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Couple Of Videos Suggested For Beginners Using AT Max

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Another video here.


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    • By GlazedTofu
      Found at old pre 1900 coal mining ghost town in Washington state.  I have no idea how old this is but we did have a lot of Chinese miners at this site. 
      Anyone have some some knowledge I’d love to hear it!

    • By Propjob
      Well , I was using explorer xs to work in the test garden and noticed half the screen went out. Discovered that a couple of the plastic bosses  for the screws in the control head had broken, allowing the pc board to separate.  On last ditch effort to repair would be to replace plastic control housing if cost effective. So looking to purchase a front half for the control housing..  This is the plastic that the keypad attaches too.  I would consider a parted machine if not cost prohibitive.  I am kind of attached to the xs , and was trying to keep as a backup, but I think it is P......d because the nox  is the new kid.  Prop
    • By staffydog33
      Here are my finds from 1 hour detecting a local football field last night.
      Nothing special...but very fun and enjoyable hour in the pitch dark...lol
    • By M1dn1ghtN1nj4
      So my next project is nearly complete already.  I've designed a "mini gold cube".  Same general idea and layout, but each "tray" is only 11" long, and 6" wide.  About half the width of the real Gold Cube.  The underflow loop is exactly the same dimensions as the Gold Cube as well, to make calculations easier.
      I've read that the Gold Cube is set to run on 1100GPH.  Since mine is half that width, I would assume that 500GPH would be fine.  Also, my trays are set at 9 degrees (just how it worked out).
      Is that an appropriate flow rate?

    • By Alluminati
      Here is another one for you guys to figure out. I haven't the slightest clue, this one makes my head hurt.
      It was found in the water. This old bay has an insane asylum built on it dating from the late 1800's. It is also has a ghost town, a failed colonial type trading settlement dating from around 1825. Before that it was a native village but I think it's safe to say this is not native American.
      It has three stars, or starfish? and a small hole on each side.
      It measures about an inch across.
      It weighs about 17 grams but has at least some sand and clay remaining inside.
      There is no way you guys are going to guess what it is.