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A Little Slice Of Silver


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I took the EQ 800 out today to a little colonial iron patch that my friend and I hunted a few weeks ago. We had both hunted it with our Deus and found a toasted copper and a bunch of tacks and flat buttons along with the normal small buckles etc. Today I went back with the EQ in field 1 and purposely hunted the same area I had hunted before. I was amazed at the number of targets I had missed before. No big targets but plenty of small buttons and pieces of brass. I tried field 2 for a little while but honestly it seemed to false more on the nails and was a little to "sparky" for me. The first good target of the day was this pretty piece of cut silver.

I think I am going to like this new machine.


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Nice find,bucketlister for me.ive been running the sensitivity down 20,19 cause every mode talks to me here in northwest bama but I really like it.i found a 1909 ihp today and a handful of clad just wish it had a s on it.:/ 

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That's a nice clean one 1afox!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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