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Back in HS, I had a great class called " Outdoors" . I loved it. It covered the whole spectrum of the outdoors. 

One of the things we learned was outdoor survival. 


So we had to make a survival kit that fit into a metal Band-Aid box. We got graded on how many essential items that we could fit into it. Also got extra points for some not as essential item that might fit. 


This was in the day before cell phones, gps, internet. We used to have a dime in the kit, so if you made it to civilization you could call someone on a pay phone.


I try to keep it small and light enough to fit in my backpack. I don't carry always. If I'm going to be detecting near my truck. But for more remote locations, a MUST. ! 


I carry in my "survival kit" some essentials ...


Waterproof matches, lighter, knife, parachute cord, mirror, whistle, gps, emergency space blanket, poncho, flashlight/headlamp,signal mirror, water purification pills. 


You can never go under prepared into the backwoods or desert.


So what would you add to the list ?

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Looks like you have the essentials but I'd add/change a couple of things.


Add a compass with mirror and know how to use it.


If you're way out in the boonies: a Spot or DeLorme InReach or PLB.


I'd cut down on the pills and go with something like a Sawyer Squeeze.  Those pills are nasty and not really good for you.  The other purification methods can make life much more pleasant and you get access to water faster.  Personally I use a Steripen.  My headlamp and flashlight both use the same CR123s so I don't usually carry extras.  Pills are a good backup if you can stand them.  =) Besides, if I'm really out of the way I'll likely be using this in a "non-emergency" situation so I don't hump too much water.


I would swap the poncho for 2 heavy-duty leaf bags (garbage bags.)  Super useful for rain-gear, shelter, water collection, etc.


I don't carry matches + lighter, I opted for a Swedish firesteel and lighter.  I've been very happy with that switch.


I carry a small medical kit - couple advil, a couple bandaids, a couple sudafed, a couple benadryl, a couple "baby asprin" (81mg) etc.  Usually 2-4 pills each, tops.



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Usually working within a 5 mile atv ride from camp so 1st aid kit is #1 on my list.

Learned that the hard way a few years back. I'm a bleeder due to statins so one day I was working my pan and this one annoying blade of grass kept sweeping into the pan. I figured i'd just pull it, roots and all so I grabbed the blade and pulled. Apparently the roots were deeper than I though and the blade slid through my hand and ran a deep cut into 4 fingers.

I scrambled up to the atv and grabbed some toilet paper and a roll of duck tape for some makeshift bandages. 

I now have a well supplied 1st aid kit in my backpack and another in the atv.

Safety First!


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I don't carry a backpack when out prospecting, I carry all the essentials on the Rokon. Basically everything I need to comfortably spend at least a couple days (no matter what the weather) out in the desert if the need should ever arise. Since I'm no more than 1/4 mile or so from the bike at any one time, besides all the normal prospecting gear, I carry a fanny pack with some minor first-aid/survival stuff, a camelback full of iced tea, trail mix, beef jerky, a smoke grenade, and my SPOT.

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I would add, take a buddy with you. A minor injury could become a matter of life or death if you're alone, not so much if someone is there to get help or help you back to the vehicle. Oh, and I always carry a tealight(small candle), makes fire starting easier.

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On 7/29/2020 at 1:35 AM, GraceWalsh said:

I wonder how many people have survival kit.

I have multiple, and always carry one in my car. I also have a specialized first aid kit/survival kit combo in my metal detecting equipment bag. It's more like a first aid kit with a few survival gadgets inside.

As for choice of equipment, I'd stick with name brand gear and avoid the no-name knock offs. I mean, if money was that tight where you had to choose between a low quality piece of equipment and nothing at all, I'll take the low quality stuff. But if you're going to do something you'll rely on with your life, buy some reasonably decent gear.

For flashlights, I'm thinking of companies like Pelican, Fenix, Surefire, Streamlight, Maglite, Underwater Kinetics and Princeton Tec.

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      I could use some advice from the true adventurers out there. I have used a regular backpack for the past 4 years and it has gone with me all over the West (and even in the Amazon jungles of Brazil) on my detecting adventures. Inside I carry food, water, first aid, extra coil, TP, and other essentials. I have strapped sleeping bags and gold pans to the outside. I have it ready to go for at least one or two nights sleeping in mild weather. But the miles have taken their toll.
      For those of you who venture far from your vehicle into the bush, I would like to know what kind of pack you use. Pics and advice are welcome. I am looking for something that can carry 1-2 gallons of water, a sleeping bag, battery bank, possibly the ability to strap my detector and pick to it for long hikes, and either waterproof or with a rain cover. Price is not important. I have an old frame pack I could use but it is gigantic.
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      Two detectors, a shovel, a sand scoop, equipment bag and cooler
      Not much room left for Miss Mary's suitcase or art equipment when she goes along. Not much usable space for anything else really except for a small area behind the passenger seat. I'm sure everyone has their own version of this load plan but you know the deal.
      There had to be a better way. I experimented with different ideas that worked to some level of success but none that fit the primary Cavalry Principle of KISS. I wanted a system that was portable, i.e. easily and quickly installed in and removed from my SUV. It had to be solid and stable with some heft so my detectors could ride safe and sound without tipping over or sliding around back there. Secure vertical stacking seemed to be the solution for me. The question was how to do it.
      I thought about several things I could build or re-purpose and finally settled on an unused truck gun rack. It was solidly built for my intended purpose, had rubber protection on the hooks to prevent damaging the detectors and had pre-drilled holes I could use for mounting it on a vertical frame. I decided to use 2x4s: easy to build with enough weight and heft to provide stability for my detectors.
      I built a frame that was 20” in height, 24” in width with feet 8” long which prevents tipping over or sliding around when fully loaded with equipment. Padding on the back helps protect the sidewalls of my SUV and a layer on the feet adds an additional level of prevention against slipping.


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      And my load plan now looks like this.

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      I’ve been sidelined without my prospecting rig for over a month, long story but the old 4.0 died and I’m waiting for a new engine being built by a shop back East. Chad Golen, of Golen Strokers is building a 4.6 stroker motor and a shop here in Vegas is putting it in and doing a bunch of other upgrades. While waiting with devils time on my hands I’ve been shopping for a little personal protection to pack with me on my excursions in the wilderness. I looked at a number of different guns and calibers and finally settled of a 10mm Glock 40 gen4 mos, this seemed to check a lot of boxes good for hunting in most states, very reliable, 15+1 rounds, been effective on bears in Alaska and lots of mods and upgrades are available. I just put a Trijicon SRO red dot on it and there’s a compensated KKM match barrel on order just for fun. I haven’t had a chance to take it out, hopefully I run a few rounds out of it tomorrow I picked up some defense hollow points and a 1000 rounds of federal 180 grain full jacket to plink with. I also picked up a really nice chest holster I hope will keep it far away enough from the 7000 it doesn’t give me problems? Anyone else carry a Glock or any other firearm with you out detecting, If you do carry will the coil pick it up has it affected your detector?

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      Klunker and I are all ready to go to the diggings for the season. Wondering what did we leave off the list? What would you add to it?

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      We go gold detecting some/all day in the bush whether it be in Vic or WA ( Oz) away from our 21'6" caravan,  and for my other half, a fem with her 65th birthday just a memory, this can have some inconveniences and little privacy. On our recent trip to Tassie ( Bottom State underneath the Oz Mainland) came across a campervan whereby the young couple had mounted a Kickass Shower/loo tent on the side of their Campervan. I have mounted similar on the side of our Landcruiser. I will bring the small porta potty from our 1/2 cabin boat to do the job.
      Did the Install just prior to the lockdown, ( cannot travel to Vic or WA) so have not used it yet.

      If you have a 4x4 and detect with a fem or if your Campervan is not fitted out with an inside shower/loo this item may be worth thinking about.

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