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Garrett ATX And Recon Coil Options

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I own both a Garrett Recon and an ATX, can someone remind me what was found to be best 10 x14 Infinium coil to be used on each? 

I was thinking someone found the Infinium 10 x 14 mono coil was best for Recon

and Infinium 10 x 14 DD coil best for use on the ATX

Is this correct or are all interchangable?

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There a bunch of threads on coils down in the "Garrett metal detectors" section (where your question will probably be moved to)

Too many to list.

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Garrett does not approve the use of Infinium mono coils on the ATX - use at your own risk. Infinium DD coils are safe to use in ATX.

From this thread on same subject...

The answer I got specifically direct from Garrett:

"The ATX can be operated with Infinium DD coils. Performance with Infinium DD coils should be normal but is not guaranteed. The ATX cannot be operated with Infinium mono coils or any other Garrett coil other than ATX coils and Infinium DD coils. Recon Pro coils will not work on the ATX. The Recon Pro is not the same machine electronically, even though it looks similar. Use of any coil other than ATX coils and Infinium DD coils, including the use of 3rd party coils, will void the warranty."

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