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Dave McCracken seems to think 2019 is the year for Ca gold dredging in his recent newsletter, maybe its more than just a rumor?

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    • By PG-Prospecting
      Had a great day out last weekend.  Temps got close to 60, but still had to use the wet suit heater.  Definitely a worth while trip, with some nice coarse chunky gold.  Most of the gold was found caught up in a quartz vein.  Hard to tell if it actually came from that vein or just got caught there.  Will be crushing some of the vein to see if anything comes out of it.  Either way the gold did not travel far at all which has been typical of all the gold found in this stretch of creek.  
      Hopefully ill be able to dredge there one more time before the end of the year.  Currently sitting at 0.90 oz for the year would love to get that last 0.1 to make an ounce for this year.  We will see.  

    • By Sourdoughmoe
      is this enough to run a dredge 
    • By Smithsgold
      Lost Treasure  Forbidden Gold
      Hope you enjoy the Video it was a fun project to be involved in !!!! 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Or at least not published on the internet before. If you all have not been following my Chisana Story you will want to check it out. Lots of rare photos of Alaska locations and history plus lots of dredging photos.

      Keene 4" suction dredge on Little Eldorado Creek, Alaska

      Keene 4" gold dredge on Bonanza Creek, Alaska

      4" Dahlke suction dredge in action Bonanza Creek, Alaska
    • By idahogold
      I guess we'll never know, complete cleaning down to bedrock" w/ firehoses and total demolition of a hillside to fill a previous chasm" from the original disaster. Cheers, Ig