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600 Nets Me A Two Ring Morning

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It’s been a struggle to get out and hunt lately as I edge closer to my 2nd hip replacement but I got to run my 600 on a small beach north of Ventura this morning that I’ve always wanted to hit. It’s a small beach but gets lots of use as a day camp area on the Rincon. The dry sand produced over 30 bottle caps and there is no question what is when you hear it. I only dug them so I could clean out the area when I return. The wet sand was pretty quiet but I netted the two rings in it. The turquoise/silver was a consistent 23 and the junk ring rang at 13-14 I thought I had white gold when I saw it in the scoop. 

I hope to get out one more time between now and next Friday as that is surgery day. Getting older sure does put a crimp in the lifestyle 😉



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Nice rings; even that junk one is attractive.  Always enjoy your posts, Skate.  Stay positive with that next hip replacement.  I look forward to viewing your future finds after you tell us how well it went!


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Good work 😉

Best of luck with the hip surgery

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Best of luck with your surgery!...and quick recovery so you can get back out to the gold fields..


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Thanks all.  Hopefully after Friday I can say goodbye to avascular necrosis forever. I was diagnosed in the fall of 2013 and my right hip collapsed and was replaced 3 years ago. My left finally gave away in the past couple of months. Metal detecting on one wheel is not exactly super productive. 

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Skate --

NICE FINDS!  As for the hip, a friend/detectorist that I've known for years just had his hip replaced, and he's having (or perhaps just had) the other one done.  The first one didn't keep him down for too long, so I'm hoping and praying the same for you!

Keep us posted!


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Nice hunt!!

I need to start beach hunting, now that most of my sites are grassed in, the beach is starting to look pretty good. 


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    • By Mark Gillespie
      This is an added document that arrived with my Equinox.  Extremely important.
      Out of the 8 USB chargers in my house, none were UL certified.
      Trip to Wal-Mart is in order.
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    • By Rick N. MI
      Use 5 tone. Set nails at -1 to -3 with lowest volume and low tone. For iron relics set -4 & down and set to a  louder volume and low tone and for non-ferrous set 0 to 40 a loud volume and high tone. Basically a 2 tone low for iron relic & high for non-ferrous. and a quiet tone for small iron. A 3 tone mode.
      With this setting you will hear iron relics hitting a low louder tone and you can dig or not. High tone is your non-ferrous. This is good setting if you want to dig iron relics like I do. Some areas you don't want to dig iron relics you change to 2 tone or what ever you want.   I think it's an interesting setting. The adjustments are great and easy in this detector.   Now all we need now is a 5x10 or 8" round coil.   Rick          
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      Hi guys !
      Yes, I am a beach hunter, but I was invited to metall detecing on a WW1 field...
      So the beach hunter I am was suddenly contemplating a huge corn field which has seen some ww1 Action...
      I chose to hunt before noon (2 hours) with the Equinox 800, and two hours in the afternoon with the Safari I happened to win at a detection rally two weeks ago.
      As you can tell from the posted pics, the Nox Found 18 targets, the Safari 32, but i felt the afternoon search was richer in targets...The best find of the day was a silver King Leopold II 1867 2 Francs (Belgium), a very rare coin, as it has only been minted from 1866-1868
      The nox got more tiny targets (low conductors), but the Safari was able to find some tiny targets too.
      I don't know what to think about the results about both detectors, but they are very close in my opinion.
      Those are the pics of this outing (round bullets are belgian, the others are german).
      Happy hunting !

    • By usaflaginmaine
      Hey friends. I remember seeing a post somewhere awhile back about changing the tones on the Nox to sound more like the Etrac or CTX 3030. Anyone know anything about this?
    • By Tiftaaft
      As I mentioned in the below thread, I received my 6 inch coil yesterday and couldn't wait to take it through the paces:
      Today, during a lunch break from work, I headed out to a local old and pounded park I have hunted countless hours with countless machines.  I have been amazed the life my Equinox brought back into this park.  My early year success is outlined here:
      So, with an hour to hunt, my E600 in hand, loaded with the 6 inch coil and original firmware (I am still testing old vs. new firmware using my E600 with original and E800 with new firmware), I set out.  I was running Park 1, 50 tone, Sensitivity 22 (pretty stable), Recovery 3 (6 on 800) and IB 1 (2 on 800) and walked into the area of the park I have hunted hardest to see if this rig could uncover anything I missed with all my other machines, including the E600 and E800 using stock coils. 
      My first target was a series of bouncy tones across about 4" of ground.  As I narrowed my swings, concentrating on the different tones, I was able to hear one solid mid tone that was 11-12 ID, but a couple of high tones that were more scratchy and not repeatable an inch or two away in two directions.  I pinpointed and it was evident that I had 2, maybe 3 targets there.  I chose to circle the mid-tone first.  While the depth meter on the 600 with old firmware isn't exact, the modulation on the pinpoint told me it was in the 4"-5" range.  So I dug.  I was expecting a pull tab, or beaver tail.  Both notorious for bouncing into the 12-13 range in my ground, but also occasionally giving off 11's and 14's.  My intent was to clear the trash, so I could better hone in on the higher tones sitting near this target.
      A little over 4" down:

      I think it is a 1935... our ground is hard on nickels.  Only my 3rd Buffalo since I started detecting and my previous two were no-dates. 
      I refilled my hole, stood up and swept the coil over the area again... the high tones were still there, and equally as iffy as before, giving me numbers in the 21 to 26 range, and on every other pass or so.  But they pinpointed pretty tight.. I estimated 5"-6" based on the pinpoint tone on both.  A little ground excavating later and out popped:

      Looks like a 40's and a 50's wheatie. 
      I have a little cleaning to do on all three of these coins, and they aren't ground breaking by numismatic standards, but I am thrilled.  And here is why:
      Three old coins that by all rights, should have been found previously, but weren't. I have a suspicion that the closeness of these coins would have given larger coils, even with fast recovery like the Equinox, troubles.  So the 6 inch coil came through in my opinion (I would bet that I was getting some type of blended tone previously... like a 15 or 16 on the Equinox as an example, which I chose not to dig thinking it was trash). In my soil, with the settings I was using, I think I was at the limit of detecting depth with these Wheaties... about 6".  So that is really good information for me.  Not that depth is everything, because I was able to separate between these three targets at depth.  Had I been thinking more scientifically, I would have tried to clean up the tones by dropping the recovery down to 2 (4 on the 800), or boosting the sensitivity up to 24 or 25.  Or I would have walked back to my car and grabbed the 800 with the stock 11" and documented what these targets read, and why I hadn't investigated them before.  Heat of the hunt and a lesche in my hand got the better of me. All three of these targets were dead center in my plug.  Which is somewhat expected when the coil itself is only 6", but just verification that the coil with this rig was pinpointing accurately.  Hopefully more results and finds to follow.
      HEH (Happy Equinox Hunting) to all,
    • By dewcon4414
      Well i wondered when this would happen.   Ive got at least 700 hours on my Nox ... but this morning in shallow water she let me down.  Top part of the cuff broke off.   The cuffs are really to far apart and with the torques we put on them back and forth you may consider a metal one a better choice if you water hunt.   Kind of bad, i wanted to hunt with a couple of people from a few hours away who came for a few day and hadnt been able to because of the less that great weather.   So about an hour into it........ ugh.   But i kept pushing it along...... in the wet sand.   At least i got a 1.4 gram 18K (750) necklace charm for all that work lol.   Got home and called Jamie at ML........ new one coming Monday.   How bout that for FAST?  Thanks ML.    At least there were finally some trash to at least chase around so ...... road trip again tomorrow.   Like most of us ive got a few cuffs laying around.