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Hi Ya'll!

Jim, I agree that I shouldn't have asked.  I checked the Forsyth Co Park and Rec website and there was absolutely nothing about metal detecting in their precious parks.  From what I understand, if there is no rule, then all they can do is tell you to leave if some Barney Fife Wannabe takes offense to someone cleaning their park for free?  The park manager at Arrowhead Lake didn't know what the lake was named for?  Sad, but typical.  I hope I'm wrong, but I foresee a day in my lifetime when the only places you will be allowed to detect is public beaches and private property.  It's already like that in many eastern states.

I went to the Old Federal Day Use beach area yesterday.  I put my 800 in Field 2 all metal mode, upped the sensitivity to 23 and left everything else on the default setting.  If you like bottle caps, then this is the place to go!  It wasn't a total waste of 5 hours as I got really good at avoiding the nasty little things.  Except for the really rusted ones and the steel Corona caps they all have jumpy all-over-the-place ID numbers.  Most of them will even ring up a negative number (or several) as long as you are running all metal.  Of course, if the trash and iron is dense, it seems that you might miss a good target by using this method.  I got 41 cents and no jewelry.  Sometimes you can learn a lot from a day of digging a mountain of trash.   It seems like this beach is well-hunted. since the only shallow targets were bottle caps, which most detectorists can avoid.  Despite the lack of quality targets, I was very pleased with my 800.  The coins were DEEP,  like dig-past-the-sand-and-into-the-
Georgia-clay deep.  I also dug quite a few of the old ring style pull tabs, which were also about 10 to 14 inches down.  I feel that these would have been already dug, since they sound soooo good, if they had been within range of most detectors.

Today I put on my jacket and braved the 58 degree Siberian tundra conditions and went down to the smaller Federal Campground beach.  Similar results, just less of it.  I did get a tiny little pierced earring back.  Woo hoo.  It rang up a solid 5.

Old Federal Day Use Beach5ad91c9161d65_OldFedDayUse.thumb.jpg.0cc478fec262ca9f1bc610ffbec20da8.jpg

Old Federal Campground Beach20180419_140441.thumb.jpg.a7427ecb8f1d7b750591f766a9b8bd51.jpg

Area that I wanted to detect. :angry:20180419_165142.thumb.jpg.9c2af089a4a26518809b9d39792c8351.jpg

Ya'll have a good weekend!  Tomorrow we move to Sawnee Campground.  We'll see what those beaches have to offer!


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Just a note. Thanks for the info on the beaches you have abandoned in Brevard!  I'm going to hit them hard this summer with my young son!  

As an aside, I think this post is going to put me in the 3.11g club (Copper Member)!  100th post!  LOL! :biggrin:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Yall!

Well, we left Georgia and are now parked in my mom's yard in Obion County, TN.  I hunted several of those Lake Lanier beaches (on the 4 days out of 10 when it wasn't raining), and I must say I won't be in any hurry to go back. I've never dug so many pull tabs without even a tiny piece of silver to show for it.  And not only are the beaches bare of anything but trash, but all the city and county parks seem to be off limits to detecting.  I did try another little city park in Sugar Hill, but after seeing all of the security cameras I changed my mind.  It's not worth the risk of having my 800 confiscated by some local podunk city cop for a handful of aluminum trash.  

Now for the good news.  There's a friend of a friend who lives near a West TN Civil War battlefield and he's going to let me detect his 3 acre lot!  I've looked at the old maps and while the battle wasn't actually on his property, there was certainly Confederate troop movement and very possibly camps there.  Any suggestions on 800 settings to squeeze the most out of my 4-5 hour (Hubby's metal detecting attention span) shot at this will be welcome.   I'll also be detecting some of the local parks here, and since the mayor of our little town was my 3rd grade teacher maybe I won't be harassed by the local law enforcement!  It will be interesting to see if the 800 finds any silver since I know these little parks have been pounded to death by every other VLF detector ever made.  I just hope I'm the first one there with an Equinox!

Here's some pics I did of the Lake Lanier beaches.  Ya'll have a good week and Happy Hunting!



Sawnee 5.jpg

Sawnee Beach 1.jpg

Sawnee 6.jpg

Sawnee 7.jpg

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Thanks for the update..Being from California I find it hard to believe that parks are off limits to detecting in so many places on the east coast. I've only ran across one park that specifically had a sign that said no metal detecting in an uppity neighborhood... Hope you find something good soon..


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2 hours ago, strick said:

Thanks for the update..Being from California I find it hard to believe that parks are off limits to detecting in so many places on the east coast. I've only ran across one park that specifically had a sign that said no metal detecting in an uppity neighborhood... Hope you find something good soon..


 I know, Strick!  I can not wait to get to Montana.  There are some cool places I'll be detecting, I mean prospecting for gold nuggets, that, back east, would be roped off with a big ole Hysterical Marker sign in front of it.  Montana is how it should be.  If you're not bothering anybody or trespassing on their property, no one really gives a crapola what you do.

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Hi Ammie… it’s too bad those Lake Lanier beaches proved to be barren of any valuables, but I have a feeling that your fortunes are about to change. Searching a property adjacent to Civil War battleground should yield some interesting finds. I sure hope you’ll find at least a few valuable artifacts, and I think the law of averages ought to work in your favor this time around.

I can’t advise you about settings for the Equinox, other than perhaps to adjust it to eliminate small nails and other small non-descript iron. And only then because your time there is quite limited, so in all likelihood you’ll have to focus on the more promising signals. Now if time permits, I’d search in the motion all-metal mode (if there is such a mode, and I think a forum friend mentioned there is) for maximum depth and refer to the target ID to decide what to dig. Just keep in mind that deeper non-ferrous targets might also read as iron, so I would suggest you dig those deep targets regardless of target ID. 

A disclaimer is appropriate here because I’m not a knowledgeable relic hunter, most of my experience lies elsewhere. But it is an interesting question because there are doubtless valuable or desirable civil war relics comprised solely of iron / steel. I really do think that your limited time on site has to take precedence in deciding what types of signals to dig. Hopefully, someone with relic hunting experience will step into this discussion and offer you more knowledgeable suggestions.

Thankyou for sharing your most recent activities with us, and also for those wonderful photos. Good luck with everything Ammie, and please do keep us posted. :smile:


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Hey Jim!   Thanks for the advice on 800 settings.  I already have a few bullets, so this is what I'm mostly looking for.  I've heard they ID like a squished aluminum can.  Does anyone know for sure?


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Hello Everyone!

Well, I had a great time yesterday at a one-shot permission.  My mom and I went yard sale-ing Saturday and we stopped at one in the old part of town.  And what did I spy next door but an empty lot that was just screaming "old torn down house" (see pic 2).  So long-story-short I got the owners name/email and permission and went out yesterday.  It was a really big old house that was demolished recently, and according to my Sanborn maps it had been there since at least 1897.  Woohoo.  Google earth even still had a photo of it pre-bulldozer. (see pic 1).  So I spent 4 hours there yesterday and was really expecting some old silver, but was disappointed.  I did get 4 wheat pennies, an old shoe buckle, a "Cougar" Whiskey Good Luck token, and some other odds and ends.(see pic 3)  It was really tough detecting since they buried a lot of the old house in that dirt- bricks, nails, screws, aluminum siding, chain link fence, copper pipes and all.  I was surprised my 800 found any coins at all, truthfully, with all that trash. I knew my time was limited and I don't dig pennies on purpose, but those darn wheats can sound so close to a dime!  I suspect there is silver there, but probably about 2 feet down under all that bull-dozed dirt.  I wish I could go back, but the dance card is pretty full with family stuff and we're leaving Obion County in 10 days.  So anyway, I'll finally be hitting the Civil War site (hopefully) on Wednesday.  Ya'll wish me luck!



perm before.jpg



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I'd feel lucky to get a shot at that one myself.  Right place at the right time.  At least you beat the locals.  Nice finds!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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    • By Skullgolddiver
      For First I wanna Say Hi to all of You here...
      I've been far for quite a long time due to mandatory work sessions in the "other Life".
      The pandemic pushed hard on my little beach business and to pay Bills and keep my little daughter I started again with people transportation in the end of August.
      Today I was finally out for a day off walking on the beach and Also found a "promising spot to get the job done"...
      But the tone of this post Is more related to a new beach machine I'm dreaming to own for Christmas.
      So I Ask to You, my fellows beach Hunters...What Will You buy considering a Ctx, an Excal and a TDI Beachunter already owned?
      Cause the First Is a sniper discriminator but not that Deep like a Nox...(And not properly waterproof both of them)
      The second Is maybe the unstoppable pleasure Toy for a diver like me, but blind on chains and thin stuff...
      The third of my guns already drowned and reanimated a couple times, Will be my pulse last option to never remain without a machine in case of the 3rd world war...
      So...What's next?
    • By Old Line Paul
      This is the second half of my post for lurkers and noobies 
      On May 13, I went detecting for the very first time and found my first penny. I was hooked! I went back to the park on May 16, May 19, May 31 and June 7. I stuck to the playground and Fitcore lot because the digging was easy and I figured people were most likely to lose items while active. My expectations were low. My detector is basic and the park is a 25 year old suburban athletic field, not a 150 year old park in the center of town. I was out for the nice weather and the thrill of the hunt. I always came home with at least one coin.
      The problem with my search strategy was that the playgrounds are the most-used part of the park on weekdays. In this day and age, I didn’t want to be the Weird Old Man who shows kids his metal detector. And I certainly didn’t want to annoy the musclemen when they were working out!
      On June 14, I was crowded out of the playgrounds. So I tried the sidelines of the soccer field. My neighborhood is largely immigrant, and amateur soccer is a very big deal. Still, I wasn’t optimistic. How much can you drop watching soccer? Do young people even carry change any more? 

      I started swinging. Keep in mind that I still was using the “all metal” setting and digging every target. Also the ground was bone dry and rock-hard from being trampled by spectators. Much to my surprise, I was finding a target every few feet. Because of the soil condition and the fact that this is a park, I didn’t dig more than 2” before giving up. Still, after 2 hours, I had found 2 dimes and 3 pennies (in addition to countless bottle tops).
      QUESTION: How the heck does a coin minted in 2018 end up 2” under turf in 2021?
      Before I left, I looked around. How did I not notice there was a shaded hill at each end of the field? A quick check showed they not only had perfect views of the field, but plenty of trash and trampled grass. Hey, I was learning to read the terrain!
      On June 17 and June 23 I hit the hills. Not only did I find 2 dimes, 3 nickels 11 pennies (a huge haul for me at the time) but I was getting a PhD in telling trash from treasure. For the first time, I started playing with the discrimination knob, finding the spot where I could dial out the countless beer bottle tops.
      Armed with this new knowledge, I hit the more productive of the hills on August 4. Here’s what I found in 3 hours:

       I continue to hit those hills, especially on Mondays. On August 23, I decided to detect the field itself. I figured young Central American men + competitive soccer = lost gold chains. Since I was looking for surface finds and didn’t want to leave holes players could trip on, I only probed targets with a thin screwdriver. No gold, but I did pop 1 dime, 2 pennies, and a house key, along with 2 aluminum cleats (which really pegged the meter!).
      QUESTION: How the heck do coins end up in the middle of a soccer field?
      That’s the end of my tale. I don’t consider myself a Tenderfoot any longer. A beginner, but not a Tenderfoot. As I sharpen my skills, I continue to find more coins, not fewer, as I work the same park. I hope I have inspired others. You don’t need a fancy rig or an historic location to have fun.
    • By Old Line Paul
      This post is for all you lurkers and newbies.
      In December, I won a Barska Winbest Pro Edition in a church raffle. I always wanted a metal detector as a boy, but Santa never came through. But as they say, “It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.” Shortly thereafter, I found this website and started reading about the hobby.
      May 13 was a beautiful day, so I unboxed my new toy, plugged in an old pair of iPhone earbuds, and headed off to a nearby park. I didn’t have high expectations. First, because I had looked the Winbest up on Amazon and knew it retailed for under $70. Second, because the park is less than 25 years old and has no concession stands. It’s a sports field with a tot lot, a Fitcore station, soccer field, baseball diamond and tennis courts. How much loot could there be?
      I hit the Fitcore lot first, since maybe people would drop stuff while working out. More importantly, the lot is surfaced with wood chips, which would make digging and refilling holes a lot easier. Being a rookie, I had read on this website to set the detector to “all metal” and dig every target until I learned how my machine worked. So I started swinging.
      Minutes later, I heard my first signal. I scratched through the wood chips and out popped a 1995 penny! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seeing old Abe staring up at me was quite a thrill. Over the next hour, I dug up 9 pieces of trash. But I didn’t mind. I was gaining confidence in my detector, since each time I heard a signal there was something down there.
      The Detector Deities were looking out for me that day. If I had found the trash first, I would never have persevered long enough to find that penny. The Winbest would have gone to the thrift shop and the day would soon be forgotten.
      I hit the Fitcore and tot lots a few times more, and found a few more pennies and some broken toys. But the problem was not the slim pickings but the fact that a lot of people used the playgrounds. I didn’t want to attract attention or make a nuisance of myself, so I reluctantly headed off to the empty soccer field.
      Reluctantly, because, I mean, how much stuff can there be on the sidelines of a soccer field? (To be continued…)
    • By Dan(NM)
      I never dreamed I would find a spot like I did today, turned out to be my best silver coin day ever!! I've been on a 6 day hunt starting last Wed and ending Tuesday morning when I head home. I've been hitting a couple parks in the town I'm staying in and a couple of surrounding towns as well. I managed to get into some producing spots and have done pretty well with multiple silver days everyday.     Today, my plan was to drove over to a town about 60 miles from here and hit a pretty big park that's been around awhile. I got up early, grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. About 20 miles in, I figure out I forgot my phone, so, I head back to the motel. I decided to stay here and look for a new spot so I googled the town and saw a couple of parks and schools that I decided to go check out. Well, none were in older neighborhoods, so I headed to a park that had produced last year. As I'm driving over there, I see an old high school that's been renovated and drive around back and see a big open area with old backstops in each corner. I decided what the heck, might as well stop and swing awhile, maybe I'll get lucky and find a wheat or 2 I started out in front of one of the backstops and get a copper hit. The shovel slid easily into the ground and I pulled out a memorial. I move straight out towards the pitchers mound and get another penny signal. I go to dig a plug and the ground was hard as a rock, nothing but compacted rock and gravel. I take my pinpointer and scan the ground, thankfully I got a hit. I began to chisel my way thru the rocks and pop out a wheat, oh yes, it's on now.   The next target was another wheat, again, within range of the pinpointer, out pops another wheat. Now I'm getting excited, within 5 minutes I have 2 wheats, that's good sign. The next 2 hits were funky signals and turned out to be mercs, both shallow and picked up by the pinpointer. Every swing of the coil sounded like a machine gun, 6-7 iron targets per swing. I'm in the middle of an iron infested spot, with compacted ground. I hunted for the next 30 minutes and ended up with 3 merc and 6 wheats, no clad, I'm only 45 minutes into this hunt and it's only 8:15 am, gonna be a long day lol. This old playground area is about 1 square block, so, I head off toward the other backstop and within 50 I get a hit. The ground is as soft as butter and out comes a clad dime. I hunted about 30-45 minutes at the other backstop and dug nothing but deep clad.     I realized real quick that the spot I was in must have been avoided because of the rock hard ground and all the iron so I headed back. I decided to start grid off the area and see how far this hot spot goes. Turns out it's roughly a 60-70 foot area in front of the backstop. The soil outside of this spot is completely different and relatively trash free. I guess they dug out the original soil and missed this area, I have no idea. I hunted all day, started at 7:30 and called it quits at 5:45 when I quit digging keepers. I never thought I would stumble on a place like this just out of pure dumb luck. I'm glad I decided to stay in town. I ended up beating my single day silver coin finds of 13. Sorry for any grammar or punctuation errors, I'm celebrating with a couple of cold ones:)

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Yes I was able to check off 2 more (now 8 states in the US plus 2 other countries) from my list of, I found gold nuggets with a metal detector there.

      Some of you realize I was in South Dakota this summer and was able to work a so called cleaned out patch with the new GPX-6000.  I already posted the results to DP awhile back.  Most importantly on these road trips we had fun  and made laughing/lasting memories with customers/friends.  These trips are one of my most enjoyable parts of my job.  It’s such a treat to meet up with other DP forum members/hunters and share the new technologies in the field on their ground and patches. We don’t know what the outcome will be, if the results are in favor of a new detector or did the old one do such a fine job, it’s all live and unscripted.  The end results are what we learned and experienced while in the field using the detectors on their sites.

      Wyoming, It just so happened that on my way from SD back to Idaho, I’m heading West and traveling through the cowboy state.  For a few years now I have been trying to get myself in WY to meet up with previous customers, share some in the field detector knowledge, again make some memories and hopefully find a WY nugget. Well a couple phone calls/emails with their help/guidance I was able to swing in and make it happen.  Again, just another reason and part of why I like the followers on Detector Prospector, we all enjoy seeing success, learning detectors (including me) and sharing field knowledge.

      Wyoming is such a different kind of detecting terrain than what I encounter in South Dakota. It actually reminded me of some of Northern NV with the openness and lack of trees.
      You can see for miles and as you glance across the plains, the 1st thing a prospector realizes is exposed bedrock in many areas, meaning gold could be near the surface (which is exactly what a detectorists wants).  Also, the lack of bushes made it pretty easy for swinging the detector and hopefully if I go back, the larger 17” coil will be in its element allowing for more ground coverage.

      Working my way across the old patch, I could see scratches and scuffs from previous detecting efforts.  When coming across such indicators of nugget recovery, I try to concentrate around them realizing the new technology and it’s capabilities vs the 7000 should hopefully produce a few missed nuggets.  As had hoped I started getting target hits.  They were not the gold I was after but many small lead pellets.  At least I know their machines missed these piece of non-ferrous metals, so now it just becomes a numbers game and sooner or later, one of them will be gold.  Yes I could use the scratch the surface and if it moves method (just walk – usually trash), but I was informed some of the previous gold was recovered near the surface.  Plus when you are digging lead shot at 2”, you need to check them all.

      We compared the 1st half dozen signals and it was evident the capabilities of the 6000 was better than the 7000.  Interestingly a couple of the targets were not even heard by the 7000.  On my GPX most signals were much cleaner and louder coming from it, so we were excited to see the 1st target become gold.  It didn’t take long and then it happened.  I nice rough narrow nugget only a few inches down.  Now we all know once that 1st piece of yellow metal is unearthed, our attention and desire becomes so focused, we are on our A game.  That’s exactly what happened, the remaining few hours of detecting and the elusive WY gold started popping more regularly. 

      Notice the difference in the kind of gold from the 2 hunts.  SD gold is smoother and dense while the WY gold is rough and porous. Either way the results were the same for the GPX-6000, it was able to find the smaller stuff the big GPZ-7000 missed.  I’m not saying the GPZ-7000 is not a good tool, heck it’s a great detector.  But as I get older and more wise, I see the comforts of the new design and that’s what this old geezer needs today for most of my hunts.

      Nothing special but I wanted to share with you all.  My Settings for the 2nd half of the trip in WY were SENS at 10, Threshold On and Normal Ground.  Yes my detector runs noisy but I have confidence in my ears hearing the differences of a target vs ground noise.  Be sure to do a Frequency Adjust way more often than most of us did with the older Minelab PI detectors.  I was doing it every 15 minutes in the morning and every 10 minutes after noon.
    • By Erik Oostra
      Alma Bay continues to spit out lost property.. Although not as weird as a gold medal for women's cricket, this Iphone was lost on the same beach.. I found it this morning buried in the sand just above the high-tide mark.. It's already been claimed by a mighty happy chappy! At least he was very easy to find.. Always good to spread the joy! 

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