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Couple Of Videos Suggested For Beginners Using AT Max

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Another video here.


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      Check your email blockers, junk mail, whatever. I have responded to your emails so no need to keep sending them to me. You need to figure out where they are so you can get the password reset info I emailed to you. Thanks.
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      GPAA Membership. Is it a joke? Are their Claims all worked out? Is it worth $90 to join?
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      I was at an organised  hunt this weekend where there were many Equinox's.  The fields were small and there was a tremendous amount of interference between the Equinox's during the hunts, almost making it impossible to hunt.  Besides noise cancelling every couple minutes, are there any things I can do to eliminate or mitigate the interference?  Thanks!
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      Since you have been a fan of using Pitch mode with the Deus relic hunting, have you considered using the Gold 2 mode on your Equinox to do the same?
      I've been using it to tremendous success in the fresh water, just thought it would be right up your alley for the relic sites you haunt. Thanks.
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      I defer to your expertise,
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