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If you can find lead and aluminum you can find gold. The smaller the lead or aluminum you find, the better your gold prospecting skills are.

Welcome to the forum - great first post!

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That's quite a nice nugget for your first natural gold!  You are in a good spot indeed!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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On 5/15/2018 at 11:58 PM, Frozen_daze said:

In less than 20 minutes I scored my largest flake yet and first with a detector. weighing in at 3.15g and my runner up was .49g.

3.15 g is a flake?  I can't wait to see your pickers!

Great start right out of the box.  You're hooked on the GM 1000 now.  I feel sorry for your dredge, sluice, and pan.  ?


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Nice finds, and good luck with your Monster! Also saves you buying fishing tackle and lead sinkers.

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    • By Kidbeey
      I’m heading up to Georgetown gold fields, in North Queensland Australia soon. Do not want to get into the new GPX 6000 or GPZ 7000 yet and besides that I do not live close to a gold region. I currently own a CTX 3030. I know that the Monster is not in the same league as the more expensive units but at just over $1,000 it is an option to purchase.
      But my thoughts are that the CTX I already own may do pretty much the same as the Monster, plus it has discrimination ability.
      Could someone please enlighten me. Thanks.
    • By Aureous
      The only ML offering I can honestly say was junk is the GM1000. Owned one for a month and that was a month too long. I was way better off keeping my GB2. So glad I upgraded to the 24K. Cant wait to try the 6000 though!

    • By Bohemia Miner
      I heard from a buddy that Minelab was discontinuing this model.  I hope it's not true!
      I also heard from another buddy that they are no longer going to make single frequency Gold Machines.
      I know rumors are what they are but wanted to reach out anyway.
    • By oneguy
      Guys...  Could use some expertise/advice about using the GM 1000 on the river?  I know I can't really explain the conditions etc but I'll try...bear with me?  First off it's winter and I have maybe 12-24" of bare ground between river and snowbank and river isn't all that low.  I have no idea how deep bedrock is and not much bedrock is visible along banks, even in summer.  This is also glacier gold and lots of it hasn't even thought about hitting bedrock yet. River also running pretty good, slippery bowling ball sized rocks, and drops off fairly quick. My thought was to take the Monster and just detect maybe up to 3' off the bank, in river, behind rocks, etc.  I won't be able to pack in a prybar for flipping rocks but will have my # 2 shovel, pan, sluice , etc. in case I have no luck tecting?  I was curious if any of you have had any luck shooting the shallows behind rocks in steady flowing water?  What I really need is what kind of scoop would you use in moving water (hopefully I could improvise at home)....????  I thought maybe a small metal pan, metal coffee cup, then I thought plastic coffee container, or just hope for the best and use my shovel and dump into plastic gold pan????   Any success stories, tactics or tips on river shooting in flowing water and retrieval tools appreciated!  I'm also new to nugget shooting and only have about 12 hrs on the Monster so that's why the kinda stupid questions....lol  Thanks!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The original Minelab Gold Monster design simply always ground tracked. You start using it, and it is ground balancing all the time. However, if the mineralization changes a lot, it was a little slow to react. So they added this ability to put it in quick balance mode. Long press the Detect Mode button, the coil symbol flashes, and for a few seconds the ground balance speeds up. Basically it is just a ground grab button. Bill Southern talks about this new function in this video. Like Bill says in the video, most people might never use it,and sure no reason to buy a new machine. It’s a small time saver, nothing more. I’m curious, for those that even know about this, are you actually using it?

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Posted by Metal Detecting For Arizona Gold July 4, 2020
      In this video I go out to the Double J claim to gather up some mineralize soil for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 depth test. I use 7 different Gold Nuggets and conduct the test using Auto 1 and Auto 2.
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