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Steve Herschbach

Dime / Quarter VDI Error In New 6” Concentric Coil

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Well today the Heavens open up out pop my 6 Shooter coil from White’s. That’s not really true !

The mail lady walk to my door and drop the package at her feet and walked away. It was shipped on a two day priority mail.

I’m happy to see it and will have it on soon to see what readings I get now.

White’s I want to Thank You for a new six shooter coil.


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Chuck excuse me for asking but have you just sent your machine back this year or is this an old thread ?

thanks mate.

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Yes awhile back I had to send my Sport in again. I had never used Headphones and the first time I couldn’t hear anything. All I could hear was a cracking sound. I had to send my Sport in again but they didn’t fix it. I know they gave me another because the one I got back didn’t have a s/n number inside the battery compartment.

I went out Saturday and I started having trouble. The I D started jumping around even when it was off the ground and even on a penny it would over load. One time it ID then it would be gone . I’ve put on the 7” DD coil and plan to test the Sport with this coil. The 6” coil has been back to White’s with the problem they were having on the ID. It didn’t act just right when I got it back but then the trouble went away.

I’ll let you know what was my outcome when I know.


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Thanks Chuck for the update and I hope it all works out for you,

I wonder how the MX-7 works compared to the MX-Sport.

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    • By amergin
      I am very impressed with the High trash setting, and am trying to figure out how it is weighted
      you would think it had low sensitivity and high discrimination therefore would lead to less dept and more iron masking in thick iron areas at homesites
      but it actually performs to the contrary of my expectations.
      it goes very deep up to 12 inches and the discrimation level dose not interfere with separating iron from small non ferrous items
      I was using my equinox in all metal mode and my friend had his MX Sport high trash mode, we  where at a colonial homesite, he has getting mixed signal of iron and a high tone and number
      he dug 5 big hand made square nails up to 6", and was still getting the good signal , when i cam over with the equinox in multi frequency  all I was getting was iron, minus signals, with a flash of 11
      but no enough to want to dig, and I predicted it was probably a false from a bent nail
      he kept going and eventually t 10" deep amongst more nails he pulled a penny
      My equinox never sensed this coin, yet high trash on single frequency spotted it at the onset and stuck to it like glue until it was finally retrieved.
      I would love to know the set up and weighting behind this mode some i could apply some to my equinox.
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      White's MX Sport User's Guide, 738 KB pdf file, 32 pages
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      This specification comparison chart is derived from the White's MX7 Owner's Manual and the White's MX Sport Owner's Manual. Everything is pretty straight forward. The asterisks note that the MX7 weight with batteries is derived from the manual. The MX Sport manual is unclear on whether batteries are included in the weight and my personally weighing the MX Sport with batteries suggests the answer is no. The MX Sport with batteries weighs 4.23 lbs. as weighed on my postal scales. I can't vouch for the MX7 weight as listed in the manual. Current internet price for MX Sport is $749.00 and MX7 $549.00
      I think it is fair to say looking at the specifications that this is a MX Sport in a lighter weight, better balanced and less expensive package. The only real operational difference is the MX Sport comes with a 10" round DD epoxy filled coil and the MX7 a 9.5" round lightweight concentric. This would make the MX Sport out of the box better configured for water hunting and severe mineralization. The MX7 is better configured for park and other dry land detecting in mild to moderate mineralization. Both units can use the same coils.
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    • By Ridge Runner
      Both the MX Sport and the Equinox 800 are waterproof and that’s about where the two are alike ends.
       Now if we want to put the detectors that have the option to run in different frequencies then how would you place them in price? I speaking about the ones that have other frequencies but still run only one at a time .
       Now remember the Equinox is at the top with a price of 899.00 and a true multi frequency.
        Would you want to slip it in between the Sport and the Equinox in price? Maybe we could lower the price of the Sport and place the ones we’ve been talking about in it’s spot..
       Just thinking out loud but everyone has their own opinion.
    • By Ridge Runner
      I need to know the type and size of the screws in the Sport ? Do you know if it can take a higher voltage without smoking it ?
      If anyone else knows the answer please do reply.
      When I get finish with my Sport we both may not know it.
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