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Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

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Above I did the weight comparison between the standard shaft and the Golden Mask shaft.... the difference in weight was negligible... and it felt that way to me too before I weighed it. Check it out above... OOOPS maybe the previous page.

Hope this helps,


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    • By Dan(NM)
      I got my 15" coil yesterday just in time for a planned hunt today at a fort dating back to 1851. The morning started off slow because I deviated from my plan and I kinda just wandered around for the first 3 hours without much to show for it. Around noon I finally went to spot and started gridding like I normally do and it started to pay off. The  normal stuff began to come to light, percussion caps, lead, trouser buttons and a few odds and ends. At the end off the day I scored my first ever Dragoon button and within 20 minutes or so, hit my second!! I did manage a 3rd button, but I don't have a positive ID yet. It looks to be a one piece, which I believe predates the Dragoons.
       My take on the coil.....
      I found that I was hitting as small of items as I have with the 11" coil at this site which was impressive!  The weight's not that bad, I kept the coil close to my feet and was able to swing it for 7 1/2 hours before switching over to the 11"  I think If I would have stopped for lunch, I could have swung it the entire time. The extra coverage was a much needed bonus at this place as it's huge and the sensitivity to small items was icing on the cake. I'll probably use the 15" coil here more often than not as it performed wonderfully.
      My settings....
      Park 2
      15" coil
      0-iron bias
      0-ground balnace
      Tone break -9 to +8
      I tried running a recovery speed of 4, but, due to amount of junk I'd hit with each swing, I bumped it up to 6 which seemed to work just fine.

    • By SittingElf
      Big Brown Truck made my day yesterday.  Much earlier than expected delivery from my dealer!
      Silly how some little things can make what was a trying day turn into dancing in the living room!  😆
      Going out this afternoon to deflower the coil!

    • By Dig It
      I know I've seen some talk about depth gauge readings on NOX 800 but I never seem to have had any problems until yesterday. Hooked up with Grizz12 and his new 800 & 11" coil for
      his 1st hunt. Took him & my 800 with 6" coil to that same stretch of Lake beach I've been hunting since last March. Figured it be a good spot for Grizz12 to start, all kinds of targets so he
      can get to see machine work. So after Grizz12 got fired up ( Park 1 ) I started looking for that ring I know has to be somewhere on beach in the low water conditions. Using Park 1 myself
      I started my hunt, I've done the update on machine, & using my 6" coil it seemed my depth gauge was way off, targets that were reading 2 to 6 inches were more like 12" or deeper, what am
      I missing ? Trying to shake the cobwebs off & get going for this season. Any ideas or thoughts ??? Grizz12 had a good couple hr.'s, found normal trash & 13 cents, I still had a good couple hr.'s
      myself finding a 1961 nickel ( Oh Yah  !!!! ) & an unreadable dime. But the depth gauge was killing me !!!! Help !!!!!!

    • By mn90403
      I got my 6 inch coil for the 800 back in July.  I was so anxious to use it I went right out to the beach rather than wait for a gold trip.  I found 3 rings that trip.
      Now today after having gone on a gold trip and still not having found a gold nugget with the 6 inch coil I decided to go back to the beach and leave it on.  I think this is the first time since July!  Well, at the end of my gold trip I had tried to use the 6" in gold mode to find a meteorite. (I can't hear them in any other mode.)  What I had found in my experiments was I could eliminate many of the hot rocks if I just rejected #9.  I could swing and hear a meteorite I had already found with my 7000.  What helped the sound was to make the machine quick (6, 7, 8).  I had this in mind when I went to the beach.  It started slow and as far as good targets was concerned it stayed slow but I had fun!
      I'd say the thing I learned today was that I can swing the little coil fast (zipzip), on a long shaft (next to the last hole on the handle) in all metal and still hear deep targets.  I was digging targets down to 10 inches in some little patches.  They did not start out with a good ID but I could hear them.  Some of the pennies were at 10 inches when measured by my 6" coil and my 6" basket digger.  The bucket handle was down over 10 inches.  Perhaps my most impressive 10 inch deep dig was the little hook.  It is iron (I've turned the volume up on iron a bit) but it also had a solid shape sound to it.
      It was fun swinging a stick with a little coil on it and hearing a zip zip.  Try it.

    • By Dan(NM)
      I'm more of a coin guy, but, I've been wanting to hit this spot because my buddy has taken out a couple of Dragoon buttons.  I met up with a couple of guys today for a relic hunt at a fort that was occupied from the early 1850's to the early 1860's, unfortunately one guy had to cut his hunt short due to a plumbing problem.  He did manage to score a couple of nice relics before he had to head out. I started out using the CTX, but, due to the excessive amount of iron, I ended up using the Equinox which performed wonderfully.
        This was my first time to hunt here, so, I wasn't sure what to expect, but, it turned out better than I thought. Ended up with a nice assortment of finds, the better ones were the Eagle button and the medallion thing with the guys face on it. Not sure, but, we think it may have had a ribbon attached through the eyelets on each side. I believe next time I'm back, I'll use the 6" coil on the Eqhinox to try and work through the iron a little easier than the 11"  
        I'm also going to take a magnet, some of the bits of wire and iron were almost too small for me to see without my glasses. I was amazed at how well the 800 hit the small items among the iron debris.  90% of the targets hit between 10 and 15, a couple rang higher, the brass rivets and the 3 ringer hit between 18-22. The thing with the guy on it hit at 10-11 solid.  My setting were as follows:
      Park 2
      Tone break at +8 thru 40
      Sensitivity  22
      Recover 7
      Iron bias  0
      Ground balance  0
      No disc used ran it wide open

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      OK,  I need to post this video and maybe it has already been shared?  If so please delete my post.
      Many newer EQ owners out there now and some of the great info and posts are pretty deep.  One of the most ocurring phone calls and emails I get from new 800 customers is on how to sync the wireless headphones to the detector.  Here is a video that makes it so simple.
      Hats off to this young gun Matty for a fine, easy, short informative video.
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