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Best Option For Meteorites? Thanks For Help!

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When primary aim is finding meteorites (also with low iron/ nickel content), what metal detector would be a good idea to get (within budget)?

Minelab Gold Monster 1000 (no manual ground balance, does this matter?)

Minelab Equinox 600 (no real all metal mode??)

Makro Multi Kruzer (how sensitive to small objects?)

Makro Gold Kruzer (unknown when it will ship)

Other detector (why?)

Or do I need to spend more, i.e. get an XP Deus? I would very much appreciate any insight or even practical experience. Thank you very much for your time!


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Welcome to the forum!

Fisher Gold Bug 2 or Whites Goldmaster / GMT series. Why? Because many successful meteorite hunters use those machines and they have a proven track record, unlike every detector you listed. You can no doubt find meteorites with any of them, but you would be the one proving it.

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The trouble is that some detectors will see a chondrite as a hot-rock or not see it at all.

I have hopes for my 800 but have not had a chance to try it out...and for the 1000...

However, Steve is correct. If you want one with a proven track record ... and they are available used on several forums and criags list, etc.

as for Minelab Pi machines...the 3500 and 5000 ( that I have used) will find anything the Goldbugs and GMT's will find...for a lot more money!

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Can’t go wrong with the Gold Monster 1000; it handles bad ground and hot rocks extremely well, and is an excellent meteorite hunter. And the auto ground balance and auto sensitivity gives you the freedom of adjustment-free detecting. With 2 coils, headhones, rechargeable battery, backup AA battery pack and lightweight weather-proof design, it’s hands-down the best bang for the buck if you’re on a budget.

During this hunt I was using the Monster:

And a Franconia hunt here:

Good luck hunting those space rocks with whatever machine you decide on.

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Thanks all.

@Steve Herschbach What I forgot to mention, I am looking for a detector as lightweight as possible. Yes, with detectors it is somewhat hard to tell how the specs provided will translate into performance in the hunt for meteorites.

@fredmason I did ask Minelab tech support, they have no official opinion about their detectors and meteorites, it will be interesting what you find out with the Equinox 800. Both 600 and 800 should be much more sensitive to tiny metal objects than my Etrac is.

@Lunk Very inspiring!! Noticed you also list the Equinox 800 as gear having experience with, I wonder how it compares to the GM1000 regarding chondrites. Maybe the GM1000 reacts to yet smaller grains than the 600 and 800?

I am about to order the GM1000...

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Good Choice,

what Lunk has used; and says works will certainly work...thanks Lunk!


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