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Don't know much, but there is an old gold producing area near Libby, Mt. Check out this link too:


Just to add. There is a public prospecting area near Libby and I think the GPPA and the above club have claims in that general area.

P.S. to Steve. Seems like your server clock is goofed up.

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The server does not know where you live. Go to your settings in upper right corner and then set your time zone from the drop down box. I just changed the server default to Pacific Time. But then the default will be off for people elsewhere. Only real answer is set your own time zone. But it should be much closer now.. Thanks!

Good to hear from you Bob. Now that I am a westerner instead or a northerner Montana is on my radar. Southwestern Montana is where most of the gold is so just head south. There are very good prospecting opportunities there but it is same old story. Have to do the research to find good geology, then sort out the land issues. I am pretty well tied up with other stuff right now but Montana may happen in 2015 for me.

Link to Libby Creek etc

Gold in Montana

Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology

Mineral Deposits of Montana

Montana BLM

Montana Forest Service

Montana Abandoned Mines

Active Mines in Montana 2012

How to Mine and Prospect for Placer Gold - at ICMJ website

Geology and ore deposits of the Philipsburg quadrangle, Montana

1913, Emmons, W. H.; Calkins, F. C. USGS Professional Paper: 78

Gold placer deposits of the Pioneer district, Montana

1951, Pardee, Joseph Thomas USGS Bulletin: 978-C

Gold Placers of Montana - 2005 Reprint of 1948 report. Out of print. Can't find online copy so far.

The following will get you started on where. The land status you are on your own. Lots of patented ground (private property) and lots of mining claims. The map and accompanying pamphlet were done in 1992 and so are very up-to-date as far as locations. Big pdf download on map so be patient. My computer choked on it a bit in Adobe Reader. Excellent resource though, your basic treasure map. I will be adding it to our online library soon.




By David Frishman, I.E. Elliott, E.E. Foord, R.C. Pearson, and W.H. Raymond 1992



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Yea, somewhere where it is warm and I could come visit during these cold wintery days....maybe even find a Montana nugget.     B)

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Bob, my name is Reese Townes and I write for ICMJ. I live in Kalispell for 18 years now. Give me a call I can help you cut down the learning curve for detecting around this area within a 200 mile radius. The three places I go most often are 160 miles away, another is 130 miles from Kalispell and the third is 89 miles away. There isn't anything closer as the mountains do not have the right geological conditions going on right around Kalispell. My number is 406-309-1009. I would be happy to get you the knowledge you need to get you a running start finding nuggets detecting.

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      Hi, know that this is not Minbelab specific but what is the most informative/interesting  magazine for me to order 
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      And so my research led me to LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) in the UK.  Its incredible!    Some sites are just reworked modern changes, but roman/medieval furrows are unmistakable, so are forts, mounds and village earthworks.
      Currently im scanning the landscape all around my area (within a 15 mile range at the moment).   
      That's why i'm loving this hobby, because its not all about the cool detectors, the kit, the fun, the challenge and the exercise, but also much more about deep research, which involves a lot of thinking, and true history we can touch.  Its got a lot going for it that's for sure!  But i'm preaching to the converted i suppose 😉 
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      I believe one of the best books available for the small scale miner and prospector is Fists Full Of Gold by Chris Ralph. 362 pages of chock full of information on gold prospecting, small scale mining, and metal detecting. It really is worth a spot on your bookshelf or better yet in front of your nose. Check it out at my new information page Chris Ralph's Fists Full Of Gold

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      Never been prospecting before. I found an area that has gold history but i don't know how to find out who owns the land if anybody. It is just outside a National Forest which I'm pretty sure is ok to detect on but not sure about the area just outside. Any tips would help!