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Check Out This Gent's Big Silver Dig

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Appears to be a great find.  That's the good news....

Did anyone compare the obverse before he removed the dirt and after?  Take a look at the field to the right of the Queen's ribbon.  I see scratches in the lower picture (after cleaning) but not in the upper photo.  I suppose it could just be the angle of the light being different, but I do wonder.

Either way, just one more reminder (for me, anyway) to be extra careful cleaning up coins that have or might have numismatic value.  On a coin of this rarity that could be many hundreds of dollars lost with just a slip-up of carelessness.

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I agree.  That coin shouldn't have been cleaned, except by a professional.

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You don' need a professional, to clean dirt off a coin! Just a little patience, and common sense. But almost any silver we pull out, will have some scratches...look under a loop. Had a well known coin dealer, give me a cure for that...he said throw it in the lab. ???? Yeah, put in your pocket,for few days, actually circulate it little more 

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