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Calabash In Depth Video Review Of Equinox

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(Another), good review by Calabash. Makes me feel good about my purchase (not that I needed reinforcement, I have proven it to myself). The one thing I wonder about it where would ML have put the battery pack if not in the sort of overly large handle? I don't like the imbalance either, but coming from a GPZ 7000, I will gladly settle for the overall weight.

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As a rule I keep any “this detector versus that detector” stuff over on the Metal Detecting Advice & Comparisons Forum. Since this video does have some direct commentary with opinions on some other model detectors versus Equinox that is in theory the place for this video. However, I thought the commentary was pretty much spot on across the board and so placed it here for people to view for now at least.

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I'm still to get my Nox 800. It's going to be a good wait but Jerry has me on his list and I can not wait to get my hands on it! I've used explorers for 10 years or so and I love to hunt cellar holes with small coils. I really feel like the small coil ( I note a tone of anticipation in the review) with the Nox is going to be out of this world. I was in heavy Iron a few weekends ago and was lucky enough to find a 1836 Draped bust 5C. It was a very iffy signal on my small sef 8X6 and I wonder now seeing the Nox in action how much stronger that signal would be! I'm getting chills guys :blink:




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Another good review!  He is right about the options of the 800 over the 600 being of value, but the added accessories really seal that deal for me.   I would have shrugged off his comments about the ergonomics until I let my son loose with it for as long as he could swing today.  As light as it is, he got tired after about 1.5 hours and he said the handle was awkward.  I would still like to see him do that turn 90 on the target again with the 800 in a high single frequency like his Deus.  Thanks for sharing!

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7 hours ago, Vez said:

I would still like to see him do that turn 90 on the target again with the 800 in a high single frequency like his Deus. 

I think we all agree!! It's kind of funny he did all the frequency shifting with the Deus to get it to match the Equinox but the one thing the Deus seems to win at he didn't give the Equinox a fair Shake! Don't get me wrong I like his videos! And appreciate all the time he puts in to post them!

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Hold on, I for one do not necessarily agree so don't lump me into the "we all agree" crowd just yet.  Lol.

Having CD do that turn in single frequency is irrelevant to me as I do not use (do general searching) the EQX in single frequency so it would not help me in the least if I walked over the test situation in the field and did not hear it because I happened to be swinging in the wrong direction (though if I was in thick Iron, I do take my time and often swing two ways on grouped ferrous targets especially if I get what I think is a false).  The advantage of being able to hit two-way on an outlier mask situation is far outweighed by all the downsides of using the EQX in single frequency if Multi IQ is available (i.e., not obviated by an EMI situation which is the only way I would search without it):

1. Ability to hit hard on targets of widely different conductivities, not so much the case if you are just running at 20 or 40 khz not only due to the  transmitted frequencies in Multi-IQ but the superior signal processing, which is not necessarily all there in single frequency (e.g., iron bias is not available)

2.  Superior ground phase compensation (Multi IQ is more forgiving to a less than perfect ground balance than running single frequency, that is why ML de-emphasizes the need to do a ground balance unless you are explicitly experienced excessive ground noise).

3. More reliable VDI.

[I don't do the single frequency trick on suspected trash targets and rely more on tone quality and iron tone for evaluation].

However, that being said, I believe the test should have been done with NO iron bias on the EQX (I believe it was set on 2).  Also, a more "apples-to-apples" test would have been using the 6" coil on Equinox, but not available yet.

Regardless, Scott and I go way back with the Deus, and while I agree with almost everything Scott does and says in in his videos with respect to both machines. I really don't get all wrapped up in the minutia of how he conducts each and every test, and frankly, that turn test does not change my opinion on either the Deus or the Equinox and will probably not change what I DO think is a general trend out there:

Equinox is going to make some but not all Deus owners sit up and take notice and perhaps see Equinox for what it is, a great bang-for-your-buck machine that can fill in some big gaps in Deus capability - but is not a machine worth selling your Deus for because there are some advantages Deus brings to the table in terms of ergonomics, portability, and HF performance.

For folks considering the Deus, but who don't yet have one, the Equinox is a very compelling alternative and if I were in that position today, knowing what I know, about both machines would probably opt for the Equinox over Deus due to value unless the portability and weight ergonomics override because they do make a BIG difference especially to disabled or older detectorists.


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I agree that having the 800 in a single freq isn't relevant to me.  I would still like to see if makes a difference for those who only want silver in iron like calabash demonstrated in his video :)  

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1.40 minute AT series a big flop LOLOL . Love it . 13.41 minute LOL

As for the Deus verses Equinox , i still haven't had a lot of depth with the Nox but then my beaches are Hell for trash / mineralisation and tons of Iron and it changes daily and on different parts of the beaches . So if anyone knocks my opinions on the Nox they have to take my sites into account . I am still buying a second 800 soon .

Back to the Deus v Nox . The Nox wins , look at the price of all the gear that you have to have with the Deus to get the capability of the Nox! Also the HF coil wont be very deep and at the price i'd rather have the lower priced 6 inch coil or stay with the 11 inch coil on the Nox. As for the beach , the Deus is no where near as good . And to be fair i have had 2 Gold rings with a Deus in 2010 on one day on the beach and they were within the tidal points but 1 was very shallow .

He is right about land only to a point = Deus but then the Nox being multi freq and beach capable i say Nox . And the price is a winner .

The stem and arm cup are Terra style and they are like that to keep the price down . As for the weight ? what weight , its an anorexic like the Deus . I like slightly nose heavy , the CTX being to far backward heavy was one of the big negatives for me .

Good video . 

Minelab saying the Equinox obsoletes all single freq detectors was a marketing ploy i think . But it does knock a lot of them , not all though.

As for my depth issues i will have to wait till i get on land . But on my beaches ?? But i still have to sift through the modes and shuffle the settings a bit more.

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    • By Mick93
      We do like Steve,  wife sold her nox 800 just before 3 years and ordered her new one. Showed up today and she was all excited ,put it together, charged up ready to try it out. Well the on/off switch wouldn't work!  She was a little disappointed but Minelab said send it in, so off it went !
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      I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and torn ligaments in my left ankle for about 6 months. The plantar fasciitis has cleared up on its own. The torn ligaments have not yet healed so hunting with a dig it all approach just hasn't been possible since last March. Walking is iffy enough, but lots of getting up and down is very painful. So, I have had to limit myself to shorter outings and lots of cherry picking.
      I tried an experiment using the F2 iron bias feature during my recovery for some of the parks I hunt that have high iron mineralization. I used Park 1 and Park 2 with F2=4 and just concentrated on obvious no brainer signals. Deep or shallow didn't concern me, just the quality of the response. I hunted with both zero discrimination and with half of the iron range rejected = -9 to -6. My target recovery of deeper low to mid conductive targets pretty much ceased to exist during this time.......deeper silver jewelry and coins along with any depth of higher conductive US modern coins (wheats, copper memorials, clad dimes and quarters, Kennedy halves and modern "gold" President and Sacajawea dollars) was seemingly not effected.
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      Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings for my Nox 800

      OK, Ok; back in the day of my XLT Spectrum...
      ...I had a notebook full of custom settings for my records.

      Now I can convert (scan and save as) to Word Document or Adobe Acrobat to save and carry with my Smart Phone.

      Problem is, I cannot seem to find a sheet to copy online.
      I know I could create my own, but...

      Started a list to see if I have the settings in the right order.
      Does anyone have suggestions and/or corrections for the following list.
      OK; what order for the Equinox Settings Sheet???
      1. What preset program to start with
      2. How many tones; 2, 5, 50
      3. Ground balance setting and/or auto balance
      4. Setup accept/reject notches for your hunt site or hunt style
      5. Select Volume for each tone region
      6. Select Tone Pitch for each tone region
      7. Set tone break, preferably at 1
      8. Set recovery speed for conditions or accept default
      9. Run Noise Cancel
      10. etc. etc. etc.
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      I watched a couple of nice relic hunt videos last evening on Larry Hogston"s channel. It did well on some deep bullets in some bad ground.
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