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A Crumby Saturday Afternoon (arvo)

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My first time nugget hunting with my Equinox 800 - full story here:


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Why was it crummy? You had some nice pieces from the Equinox.

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6 hours ago, goldseeker4000 said:

Why was it crummy? You had some nice pieces from the Equinox.

Crumb size pieces I am guessing. Stil....it is gold & no catch & release of the tiddlers :biggrin: Well... I know I don't anyway. :smile:

Best of luck out there

JW :rolleyes:

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WTG magic arvo.

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14 hours ago, goldseeker4000 said:

Why was it crummy? You had some nice pieces from the Equinox.

Kiwi is right - it’s merely a play on words. I throughly enjoy crumbing.😎

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Great review always get information who would of thought that the equinox would find gold behind the gold monster 

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20 hours ago, rusty1212 said:

who would of thought that the equinox would find gold behind the gold monster 

ME....only because I have...... Numerous times...... It did surprise me at the time.....especially with that 11" coil.....but not any more. Just now accept the Minelab Magic.:wub:

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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      😂😏😎😃🙃🤩😝Go ShaneOz! Tops to Ya" Enjoy! Ig  
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      18/ How to Run “10 kHz” as a Cap / Iron Identifier
      A lower frequency like “10 kHz” is what can be called a “plodder.”  It responds slowly, makes sure its reporting accurately and only shows a couple of numbers to describe what it sees.  When you run “10 kHz,” make sure to give it the time it needs to do the task.  Switch over, wait for the threshold to return and make a slow, even coil pass.  Just as with “Multi” the first numbers that appear may be cap or gold-range indications--in the teens.  However, when you go to the cross sweep (or even a slight angle) the ground becomes apparent in the forum of a  ”20 plus” reading. This change will be a lot more definite than with “Multi.”  So go slow to let the slower frequency process, use the cross sweep and watch for the “wild” high number indicating a cap or iron.  “10 kHz” produces a more defined, more “general” meter response.  This response takes into account more of the ground’s signal--making “10 kHz” a great cap identifier. (This is also a great illustration of the dichotomy between what the high and low frequencies actually do).
      The idea though is to work on your coil and meter recognition skills so that having to make the change-over is a last resort for only those caps that display a very narrow band of numbers in “Multi.”  These are in the minority.  I especially go to “10 kHz” where the indication shows “14”--again--a good gold number.  
      (Note: If you are using the 800, in “5 Tone” a high “Tone Break” of around “19” or “20” will produce an intermittent high tone on caps with this test.
      Another interesting lesson to be observed when running “10 kHz” is that if you make multiple passes of a target sometimes the slowed response speed will cause the meter response to “double up”--that is it gives a “cumulative” high number.  This is something to watch for in that a response can be falsely “ID’ed” as higher than it is--in this case a worse signal.  Referring back to our “coil control pass types” above, this kind of a response comes from making “keep in” passes--instead of letting the target leave the detection field each swing (so as to “reset” the meter).  Both have value in identifying responses but it’s good to be aware of the difference. 
      It’s important to recognise the parallels between this machine and the CTX.  With the CTX this “grounded” number comes in the form of a “1” or “30” “off screen” response--indicating iron or steel (non-constancy).  I’ve heard these referred to as “cross-feeds” In that they initially sound good as the two parts of the response “connect” on the first pass--but this electrical “join” is then rapidly processed out with subsequent coil passes.
      With the Equinox these indications are more centered on the meter--"10” for rusted caps or “20” plus for steel caps.  It’s more like where you have a coin next to iron--pulling the response down (or up towards the “wrap” zone).  With an analog detector--either of these (CTX or Equinox “outlying” numbers) would be the low tone (or “nulls)” of iron mixed in to the audio response, or a high “sound off” or “false.” 
       From: "The Minelab Equinox: An Advanced Guide" (2018)
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      without the 80 gram scuff cover and 660 grams with scuff cover. The 11" coil weighs 524 grams with scuff cover. Added weight to front of Equinox 136 grams or 4.86 ounces. Equinox total weight with 15" coil 3.26 lbs.
      The CTX 17” x 13.5” coil weighs 901.5 grams / 31.8 oz with scuff cover.

      Minelab Equinox 12" x 15" DD coil

    • By kiwijw
      Last Thursday/Friday we had some very consistent rain. Two days & two nights of pretty heavy rain. That is very unusual for the Queenstown area. It didnt seem that cold but when it cleared snow was low down in the hills. This from our front door. Still a bit cloudy.

      By late afternoon it had stopped raining so I decided to get out for a local detect. I ended up going back to the last little spot where I got 3 bits for .76 of a gram . With the wet ground I liked my chances of getting more off the same ground. I E-Biked in there & there was snow on the tops.
      This looking across to a lateral glacial moraine that has been cut through by that trickle of water over time. This trickle is usually dry & only flows with snow melt or heavy rain.

      Looking in the opposite direction more snow on the tops & schist bedrock in the foreground that has had gold in it.

      Despite my confidence the signals were not coming. I finally got a signal over some bedrock that I had detected the time before & had got nothing. This time it was a definite signal. The damp ground had brought it to life.

      Hacking into the schist bedrock & peeling it out before the signal finally had moved. It still took a bit to isolate it & get it in my hand. But gold it was.

      .22 of a gram. But that was it. Oh well....at least I beat the skunk.
      The next day Mrs JW was keen to go out somewhere. She had twisted her ankle badly & has been two weeks on crutches. She was sick of being cooped up inside & not able to get around very easily. She wanted a change of scenery & was content to just head off up into the hills. Even if it still meant just sitting in my truck. So off we went. I hadn't been detecting over this way for quite a while & the last two months has been lambing time so I had not really even considered it. I called in to see the farmer & to ask which paddocks to keep out of. He said the lambs were far enough advanced & I could go anywhere. So that was good. I was amazed to see how much snow they had over this way up in the hills. He told me that they had had 58mm of rain in the last two days. That is close to two & a half inches. The grass had gone mental so that wasn't going to be too good for my detecting. Good for the farmer though as this time of the year it can be pretty dry. I decided to go higher up in the hills where hopefully the grass growth hadn't gone too crazy. I got over to Doug's Gully, as l call it, & dropped down into it. Mrs JW had no phone signal down in the gully so I drove up to the top of the spur for her. Meant I had to walk back down. 

      A few days earlier that snow in the background was all gone.
      Oh well.....down to the gully & the old turned over gully floor piles.

      I have detected this gully countless times with all my gold detectors & I usually always still come away with some gold. Albeit small bits these days. What would today hold? I was backing the wet conditions & damp ground to really help me out here. I took down the Zed & the GB2. I still have a soft spot for the GB2. It has found me numerous small bits down there but so to has the Gold Monster. But I chose the GB2 today. In fact I started with the GB2 as I wasn't feeling very confident with the Zed. On getting down to the gully floor & in all the times I have been down here I have never ever seen any water in this gully. Let alone any flowing water. There is a first time for everything.

        5 minutes into it I had my very first signal.

      Could have been a shogun pellet.

      But it wasn't .03 of a gram.
      10 feet away another signal. Purple flowers are wild thyme bush flowers. It is that time of the year.

      Another small bit of gold.

      Looking up the gully & the old turned over piles.

      Looking down gully

      I decided to detect down the gully. Nothing for an hour & a half but shot gun pellets. I worked my way back up to the Zed with no more gold to show. So I swapped over to the Zed & retired the GB2. It had saved a skunk any way. I wasnt too long in getting a nice mellow signal with the Zed.

      The photo doesn't do justice to the depth of the dig but it was a bit of gold.

      I was just detecting the old timer piles as I have done countless times before. The damp conditions were certainly giving me an edge today. Another signal. This looking up the gully & over a few of the old piles.

      Another bit of the good stuff. But small.

      .03 of a gram with the Zed & its 14" coil.
      I was on fire.

      The signals & gold kept coming off these piles

      And the signals kept coming

      As did the gold


      Looking down gully. The back filled hole to the right of the GB2 was the last piece.

      This the next piece & ended up being my last before heading out.

      All up 7 pieces for just .89 of a gram. 2 for the GB2 & 5 for the mighty Zed. The damp conditions helping me out again.

      The next day was my E-Bike mission with Simon of which you have had that story from Simon, Phrunt.
      These are the two bits that I ended up with.

      Good luck out there
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Put this together this morning for folks.
      Btw hot program used on Deus version 5.2,TX power remained at level 2.
      Equinox using Park 2sensitivity  24.