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Nice finds on the Gold JW and that's some beautiful country for sure.  So the Nox really can see the small stuff, not that I didn't believe Steve's report. :laugh:

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Good stuff, JW nearly did the same myself but ended up having an all day remembrance breckie, I think someone spiked the coffee.:wink:

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Lest we forget :sad:

That was a good afternoon John, well done.  I went for a bit of a swing in the later part of the day also, I was in the area already for some shopping and had a bit of spare time as my wife and daughter wanted to go to the playground and walk around botanical gardens so I took on the creek I found all my gold with you that day with the Monster and 5" and was skunked again.  That's twice in a row I've found nothing there now.  Maybe we cleaned it out.

The Equinox can indeed find tiny gold, I found this bit on a mission with Kiwijw last weekend.  You may have to play Where's Wally to find it, I put it in a silly place for the photo.


If you ever want a nugget shootoff and we both use one of my GBP's for the challenge and see if either of us can find anything using them I'd been happy for that to happen, I'm currently deciding if I should keep them or get rid of them so having you test one for me would be good as you are a more proficient prospector.



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WTG sniffing out those tiny bits JW

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On 4/26/2018 at 8:04 AM, phrunt said:

If you ever want a nugget shootoff and we both use one of my GBP's for the challenge and see if either of us can find anything using them I'd been happy for that to happen, I'm currently deciding if I should keep them or get rid of them so having you test one for me would be good

Hi Simon, I really don't think the GBP's would hit on those real small bits like the GM or the EQ 800 in those shallow bedrock locations. I base that purely on the Khz frequency.  Next time you get a signal with the EQ 800 switch it to 20 Khz to make it closer to the GBP frequency, even it is turns out to be a shotgun pellet, but before you dig or disturb the ground, try the GBP. Don't do it at home by burying a small piece of gold. It isn't the same as out in the field....as you know. The down fall of the EQ 800 could just come down to the size of its coil for getting right down on the ground or into narrow tight areas that the GBP small coils could.

I think you are getting a handle on areas to sweep your coil. Especially if you know there is gold in the area. Even on that flat smooth sheet like schist bedrock that appears to be as smooth as a babies bottom, there are always going to be little cracks & crevices that you cant visibly see & where gold can be lodged & covered over. You need to detect over the entire sheet of bedrock schist. Even a babies bottom has a crack in it :laugh::laugh::laugh: But they are nuggets of a different kind. :laugh:. That was my success of last Sunday finding those 6 small bits. Finding three in the end from one dig was a bonus. 


And that was with the Zed & its 14" coil. I covered all the surfaces of that sheet bedrock area. Even though it looked smooth as & there were no visible signs to the eye of any cracks or crevices. The only cracks that gave themselves up, outside of the obvious ones, were the ones with a bit of grass growth or moss & lichen in them. Showing there was a bit of depth there for the grass to grow & for a piece of gold to hide.

Plenty of moss & lichen hiding that crack that coughed up a piece of gold. If it wasn't for the signal I wouldn't have known that crack was there. In those situations I will rake out along that entire crack to uncover it all & detect along that length.  But by raking it out I could get the coil right down to the ground along that length to give me the best shot of finding something if it was there. In this case there was no more gold.




This crevice & gold find from wednesdays ANZAC day hunt is a prime example. The crevice just wasn't visible at all on that smooth bedrock surface. The only thing that gave it away was the positive little signal that I got when I scanned that entire face. I did get three pieces from that face that were all in cracks that were not visible. 







Would the GBP get that? I would be very surprised if it did. Only one way to find out :biggrin:

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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There is a bit more to the story of those three pieces that came out of that one dig. I was slowly detecting along this sheet bedrock heading towards a bit of a shallow grassy area. I detected over the grassy area, got nothing & noticed a pile of old rabbit carcass bones tangled up in a clump of grass right beside a fracture line in the Schist where one side of the bedrock had lifted a couple of inches. Like a small displacement fault. I scanned over the bones more by accident  to get the coil over & around that schist displacement fracture on the chance that it may have a bit of gold caught up in it. BANG....got a strong hit over the rabbit bones. What would you normally do in just such an instance?? Keep on walking thinking it was just the .22 bullet in the rabbit carcass?? Guess I normally would but I was more focused on that fracture in the schist. So just out of habit I raked my pick through the grass to drag the said grass & bones out of the way to get the coil closer to that schist fracture .

Sure enough the signal moved off with them. No I didn't confirm what that signal was.


I then scanned close to the schist & got a very faint signal.


You will notice the bones dragged towards the bottom right to get them out of the way.

Down on to the lower schist was the first piece of gold.


Two more followed. :biggrin: These photos were courtesy of Simons phone as I left mine at home :rolleyes: 


JW :smile:

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Burst out laughing at the babies bottom has a crack thing and my wife thought I was strange laughing at my computer.

The reason why I'm so torn on my Gold Bug Pro's is in my testing at home it comes up close to the Monster and Nox and sometimes feels like it wins but these aren't real world tests.  The 10" elliptical coil has a super hot nose on it and finds even my smallest bits of gold within a inch or two of the coil with an almighty roar.

I'm just going to have to use it to find out I guess.

I'm still in negotiations for a 4500. I may have one in a week, we'll see what happens there, fingers crossed! :unsure:




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Mrs JW is use to me laughing at the computer. She never questions it now or looks at me sideways. :biggrin: Yes ...the only way you are going to know about your GBP's is to trial them against the others out in the field. That is the beauty of elliptical coils....having  that hot nose & heel. More so on mono coils on the Minelab PI's. I thought the babies bottom thing would get a few laughs.

It wouldn't have been much of a day up Coronet Peak Yesterday. Bugger that. 

Good luck out there

JW :smile:


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      I've noticed when I transition from submerged saltwater to bone dry beach my ground balance will shoot up into the 50-70's until the coil drys up. My quandary, should I trust this reading or manually set it at what I know the dry beach is (usually is 0 to 7)? I've tried both and it doesn't seem to matter much, but then there's always the fear of missing something due to an incorrect setting and I just wanted to confirm the best practice.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Headed out for a quick 3 hour detect this afternoon. Beautiful day weather wise. Simon got a mint day for his skiing. I could see that Coronet Peak ski field had there snow making guns going full noise on top off the fresh 6" of natural snow that fell the other day. Cover up that ice that Simon had to deal with last time he was up there. I took a photo but the sun was right in my face & it turned out crap so I didn't bother putting it up.
      I went to a spot I had not been to since my GP 3000 days where I did ok with the Coiltek 10x5 mono joey coil. When I got there I was gobsmacked at how overgrown the area was with briar rose bushes, blackberry & broom. Parts were impenetrable.🤬 I had my secateurs & leather gloves in my backpack. So I spent half my time pruning  crap back just to get into places. Didn't do any good on the gold front. So I wondered on down to a tailing race area, where again I had to prune stuff back to get in there. You will see the briar rose & broom in the back & also down in the tail race itself. I use to be able to walk down that tail race & all around the top edges.

      It was the left side at the top edge that l started detecting once I got in there.

       I worked my way down to the bottom end when I thought I got a hint of a signal right up against a briar rose bush. First thing to go was that bush. You will see it bottom left of the above pic.
      Start of the hole to the right of the detector & near the edge of the drop off down into the tailing race. The signal had improved. You will also notice the detector is sitting on the run of bedrock that my hole ended up getting down into.

      Smashing into the bedrock schist & peeling it out, sitting to the left of the hole, signal was getting better all the time. Until it was finally out. I knew it was going to be gold.

      How deep do you reckon that is? Scoop is 12". How big do you think the bit of gold was? You won't believe it. Have I ever said before at how the Zed blows me away for the depth it finds small/tiny  gold?? This is no exception.

      .16 of a gram or 2.2 grains,(I think) That was my only piece. I gave up after that. Cheers.
      Good luck out there
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      Western & Eastern Treasures magazine does a Silver & Gold Annual issue and another customer of mine was featured. Many of you saw the photos posted earlier this summer. Some gobstopper saves/discoveries are in this issue, so I recommend you order one online. Congratulations to Duane and Sarah on their Golden Treasures and thanks for allowing me to earn your detector business again.

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      This Eq800 testing video comes from Facebook.
      I understand it was filmed at a Minelab Turkey demonstration day 
      I would like to know the settings 
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      I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a metal object hit my digger :headbang: big silver!!! I love these coins, I thought I might find a silver Washington or maybe a Bengy, but, the Walker was a big surprise. That was only the beginning of a great silver day from a rather small yard. As you can see, lots of neat fun stuff came out of the yard, the 3 small Mexican coins were in the same hole. It appears to have been a homemade piece of jewelry because the solder joints look a bit rough. I also found some kind of trade token, but I cannot make out what it is because it's worn pretty bad.
      I went over the place 3 times from different directions and will be going over it one more time with the Etrac just to see if the Nox and I missed anything. I also have another permission a couple of houses down from this one. I plan on trying to get into several others as well. Very unusual yard, I found a silver rosie on top of the ground last week when I was delivering the mail to this house, which is what prompted me to ask for permission. Several of the wheats were barely under the surface, the Walker was maybe 2" deep, nothing over 5"  It appears that this yard has never had grass or has been worked since the house was built, barely a blade of grass, just dirt :icon_scratch:

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