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A Little Research Should Produce Lots Of Silver!

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We are going to be moving to Tinker AFB, OK in June, but in the meantime, while still based on Eglin AFB, FL, I have been researching old, now demolished family housing areas to hunt before we leave.
I have discovered a major housing area, where all the homes were built between 1955 and 1962. Still standing in 1969, but now demolished and open fields. Very easy to research using NETRonline Historic Aerials against current Google Satellite maps.
The kicker of this area is that it is on-base, and due to very restricted access, these fields are very likey virgin for hunting. I expect a lot of silver, wheaties and more in the front areas of these homes, as well as the always-open fields behind the housing circles, where kids would play, and parties held. Only hunting them will prove out my theory, but I have four remaining weeks at Eglin to find what I can!

Here are the Aerial vs. current satellite pics.  After we leave, I hope someone into MD'ing will be assigned to Eglin and find this post. (Of course, I hope I've already recovered ALL the silver!! LOL)


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good luck! let us know how it goes

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That should be a heck of a spot for coins.

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Your on it!  My son is going to be stationed at  F.E Warren in Cheyenne this Summer. Told him I'll visit if I can bring my Equinox lol. Military bases are a great resource for us. Found a few goodies at an old naval base close to me a couple years ago. Thanks for posting..


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