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Hi fellow detectorists!

I am completely a novice to Metal detecting. This is my current setup: 

Minelab Equinox 600 and a trenching shovel from Home Depot.

After roughly 15 hours of use without a pin pointer, I have come to the conclusion I NEED A PIN POINTER. As of today 17APR18 I purchased the FISHER F-PULSE and was curious present day, how those of you that use this pin pointer how it’s function is to a newbie like myself. I have have read several forum discussions by Steve, calcobra, geotech and many more. Thank you all for your indirect quantifiable background experience that has helped me immensely!

Sorry for this long post I just know you all are the subject matter experts when it comes to this new hobby I’ve ventured into. Oh by the way, I’m looking for fellow metal detectorists in the NC area. 

Thank you all🙂🇺🇸🙂

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27APR18 approx 15 minutes of sniping with pin pointer at son’s school, and yes this f-pulse works as a stand-alone detector for fresh drops anywhere.. I love this thing.








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"You all suck! Really no feedback? Ba-humbug!! "

Spartan, your a funny guy! 

I have the Fisher F-Pulse.  From my 3 months of using it I can say it is a powerfull unit and I like it, but you need to change batteries after about 16 hours of use if like me you use full sensitivity.  After about 16 hours of use it can get quirky and not respond as anticipated.  I believe it is a little sensitive to any drop in voltage due to aging batteries.  Also,  I had to stretch the negative contact spring which is attached to the end cap out as it was making intermittent contact and the unit was malfunctioning even with fresh batteries so watch out for that also.

Good hunting,


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Here is another link that may help.



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Hey that’s great advice, I haven’t used mine more than 6hrs. I use it full sensitivity as well, I think fisher could send us out replacements when they fix the bugs ours have. Mine is not perfect at all, I use energizer disposable lithium ion batteries and those seem to work well. Only prob I had is the side button activated against included holster too easy and drained my first set.  Cool and thank you for that tip and generous feedback👍


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