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Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion


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Im curious how the twist locks hold up over time getting dirt and grit in them? I am debating this shaft or the other one out there with the cam lever locks made by Detecting Innovations? But I dont think the Detecting Innovations one will rotate when collapsed to allow it to all lay flat into a case because they have a groove in the shaft to eliminate any shaft twist?

The other benefit of the detecting innovations one is that it weighs a half pound lighter than the stock shaft. So im torn between the two but want to be able to put into a case for transport


camlock shaft.jpg

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I suppose you could just pull the lower shaft out and lay it alongside in the case

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Sadly, the Golden Mask rod for the Equinox appears to have been discontinued. There was a late version made that came complete with all required Equinox mounting hardware, but now I can’t find it for sale anywhere.


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I have made mine by buying an axis in ALIEXPRESS and bought them from the partner who makes them in a 3d printer






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21 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Looks good Taras. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for letting us know your option is available again. :smile:

Thanks a lot, Steve!
Let's create a promo code for all readers of this thread. Just leave me a note "detectorprospector" in the offering box and get a $10 discount.
Best regards, Taras

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