Koivurova
Will try this too soon!
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In this test I used 5 detectors and  tested this 3D test...: 1nd place and Best signal -Equinox 800..., 2nd place  -good signal of the golden mask-9 "spyder and rutus optima DD29 coil,.... 3th place of the Spectra 12x10" detech coil -signal only  in very,very, low sweep  coil....and Teknetic G2 13 "ultimate coil - good signal only 20-25  cm above nails,  less - no signal -nada... is one important thing  !!!: Small and the ellipse of the coil will not go through such a test..!!!..Used coils in test: Equinox-11DDcoil...passed, Golden mask-9"spyder coil passed, Rutus Optima -DD29 passed,and DD23 coil.-no passed..,Whites SpectraV3 -6x4" whites-shooter ,10x6"mars sniper..-no passed and10"dd-whites..,12x10detech  coil- passed ....,Teknetics G2 - nel snake.., 11"dd tek coil. -no passed... .,,and 13" detech ultimate coil.-passed this test.....


iphone 5S April1 2018 003_DxO.jpg

15cm long nails  and 7cm above  23mm-5gram silver coin-1korona FJ-1893   ,....spacing between the nails is 18cm.....

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You are welcome, and welcome to the forum. There are too many people still waiting to get an Equinox so if people do not want to believe you that’s fine. More detectors for everyone else! :smile:

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