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Hi Ya'll!  Just a quick note to let you know I'm still alive and haven't been et by a gristly bear...yet! ?  The Verizon towers have been pretty scarce so far and when we do pass by one it's a mad dash to call family and download a weather report.  So far in Montana I have detected- an old church camp that is now just USFS land, a campground that dated from the 1930's,  an old homestead site (permission), and an old road that was there since the 1880's.  I have about half a jar of wheats, silver dimes, and silver quarters (mostly wheats).  Nothing older than about 1927, but that's just detecting in Montana.  Anyway, having a blast out here and hope ya'll are all having a great summer too!



SAY_5322 (1024x683).jpg

SAY_5336 (1024x683).jpg

SAY_5370 (1024x683).jpg

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On 4/29/2018 at 10:38 AM, MontAmmie said:

 ...I hunted several of those Lake Lanier beaches...

Sawnee 5.jpg

Sawnee Beach 1.jpg

Sawnee 6.jpg

Sawnee 7.jpg

Hi Ammie.. Checkin' 2CFU have notifications set :biggrin:

I'm guessin' the reason for your great success at Lake Lanier is cos a few years back that part of the country had a purt serious drought goin' on (I'm sure you could find news articles about it) and the lake was virtually empty.. If ever there was a time for that shoreline to have been detected it would have been then.. Just thought I'd let you know..


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