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Congratulations Simon, you've done very well. The Goldbug Pro can find the small stuff too as you've just illustrated. It works out to 0.32 grains at an inch depth in schist, that's not bad at all. 

Yes JW is a very fine individual who has helped you a great deal. Glad to see you acknowledge him here despite that you found the site and nugget independently. I think that both of you are very fortunate, insofar as genuine, unselfish friendship is not so easy to find. 

WTG :cool:


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2 hours ago, Jim Hemmingway said:

Congratulations Simon, you've done very well. The Goldbug Pro can find the small stuff too as you've just illustrated. It works out to 0.32 grains at an inch depth in schist, that's not bad at all. 

Yes JW is a very fine individual who has helped you a great deal. Glad to see you acknowledge him here despite that you found the site and nugget independently. I think that both of you are very fortunate, insofar as genuine, unselfish friendship is not so easy to find. 

WTG :cool:


Thanks Jim, but without JW I would have walked straight past that flake of gold, I didn't realise you need to smash up schist to find the gold inside, there are countless things he has taught me. I don't mind showing my journey although often embarrassing as I hope it helps others who aren't as fortunate as I am to have a friend who has spent years learning the art.

I looked today and I bought my first detector about 8 months ago, prior to that I had no knowledge of detecting or even knew the hobby existed except for my dabble as a child with a toy radio shack detector.

It's a bit like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso in Karate kid, except John's not that much older than me, and a lot fitter 🙂  He's using the chop sticks to grab the tiny gold (flies) trying to teach me how to do it 🙂

I think it was seeing a rerun of Aussie Gold Hunters that got me to buy my first detector.  My wife and daughter say I have metal detector eyes, its rare we go out to do some shopping or for a walk in a park and I don't find a coin or two.  Just yesterday for example we were at a festival of lights in Queenstown at night and we said we'd go buy my daughter a treat at the shop before going to see the lights and on the walk I found the $2 coin required to buy her treat on the footpath on the way there. 🙂  It happens abnormally often.

Combined with the knowledge of an educated local and a forum like this with endless information on the subject and a bunch of people willing to help, I'm doing quite well. Very happy indeed.

I am sure to a lot of people here a .02 gram nugget is a laugh, but to me.. it's a milestone.  People say nugget hunting is the hardest form of detecting, especially where we are and the nuggets are known to be very tiny and few and far between.  I enjoy the challenge.



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nice little picker simon

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Good on you, Simon!  No one can control the size of their first (alone) nugget...there is plenty of reasons to be proud...which you enumerated very well.

One more thing, not one person was ever born knowing anything at all, especially us misfit, loner gold-hunters.


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Good for you Simon. 👍 That is excellent. Ye Ha. And it wasn't even with the 4500  :biggrin:. Thanks too for all your kind words. :blush: Gosh...my head won't fit through the doorway now. Thanks too Jim for your kind words. It has been a pleasure helping Simon & I am sure we will share many more adventures. 

I haven't been for a detect for three weeks. Have just got back from a long weekend (public holiday monday, Queens Birthday) Mrs JW & I headed to the West Coast with the jet boat. Looking for pirate treasure. I know a story...... The weather was absolutely stunning, with snow low down in the hills. Crystal clear blue skies with heavy frosts first thing in the mornings. Rivers all very low with the snow holding the waters up in the hills. Grounded badly late on Saturday afternoon due to the very low water conditions & sun strike heading back down river. Wasn't a place we wanted to be caught out on in the dark. And it would have been pitch black & very cold if we were forced to stay the night in the boat. Luckily we made it back into deep enough water to get back to the launch site & back to our digs. It was very touch & go & a huge effort. But we made it. Went back up again on sunday. Went further up but we wouldn't have been able to go much further as the river really skinnied out. We left a bit earlier to avoid the sun strike but the glare on the water still made it very difficult to read the river. Scraped the bottom once & thought oh no not again. But managed to skim through it & keep on going. Bloody good fun though & scenery to take your breath away. Didn't find the pirate treasure & it has been two years in the making but not over yet.

Anyway. Congrats again Simon. How was your skiing? Bet it was packed. I think every man & his dog would have been up there. Except for me. :laugh:

Good luck out there

JW :smile:   

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10 minutes ago, kiwijw said:

Good for you Simon. 👍 That is excellent. Ye Ha. And it wasn't even with the 4500  :biggrin:

I haven't been for a detect for three weeks.

Thanks 🙂  I'm proud, and of all detectors the GBP! :laugh:

3 weeks without a detect? be careful you'll start to develop a twitch and it may not go away, or you might get hiccups that just stay for days until you power on the detector.

Sounds like your secret pirate treasure hunt although wasn't successful in finding the treasure this time was a super fun adventure.  Just the idea of it sounds great.

The weather has been stunning for a week or so now, every night -4 to -6 and a good frost with clear blue skies, it's just been frost on top of frost around here, it looks like snow, and there is snow forecast to hit here tomorrow and the next day so I suspect this lot my hang around for a while as our ground is frozen solid.

Skiing was great, it wasn't too bad as it was mostly just locals up there, the skiing tourists are yet to arrive as it was an early sneak peak ski day before the season kicks off but there is so much good snow I guess they felt they should open up.  I'm certainly no expert skier as I only took it up once moving back to NZ and this year is my first with a season pass, I just have to try keep up with my daughter :biggrin:, kids find these things so easy.  I am a bit disappointed though as I bought brand new 700 dollar ski boots a couple of years ago, barely used them, only 5 or so times and went to use them Saturday and they were broken! the plastic was brittle or something 😞

I was skiing along watching everyone falling over and thinking of all the coins falling out of their pockets and then the girl operating the lift when I was getting on asked me if I lost my car key as someone just handed in keys they found in the snow...   Then when going back to get lunch and seeing everyone pulling off their gloves, with their rings stuck to them 🙂, looking forward to a detect up there with the Nox at the end of ski season!

Simon 🙂


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I stumbled across this TV Advertisement on Youtube advertising the Gold Bug Pro and Teknetics T2 to what I can only assume is the African Market.  Thought people might like to watch it.  I understand they're very popular detectors in Africa.

Part 2 of the Gold Bug Pro Ad, it was like a little mini series 🙂


They was also had a Gold Bug 2 video, I wish I owned one of these 



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5 hours ago, phrunt said:

They was also had a Gold Bug 2 video, I with I owned one of these 

You had your chance the other week when I sent that link through to you on trademe. But I really think you have the high frequency VLF range pretty well covered. How many can you swing at the same time? I must admit...I have swung two at the same time. GB2 in one hand & the GM in the other. Trading blow for blow. Signal for signal. Would have looked like a right dick if someone had of seen me. I never thought of that at the time. :rolleyes: Mrs JW has conned me into going jet boating tomorrow. Bugger...was wanting to go for a detect. May be Sunday....

JW :smile:

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      From http://Garrett Facebook page:

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      😂😏😎😃🙃🤩😝Go ShaneOz! Tops to Ya" Enjoy! Ig  
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      Last Thursday/Friday we had some very consistent rain. Two days & two nights of pretty heavy rain. That is very unusual for the Queenstown area. It didnt seem that cold but when it cleared snow was low down in the hills. This from our front door. Still a bit cloudy.

      By late afternoon it had stopped raining so I decided to get out for a local detect. I ended up going back to the last little spot where I got 3 bits for .76 of a gram . With the wet ground I liked my chances of getting more off the same ground. I E-Biked in there & there was snow on the tops.
      This looking across to a lateral glacial moraine that has been cut through by that trickle of water over time. This trickle is usually dry & only flows with snow melt or heavy rain.

      Looking in the opposite direction more snow on the tops & schist bedrock in the foreground that has had gold in it.

      Despite my confidence the signals were not coming. I finally got a signal over some bedrock that I had detected the time before & had got nothing. This time it was a definite signal. The damp ground had brought it to life.

      Hacking into the schist bedrock & peeling it out before the signal finally had moved. It still took a bit to isolate it & get it in my hand. But gold it was.

      .22 of a gram. But that was it. Oh well....at least I beat the skunk.
      The next day Mrs JW was keen to go out somewhere. She had twisted her ankle badly & has been two weeks on crutches. She was sick of being cooped up inside & not able to get around very easily. She wanted a change of scenery & was content to just head off up into the hills. Even if it still meant just sitting in my truck. So off we went. I hadn't been detecting over this way for quite a while & the last two months has been lambing time so I had not really even considered it. I called in to see the farmer & to ask which paddocks to keep out of. He said the lambs were far enough advanced & I could go anywhere. So that was good. I was amazed to see how much snow they had over this way up in the hills. He told me that they had had 58mm of rain in the last two days. That is close to two & a half inches. The grass had gone mental so that wasn't going to be too good for my detecting. Good for the farmer though as this time of the year it can be pretty dry. I decided to go higher up in the hills where hopefully the grass growth hadn't gone too crazy. I got over to Doug's Gully, as l call it, & dropped down into it. Mrs JW had no phone signal down in the gully so I drove up to the top of the spur for her. Meant I had to walk back down. 

      A few days earlier that snow in the background was all gone.
      Oh well.....down to the gully & the old turned over gully floor piles.

      I have detected this gully countless times with all my gold detectors & I usually always still come away with some gold. Albeit small bits these days. What would today hold? I was backing the wet conditions & damp ground to really help me out here. I took down the Zed & the GB2. I still have a soft spot for the GB2. It has found me numerous small bits down there but so to has the Gold Monster. But I chose the GB2 today. In fact I started with the GB2 as I wasn't feeling very confident with the Zed. On getting down to the gully floor & in all the times I have been down here I have never ever seen any water in this gully. Let alone any flowing water. There is a first time for everything.

        5 minutes into it I had my very first signal.

      Could have been a shogun pellet.

      But it wasn't .03 of a gram.
      10 feet away another signal. Purple flowers are wild thyme bush flowers. It is that time of the year.

      Another small bit of gold.

      Looking up the gully & the old turned over piles.

      Looking down gully

      I decided to detect down the gully. Nothing for an hour & a half but shot gun pellets. I worked my way back up to the Zed with no more gold to show. So I swapped over to the Zed & retired the GB2. It had saved a skunk any way. I wasnt too long in getting a nice mellow signal with the Zed.

      The photo doesn't do justice to the depth of the dig but it was a bit of gold.

      I was just detecting the old timer piles as I have done countless times before. The damp conditions were certainly giving me an edge today. Another signal. This looking up the gully & over a few of the old piles.

      Another bit of the good stuff. But small.

      .03 of a gram with the Zed & its 14" coil.
      I was on fire.

      The signals & gold kept coming off these piles

      And the signals kept coming

      As did the gold


      Looking down gully. The back filled hole to the right of the GB2 was the last piece.

      This the next piece & ended up being my last before heading out.

      All up 7 pieces for just .89 of a gram. 2 for the GB2 & 5 for the mighty Zed. The damp conditions helping me out again.

      The next day was my E-Bike mission with Simon of which you have had that story from Simon, Phrunt.
      These are the two bits that I ended up with.

      Good luck out there
    • By phrunt
      I was excited about getting my Nox 12x15" coil and  was hoping it would arrive in time for a trip up to the ski fields to do a detect for some jewellery, I've found the odd bit at the ski fields in the past and end up with a fair collection of coins at the same time so it's an easy day detecting and can be a bit of fun pulling up coins every 20 minutes or so.  I'd already planned to do it and then it started raining but because I made the plan, I stuck with it.  The drive up to the ski field I saw a weird rainbow, it was a tiny one, it struggled to get up off the ground 🙂

      I didn't find anything amazing on the day,  which is a bit disappointing as I may as well of been swimming as the rain ended up being heavy the entire day, much worse higher up on the mountain than it was down on ground level, when I drove back down the rain stopped halfway down! Lucky the Nox is waterproof.

      I did find someones bank card, an old Cardrona Ski Area badge which is a competing ski field and a free Breakfast at Snowy Valley Resort, I had to look up what that was and it's in Australia and the food has a reputation of being awful which is why someone probably threw the free meal away 🙂
      I've taken a more dig it all between VDI 5 and 25 approach lately as I'm trying to find more rings, I was originally just digging coin VDI's and the method is working, I did find a ring that was a very solid 18 on the VDI's, I'm not sure it's of any value, it's not magnetic and has some numbers on the inside that don't mean anything to me, it was about 20cm deep so it's been there quite a while.

      Other than the ring I got my usual coins and something that I think is an ear ring.  I'm pretty sure the ring is a junker.

      Before the next weekend my 12x15" coil arrived for my Nox so I was itching for another ski field detect to compare it to the 11" I usually use.  I found it decent, the extra ground coverage was great and sped up the mission, I was able to cover an area in what felt like half the time I took with the 11"   I didn't notice any depth advantage and I honestly don't know how I could judge if there was without doing some "testing" burying targets but that doesn't seem viable as I've found coins buried for a long time react differently.  It did have a bit more trouble with EMI than the 11", but I guess that's to be expected with a bigger coil.  Dropping the sensitivity back two or three notches fixed that up.  The ski field is bad for EMI as it has high voltage power for the lifts and Wifi all over the mountain with powerful boosters and a mobile phone tower all right near each other.  The other big difference with the new coil is NZ $1 and $2 coins both came up as VDI 21 on the 11", sometimes flicking to 22 on the $2 coins but mostly 21, with the 12x15" the $2 coins are consistently 22 on the VDI's with the $1 being solid 21, I can now tell which coin I'm about to dig with some confidence.

      My dealer, DredgeNZ threw in a snuffer bottle and gold pan with my purchase, he's a good guy and trustworthy, certainly not a "used car salesman" dealer 🙂
      I did the dig it all approach with the 12x15" also, and recovered a number of coins and a reasonable amount of the usual ski field junk

      After my ski field mission I drove down into town to buy dinner and saw a message from KiwiJW asking if I wanted to go for a detecting mission the next day using his EBIKES!!!!! that of course was an excited YES!  I have ordered a Steelphase SP01 audio enhancer and it had arrived at my local post depot but as I got home so late at night and was leaving early the next morning for the gold mission I was unable to get it in time for the trip.  It arrived this morning, just too late for this mission 🙂

      Can't wait to test this puppy out, although I might let John take it's maiden voyage as he'll be better at testing it and also he'll be able to compare it to his B&Z Booster so that will be interesting.  It's on charge right now!
      I arrived at John's and we threw the Ebikes on the back of his truck and off we went, We went to a place we've done quite a number of times, rarely do we come away with nothing.  John mostly does pretty well here, I sometimes get the odd nugget.
      The Ebikes made the ride up the hillside much easier, it's still a workout for a guy who hasn't ridden a bike in 10 or so years but I think if I wasn't on an Ebike I would of been pushing the bike up the hill rather than riding.  Once you get into more level terrain they really show their ability, you can cruise along with almost no effort at all.  They even had a little throttle trigger that you can press and it behalves then like an electric motorbike, driving along without you even needing to peddle, but of course this drains the battery more so you only use it when necessary.  I often used it to take off, you know how when you ride a bike the initial takeoff requires a powerful peddle, not so with this nifty little trigger.  A BIG thanks to Mrs JW for allowing me to use her Ebike!!!!!!  I was silly and forgot to get a photo of the Ebikes!
      We started off detecting by going to some old throw out piles I'd never been to before, I don't think John had been to them either, the beauty of the Ebikes is you can go further than you could ever do walking.  These piles had powerlines directly above them, I was thinking this maybe to our advantage as it keeps people with their detectors away, John's GPZ handles powerlines reasonably well, my GPX on the other hand doesn't with my coil configuration so I had my Monster with me just in case, and I was glad I did.

      The Monster doesn't care about power lines, worst case scenario I had to drop it back to Manual 9 instead of my usual highest setting of Manual 10, but even still that was to make it operate completely quietly, if on Manual 10 I got a bit of broken pulsing noise occasionally from the power lines and wasn't sure if that was causing any harm so I knocked back to Manual 9 just in case, both Auto and Auto+ were completely silent so I assume they were dropping back to Manual 8 and 9.  John's GPZ was having a little more trouble than usual with the power lines but it may of been the wind, there was a warm breeze and we've both noticed sometimes wind direction seems to effect the EMI.
      The Monster performed well for me, I had found a signal, it was a very faint one so I scraped a bit, the signal then went all the way to the ferrous side so I scraped a bit more and it started to get random readings, a much more positive sign, the more I dug the more erratic the signal became until I got right down to the bedrock when then the signal went all the way to non-ferrous and I was now very hopeful of breaking my skunk.  I've had about 6 weeks I think it would be with no gold.
      After a lot of messing around trying to recover the target and dropping it in the separation process  I eventually found it, a tiny little bee poo bit of gold.

      It's to the left of the Minelab Logo on the coil, tiny little thing, you'll also notice a spider took up residence on my coil, not one of the life threatening touch me and you die spiders I'm used to from Australia, a friendly little chap who moved on doing his business when I took my gold off the coil.

      The depth was pretty amazing, It was at a depth where my scoop changed to it's handle, hard to see in that blurry photo but it's the only one I got.

      All 0.035 grams of it 🙂 but it's official, my skunk was broken!
      Another thing we both wanted to do on this mission is find a secret cave, there is one here but it's not easy to find and not marked on any maps or anything, we rode around for a while trying to find it, and then we parked up the Ebikes and went for a walk using John's google maps photo of the area, exploring around trying to find it.
      There was a cool looking rock formation in the area

      I call it the hotel rock, the old timer gold miners used to use rocks with hollowed out bits for accommodation, well this one was a multi level hotel, with hollowed out bit's all over the place.
      We even saw a rock that looked like someone had decided to cut in half with a giant saw

      I have no idea how that can naturally happen.  We were wandering around for some time trying to find this cave, comparing where we thought we were with the google earth satellite photo and the location John thought the cave was but with no luck so we headed back to where we parked the bikes and you wouldn't believe it, the cave was right next to where we parked up, within 30 feet there were two cave entrances.  We rode right past them both to park the bikes! unbelievable!!!   John's navigational skills were better than he thought, he stopped right at the cave 🙂

      The entrance is well hidden, that's it below me, the little dark hole!  We didn't go down in there this time, it was a bit muddy from a massive rain storm we had a few days earlier, the most rain I've had at my place in years.  A job for another day, maybe detect the walls of it with the GM 1000 🙂
      Next we rode off to find somewhere else to detect, and stumbled across some old chinese workings and some nice terraced walls they had made to get their wheelbarrows up and down into a gully

      We started detecting again and John was trying to break his skunk (at this location), the last time he came here he was skunked and spent most of his day exploring, this time I was ahead with my little bee poo so the competition was on 🙂
      We spent an hour or two detecting and found nothing then all the sudden John yells out he got one... uh oh, his is no doubt bigger than mine as the Zed can't find bee poo so I was in trouble, he was going to win again!! I've never won in gold tally, it's usually 10 to 1 if I'm lucky but this day I thought I had it in the bag.   John had a forgetful day, it happens to the best of us but his was out of control   He forgot to bring his gumboots he usually detects in so he has no metal on his feet, but to make it worse he had steel capped shoes on!!!  I often found his shoes laying around where we were detecting as he ended up having to detect in his socks Lucky the ground wasn't wet.  He also forgot his phone so I was chief photographer, Not a role I excel at as I always forget to take photos.

      He also forgot his scoop so he had to separate out his targets the old fashioned way.
      It wasn't 2 minutes after John yelled out he got his nugget and I was yelling back, I GOT ONE.  I was getting desperate to find another one and scanning the ground wasn't working for me so I started kicking over rocks.  This has worked in the past and it worked again.

      I put a red circle around my little nugget so it can be seen, tiny little thing for such a big coil.

      My biggest of the day, 0.162 grams! Now this brings up a question, this nugget was an absolute screamer, a nice loud "wee woo" even with the coil 10cm above the nugget I get a nice "wee woo" yet this area has bucket loads of shotgun pellets, if I use my Monster I can find one every square meter, yet the GPX wasn't seeing them, yet it screams out loud on this bit of gold which incidently weighs less than a pellet.  An example, here is a pellet I found with the GM at the same place

      It's bigger, and weighs more yet the GPX with NF 14x9" Evo coil completely ignores it, yet it will find a nugget than weighs less and is smaller in size with a loud screaming signal, so loud I thought I had a 22 shell.  I completely don't understand this so if anyone has an idea why, please do tell.
      Now it was game on again, I had two nuggets and John had one, we were walking along finding piles to detect on and our detectors had an argument, his was making noises at mine, mine was making noises back at his, then all the sudden mine makes a police siren noise, scaring his detector off... my detector feels a little intimidated by his superior detector so it faked a police siren to scare his off.

      It wouldn't even be ten minutes later and John's yelling out he's got another one, 2 for 2... I knew he had won as I had a bee poo, and his would have to be bigger and of course they were.  His were .12 & .22 of a gram so he won again 🙂
      We called it a day and jumped on the Ebikes and headed back to the car, fastest trip back I've ever had, often we are walking out and it gets dark as it's an hour or so to walk back, we were back in under 10 minutes thanks to the bikes... best time of the day for an easy trip down as we were both pretty exhausted.
      To top off John's forgetful day he even left his sunglasses in the toilets at KFC at dinner time
      A big thanks again to Mrs JW for the use of her Ebike!  Sure made the day a lot easier and more fun and of course to JW for taking me along 🙂