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    • By KD0CAC
      Dropped the headphones in salt water ;(
      Has anyone taken these apart ?
      Want to try to clean , also I assume [ always dangerous ] that this is not covered under warrantee ?
    • By sandiwilliams717
      1) Anyone have any advice and Best settings for the Minelab Equinox 600 for relic hunting like civil war relics buttons stuff like that? 2) Also when coin shooting for silver coins and gold coins anyone have suggestions or find there conventional or unconventional ways and programs better to locate Silver and gold coins? Like notching out vdis, or running it in beach in a field similar to Neil Jones program? 3) Also best settings on the beach for jewelry?
    • By dogodog
      I've been detecting for awhile now and have in the last couple of years started to use headphones, I always like to hear things around me. So my Question is who makes a quality single muff headphone ???? Or can you macgyver one,  The headset can be designed for metal detecting or for audio use, I don't care, I Just want a good quality headphone. Any help would be much appreciated (cost is not an issue) durability is. Hopefully this is not a dead horse. I'm new to the site so I apologize if this has been discussed before.
    • By Mike Buck
      Afternoon all!  I know that there have been many programs out there for the 800, but are there any well known programs for the 600?  Mainly coin and relic hunting!  I like the preset park and field modes but wanted to possibly branch out and try something different.  Thanks! HH. 
    • By midalake
      MY UNIT IS FRIED!  Evidently the Equinox can not even be rinsed off in the shower after use. What a piece of JUNK.  Two months to go in Mexico and I have a boat anchor. 😡   Minelab engineers should all be fired.
    • By Tometusns
      Here's some of the 2019 finds... still loving the nox. 

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