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Good hunt with a great result.

Lots of good karma to you for tracking him down and returning it. ?

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Nice digs there for sure. I am now educated..I'd never heard of Lustrium! Interesting! Well done on the return!!




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Nice ring . It seems you can only buy a Lustrium ring from a company called Jostens . Its a mix of Chromium and Nickel . Thats what i think it said on their site.

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Got to give the ring to the mother of the person, today. She will send it off shortly. She said her son was not expecting to ever see it again and the fact that it was found completely blew him away. Fun to return it and see his mom's face.


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WOW!  Cool story, great digs!


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So nice of you to put the effort in and track him down, well done, a great story.


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That's admirable of you and will only send good karma your way.....

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Very nice of you to return it.  On my very first outing with my 800 I found a 14.6g 10k Gardner Webb University class ring at my son's soccer field.  It was the third target dug and rang up 20-21.  With the help of google I found the owner and he worked at the community college next to the soccer field.  I returned it to him the following week at the same soccer field and then dug a nice silver pendant.  BTW, do you always dig 3-4's?  I hardly ever dig #'s that low as they're usually foil gum wrappers or very small pieces of can slaw.  

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    • By Againstmywill
      I had about an hour before we were going fishing for fish this morning, so what better to do than to dirt fish? I was trying out a new set of aptX LL BT earbuds that were ordered for when the other ones start to fail. They paired fine, but they certainly were not fast. If I'm running 7 recovery, I don't want them to sound like a 3 recovery. I disconnected them and continued to hunt. About 5 minutes into no earbuds, I got a strong 11 ID. Not knowing what it really sounds like, having taken the earbuds out, I decided to dig as it seemed like a robust signal. The Carrot was able to hit the object from the surface, so it wasn't too far down. There are no markings, but from the looks of it, it appears to be about 18K based on my wedding band at 14K. I believe this makes 10 gold rings/necklaces for the year. To my recollection, all found with the 15" coil with 7 recovery. I remember the first few years of detecting when I found no gold. I really appreciate this machine! Florida weather doesn't hurt either, as it is far easier digging in non-frozen soil year-round! Almost forgot...fished for fish for 4 hours and didn't catch a thing. 🤪


    • By Annie
      Hi, I am new to this site and looking at purchasing a metal detector for my husband for Christmas.  He has always wanted one and really likes the Minelab (not sure why), I was looking a at the 600, though reading about the 800 it has extra features. 
      As this is his first, and I know he will use it.  Which one would everyone recommend and as a beginner would these be suitable?
      Thanks so much!
      THANKYOU so much to everyone, I have read all the comments and must say this is an amazing group and so helpful. I defiantly think I will be getting him the 800 and letting him know to join his group! Thanks, Annie
    • By Mike Hillis
      I haven't been able to get out very much due to work and this COVID thing, but the few times I was able to get out were productive.    
      I hadn't used my EuroTek Pro in a long while so I broke it out and found this nice little 10K gold bracelet in school playground a few weeks back.
      While getting re-acquainted with my new Tek Omega 8500 I found a couple of silver rings.  
      Been going nuts so while I was bench testing last night I decided to throw up a picture.   Maybe it will encourage some one to get out and find something.

    • By Compass
      ...hits a big silver chain in his first beach hunt! In baseball a batter has hit for the cycle when they get a single, double, triple and home-run all in one game. I sort of hit for the cycle on a recent hunt by finding an earring, ring, bracelet and neck chain (all sterling silver).
      However, on the previous day I took a friend along for his first real beach hunt and set him up with my old Whites Pro PI. That day I found 5 rings, all junk save one small silver but my friend scooped out a 26 gram, badly tarnished, sterling silver chain which I took home to clean for him. He hasn't seen it yet but I think he will be pleasantly surprised.

      My friend's chain is the one on the outer perimeter. My "cycle" finds are inside of it. As much as I would have loved to have found that big silver I was honestly thrilled for him and think that he may now be hooked on the hobby.
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
          I went back to the lake where i found a 1935 Walking Liberty Half, at the beginning of the year! I believe that coin was a fluke find, as none of my other coins found there even come close to that date range!
         Today, i went to another shallow water area where jet ski's tend to hang out, while people rest, or work on them! I had no expections of this spot, other than it has been on my "to detect" mental list for awhile!
          I was there about 3 hours, and only worked about a 5x20 foot area against the shore, but the targets were layered and plentiful! I unfortunately did not get any old coins or gold, but the amount of targets in this small area kept me plenty busy! 
          I used Park 1, with sensitivity at 23, in a depth from few inches to about 2 feet! I was digging most every signal, and got very good at telling what denomination the coin targets where! And for many, i used my pinpointer for the final recovery, as most where under four inches in depth! I was really hoping for some lost jewelry, but no luck this time out! 
          It seems that no one has bothered to detect this spot, due to the amount of targets i found in such a small area! While these are not very worthwhile targets, they are typical of my area, and provide some good practice with the Nox!
          I'm sure i can get a few more good hauls from this spot, as there is still quite a bit that is still unsearched! Maybe a little gold the next time out!🤞  👍👍
       ** I wanted to add my thoughts on the bullet below! I'm a hunter, but by no means a bullet expert! So you ballistic's guy's, please chime in!!
          I believe that this bullet was fired in the air, and landed in the lake intact! I'm almost certain that there are rifiling marks around the base that show it was fired! (two are visible in pic)! Not sure of the caliber, but it's on top of a quarter for scale! Let me know your thoughts!👍👍

    • By zippykar
      Newbie here,how do I connect the  Garrett Z-Lynk to the Equinox 600?  Doesn't the WT-1 box of the Z Lynk have to be physically connected to the 600 via adapter cord? I didn't see any such cord on the Minelab site.
      I just bought this 600 havn't even used it yet  but fter reading post from different sources, I think I'm going to hate this thing.
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