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If anyone gets through Tok Alaska there's a rock shop there that has a nice display of it.

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4 hours ago, DDancer said:

Mark this may sound a little blase but "A rock is only worth what one is willing to pay for it."  Its something I say often because... well its true.  But don't let that put ya off.  The tourmaline specimen might be worth a buck or two and the citrine can be worth up to about 10 bucks to the right person.  My opinion.

Thanks for the kind words all.

Citrine is kind of a generic definition based on coloration of quartz.  Yellow and gold coloration of true citrine is due to iron and is not very common.  Most common citrine is actually smoky quartz of very light coloration and then you have the type that is an alteration by heat treatment of other minerals.  The specimen Mark has shown falls in the latter type to me due to the strong darkening at the tips.  But I'll not rule out native simply because its not in my hands ;)

Jim, thanks, you point out the geometry of tourmaline nicely with those pictures.  The specimen shown has some cross section bits that helped identify it but for me the outside luster, layering and angles *not to mention having picked up bunches of this stuff ;) hehh* were pretty clear for what is shown.  Not as nice as those gemmy pieces your showing but I'd stick it in my collection.

Jeff, I've not picked any citrine up in the area your describing but I'll keep an eye out for it.  Clear, smokey, rose and amythest are all I've seen in the Carolina's.  Still hoping to score some good blue though.

Thanks for the information, I'm asking for the landowner whom gave me permission to hunt his property.  Have to keep relations good for all.

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