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I'm ultra sketched out mailing off big slugs but the time has come and needs to be done. Anyone out there using a refiner they've done business with and trust?


Some of the joints I found online look fly by night and none are close enough to visit in person (actually some don't even allow visits). Hoping someone out there has some positive experience.

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I have used AAA Metals in Portland on more than one occasion.

+1 (503) 253-8591

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 ARA in Texas has always given a slightly better return than expected. AAA had a minimum requirement and needed for you to establish a business account at one time (San Francisco facility). May be El D can clarify that for you. If you are going to Portland It would sure save you the risk and worry of shipping.

 I'm hoping my next shipment will need to be shipped by rail.

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I visited my dentist today to have a dicey tooth fitted for a gold crown.


He told me he has sent his scrap dental gold to a couple different refiners, one he was satisfied with

the check, the other check from another refiner was less than expected for the weight of the gold scrap he had sent in.  I know he is pretty sharp about dollars and dental gold being what it is, can vary a bit which he would be aware of, after many years of looking at people's teeth.


I wonder if some refiners think they can hose new customers?  I would think some might, but once the word gets out, their run at success as refiners would be short lived, I expect.


I will give him the info above, and see if his success with them is equal to or better than expected.  He does send in about once or twice a year, but didn't say what his average quantity might be. 


I have another appointment with him in 2 weeks...I will find how much he usually sends in.


Have a great day!



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BD, did you get your hardrock operation going? I have a question, I built a 4" impact mill and while my screens don't go down far enough to know for certain, I have a lot of 200- mesh crushed ore, maybe even closer to 400 mesh, it feels like very fine ground flour. Net result is it basically turns the water to a slurry even with stuff like Jet Dry, etc. It's hard just to pan, let alone sluice out so it's way slow going. Trying to stay away from amalgamation or cynadization since it's all free milling gold but I can't figure out any better solution. Mill pounds gold to tiny little spheres so something like a miller table is a no go since it rolls right off. Thinking of a wave or shaker table type setup but it's pricey and I'm not sure the slurry solids drop out in that a whole better than a sluice anyways.


I remember the old mongolian miner threads with the pop and son sluices and stuff but I'm having no luck with those at all, can't get the slurry to drop out enough for any kind of riffle to be useful.


Thanks for the refiner input guys, recommendations go a long way in businesses like that.

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Contact Dave Varabioff at goldbay.com

He will pay more than any refiner and is extremely reputable. I've been doing business with him for nearly twenty years. Tell him Lunk sent you!

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Hello Mr. Lunk,


Thank you for that information about Dave Varibioff at goldbay.com!


Hoping you are doing well!





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