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Steve Herschbach

Nice Ring For New CTX Owner

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    • By Tom Slick
      OK, so I attended a seeded hunt sponsored by Minelab just before the release of the CTX. Minelab held a marketing program where they introduced the CTX and touted all its attributes . When it was handed to me I thought "what a beast, what a pig. I don't need GPS, I'll buy my own GPS if I want one". Now I know its an excellent detector when it comes to finding certain stuff, in certain environments, so I'm not bashing its performance. Its the way its built that I think is ridicules. Every other detector has about the same size lower rod. They cost about $14 - $20. CTX close to $200. The Arm cuff must run about $50. Coils $295 & up. I've got to think Minelab worked really hard trying to figure out how to make it expensive. I'm sure glad they have finally seen the light with the Equinox.
      Anyone else think they over built the CTX just to make a bunch of extra bucks?
    • By Againstmywill
      Same football field as the tape player today. This came in a faint 28 on the Nox with the 15" in park 1. I was using 17 sensitivity and it caught it as deep as the Garrett Carrot is long. First one of these I've found, too. 

    • By alaskaseeker
      The last time Steve H and i hunted together in Hawaii, i banged in this beauty and he banged in Two.. Always fun to hunt with Steve,  he's a real detectorist.....

    • By HollywoodBeach
      This thing was just a whisper and quite deep (a little over a foot) about midway between high and low tide lines.  Heard the faint sound of a tone and number i hadn't seen before (high tone, 34ish, Nox800).  Gold plated silver Russian St George religious ring.

    • By alaskaseeker
      These are a few i found in various places, Hawaii, UK, and Ak..The silver ring is pretty old, i found it in a plowed farm field in the UK, it was basically flattened out, when i got back to Ak i took it to a jeweler friend and he reshaped it and made a repair...Hawaii is a gold ring paradise did manage to return a couple of wedding bands but for the most part its impossible...
    • By Mark Gillespie
      Well, I can say, I almost gave up on this 14k gold earring and sterling piece.  The detector (Equinox 800, park 2) kept telling me it was there but my pinpointer was not so sure until it actually touch it.  The color of the ground and the fact I didn't have my glasses on proved to be a difficult task in locating these two precious items.  Just remember if the detectors says there is something there don't give up until you know what it is.  The second photo was a blast in recovering all those sterling pieces.  And then the old button, very ornate.

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