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Weak Spot In Ml80 Headphones?


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At Gerry’s Metal Detectors, we’ve noticed a consistent physical defect with the supplied Equinox  headphones in three of our staff members’ personal units. The small plastic piece that is screwed down over the end of the headband padding is breaking at the stress point located between the two screw holes; upon opening one brand new unit, the broken piece was found already detached and lying on the bottom of the headphone case. Folks, please inspect your headphones at the affected area (see pics below) and report back here. Hopefully it’s not a widespread issue.

Normal, undamaged part:



Broken part, with upper half of plastic piece missing:


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6 minutes ago, phrunt said:

Thanks Lunk, I wonder if it's over tightened screws at the factory, just in case I took mine out, and put a smidge of loctite on them and put them back in not excessively tight.


Good plan Phrunt, thanks for reporting back.  It may also be a manufacturing defect in the molded plastic piece itself that is exacerbated by the through-holes for the screws and the pressure exerted on it by the foam padding.

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Got mine on Gerrys second shipment.  Headphones look good.  I did return my unit to have a lower rod cam replacement.  Not sure what they did but it was a negligible improvement.  I was probably over sensitive to the perceived wobble in the shaft.  My X-Terra 705 is the same way.  Thought I would address the problem before it got worse.  Minelab was super fast on fix and return.  Can't say enough about the good service in this facility!  GaryC/Oregon Coast 

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