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I have a tesoro vaquero and i was looking for everyones thoughts on what other tesoro would be complimentary to the vaquero for another tool in the tesoro tool box?

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I used to have a Tesoro Vaquero and actually found a few gold nuggets with it. At 14 kHz and with manual ground balance it is a decent little prospecting detector as well as being good for coins, jewelry, and relics. As far as Tesoro goes it’s about all a person needs unless you are just looking to have another detector. That being the case though I have no idea which other Tesoro you might find appealing. Once upon a time I wanted to give the DeLeon a spin but I don’t see that happening now.


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Fish, it really depends on what type of hunting you want to do.  In my opinion, the Vaq covers the bases pretty well.  I have owned a Bandido II and still have a Silver Sabre microMax, as well as a compadre.  Others like the Mojave or Tejon as well, though I haven't spent much time with those machines.  One way to customize your machine would be to get additional coils.. I have the 12x8 and the 5.75 both in widescan and concentric, and there aren't many sites I feel limited in with those tools. 

Some great information from Monte and others in a previous thread that I started (link below if you haven't read it). 


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Not sure which coil you currently have but the smaller 5.75" coil might find some targets that the larger factory coils missed.  Still gets very good depth, but will separate targets much better.

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