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Steve Herschbach

Dime / Quarter VDI Error In New 6” Concentric Coil

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Well today the Heavens open up out pop my 6 Shooter coil from White’s. That’s not really true !

The mail lady walk to my door and drop the package at her feet and walked away. It was shipped on a two day priority mail.

I’m happy to see it and will have it on soon to see what readings I get now.

White’s I want to Thank You for a new six shooter coil.


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Chuck excuse me for asking but have you just sent your machine back this year or is this an old thread ?

thanks mate.

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Yes awhile back I had to send my Sport in again. I had never used Headphones and the first time I couldn’t hear anything. All I could hear was a cracking sound. I had to send my Sport in again but they didn’t fix it. I know they gave me another because the one I got back didn’t have a s/n number inside the battery compartment.

I went out Saturday and I started having trouble. The I D started jumping around even when it was off the ground and even on a penny it would over load. One time it ID then it would be gone . I’ve put on the 7” DD coil and plan to test the Sport with this coil. The 6” coil has been back to White’s with the problem they were having on the ID. It didn’t act just right when I got it back but then the trouble went away.

I’ll let you know what was my outcome when I know.


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Thanks Chuck for the update and I hope it all works out for you,

I wonder how the MX-7 works compared to the MX-Sport.

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      This specification comparison chart is derived from the White's MX7 Owner's Manual and the White's MX Sport Owner's Manual. Everything is pretty straight forward. The asterisks note that the MX7 weight with batteries is derived from the manual. The MX Sport manual is unclear on whether batteries are included in the weight and my personally weighing the MX Sport with batteries suggests the answer is no. The MX Sport with batteries weighs 4.23 lbs. as weighed on my postal scales. I can't vouch for the MX7 weight as listed in the manual. Current internet price for MX Sport is $749.00 and MX7 $549.00
      I think it is fair to say looking at the specifications that this is a MX Sport in a lighter weight, better balanced and less expensive package. The only real operational difference is the MX Sport comes with a 10" round DD epoxy filled coil and the MX7 a 9.5" round lightweight concentric. This would make the MX Sport out of the box better configured for water hunting and severe mineralization. The MX7 is better configured for park and other dry land detecting in mild to moderate mineralization. Both units can use the same coils.
      More MX7 Details Here

    • By Ridge Runner
      I just find it hard to believe I’m the only one on here that has a Sport. If you do I’d like to hear from you. Hey if not it how about the MX 7 .
      The only two in the news at this time is the Goldmaster 24K that will be out the 1st of August. The other just as well be in fantasy  land and that’s the TDI Beach Hunter.
      If you got a White’s that you know Noah had before you, let’s talk.
    • By Ridge Runner
      I’ve been trying to find the time to truly give the 6” Six Shooter coil a field test.
      I had the opportunity several times to give it that test but always fall short of what I wanted.
      Today I found myself in a school yard that I never hunted before. On the way in to what I would call a very large play ground area. They had to haul loads of sand in because it so deep I found it hard to walk on.
      I had fired up my Sport as soon as I walk in the play grounds. On the way to that beautiful deep sand that I was thinking it had to be hundreds of coins waiting just for me I past some very small bleachers . I made a swing a two but no luck. That sand around the swings was calling even louder now.
      I started my hunt around the first set of swings but to my disappointment not one coin did I find. This went on from one play area to another. Oh I’d find a penny now and then but not much I’d say to write home about. I’d walked back to the first swings that I had started from.
      Standing there I couldn’t believe I hadn’t no more than I did . My thinking it’s got to be someone hunting this school everyday. I’ve never walked away with something looking this good and so little.
      I was not to be put down so I started detecting again. After a few swings I got a signal within a foot circle all reading a quarter. Sure enough it was a quarter not just one but three. From then on I stayed away from the play ground equipment. I was finding pennies dimes with a quarter here and there.
      Yes I know any coil could have done what I’ve talked about so far.
      I was feeling so good on the coins I found so far I was going to hit those metal bleachers on the way out.
      The Six Shooter coil really was shining bright when I was hunting right under that bottom seat that you can see in the picture.I found more coins next to all that metal than I found in that big play ground.
      I know it’s more coins to be found under that little bleachers. I would have tried to move it but I think it would have made a change on my out look on life.
      I think the people detecting before me didn’t have a small coil like the Six Shooter coil like I did. If they had my finds would been lots less.
      If you don’t have the Six Shooter and you have the MX 7 or the Sport then you don’t know what you’re missing.

    • By Ridge Runner
      I was in a bookstore and pick up a copy of Western & Eastern Treasure mag. I flipped over to the inside of the front page and low & behold was a big blow up of the MX Sport. You may say what the big deal being I have one. What put me in a state of shock Is when I read Waterproof Headphones Included.
      The price is the same as it always been. All I can say is people is if you’re looking for a great buy look no further. Look down in the left hand corner of the picture at the number of coils that White’s offer for the Sport.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      The furor over the White's MX Sport seems to be gathering force on other forums but has long since been old news on this forum. As such it has run out of steam and I prefer no more threads be started over the problems with the MX Sport. For those who wish to keep going round and round about the issues with the MX Sport there are two threads currently running at http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/white-s/509514-mx-sport-trouble.html and http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,109780
      My advice is simple. If you do not have an MX Sport there is no rush to get one until there is some way to clearly tell what it is exactly that you are buying. There are various versions of the machine in the distributor and dealer pipeline, and apparently nobody can tell if a machine in a box has the latest version of the firmware AND that it has a face plate that is not going to crack in the first year or two. And frankly, in my opinion the latest version of the firmware is not likely to be the last.
      OFFICIAL WHITE'S RESPONSE TO ISSUES 7/20/16 - http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/showthread.php?76138-MX-Sport-Screen-inspection
      "If your SAT goes to "EIGHT" and you "DO NOT" have any cracks in the clear part of the display, DO NOT send it in for updating.

      If your SAT only goes to (6), and/or... you "do have" cracks in your display, DO send it in for updating.

      As mentioned prior, the serial number sequence will not tell a person if it needs to be updated, nor if display cracks are possible.

      We are sorry for all this and are working hard to resolve any and all issues as quickly as possible.


      "EIGHT" SAT, no cracks, NO need for updating.

      (6) SAT, and/or cracks, DO send it in for updating."

      If for any reason anyone believes they have ANY issue with an MX Sport that they think should be taken care of under warranty, then contact White's directly and get it resolved to your satisfaction. Or get a refund for the unit if you can. Or sell it and move on. I have.
    • By Ridge Runner
      Like said when I turn on my Sport I get this frying sound for about 1 1/2 seconds..When I turn off the volume all the way I still get the frying sound coming through. I have other coils but this my first time of hearing this.
      If anyone else has this new concentric 6” please let me know if you too having the same trouble.
      I’m really not sure if it is trouble being the coil is working great.