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Pointer That Works Well With Nox. Need Suggestions.

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https://www.minelab.com/accessories-1/pro-find-35 Love mine!

Pinpointer preference seems to be as personal as metal detectors themselves.. I wore a hole through my Carrot tip (still works) so I thought it was time to try something new. I end up buying a TR

I put a bit of (transparent) tape over it. No noticable sound loss and no more dirt in the holes. I suppose it will not keep when using (prolonged) under water.

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Interesting but I wouldn't use it vice a pinpointer for normal detecting recovery from just normal plugs.  Perhaps as Alluminati said for underwater work.  Otherwise, overkill one-trick-pony for the effort and cost and you have to figure out what to do with the extra coil cable because it isn't going to be instantly as short as shown (though you can cut it and reconnectorize it but then the coil can't be used on a conventional length Equinox).  Some other issues you have to deal with, the nipple on the head unit mount interferes with how far you can retract the coil stem into the upper rod, but I guess you could fashion a coil mount onto the end of the upper rod or fashion a new upper from scratch, but the upper OD needs to be maintained sufficient for the head unit to clamp onto unless you used a handlebar mount as an adapter for an upper rod with a different diameter.  But it does appear doable.

In the end, there are cheaper approaches to more sophisticated pinpointing.  You can use Detector Pro's PI Uniprobe already attached to a dual purpose headset for about $250-300, but then you don't get iron discrimination or tone ID which appears to be your objective.

The one situation for me where having a pinpointer on steroids or at least a short shaft VLF is when scanning the "tailings" pile and side walls of an excavated CW hut or pit for relics.  That dirt is usually inundated with square nails and ration can pieces from the deteriorated structure which makes using a traditional pinpointer an exercise in frustration.  To the rescue comes my wireless Deus.  Where I detect, I am typically using a GPX PI to punch deep through mineralized soil for CW relics, so I just carry the lightweight and compact wireless Deus strapped onto my day pack and use it as as the situation warrants.  If I am in a restricted swing situation (e,g., in a dug out pit) I can just wave the small HD elliptical coil around using the lower shaft and the light weight wireless back phones and can get tone ID and iron disc all day long.  Sure it's not cheap, but I already own one and do not have to make any modifications whatsoever to use it in this manner.  Used price is really coming down though due to the Equinox and the latest Deus coil release which is obsoleting the legacy Deus LF coils.  You can probably pick up a Deus Lite setup (coil, stem, wireless smart headphones) for less than $500 which would be less than a 600 at this point.



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14 hours ago, JustSwell said:

I've been following that direction from many.  Dig we must.  I wonder about the 6in coil option.  My 800 at least has been putting me on the spot more than not. When I ultimately find a target, if I've kept my original X bearings the original location the 800 pointed out has been that perfect. The trouble seems to start once I break ground and the new variables come into play during double checks on the way down. The coil can't be swung as needed in a hole, or likely doesn't fit in at all. Swinging above the hole the detector is seeing ground over the targets on the left and right of the swing, and almost nothing over it in the middle.  We are just begging for confusing it. Didn't stop me from trying to relocate and messing myself up.

Both the carrot and the 35 have really helped and taken a lot of the mystery out of it for me.  I went from chasing magical moving targets to finding exactly what the equinox originally pointed out very quickly.

Which brings me to the 6in coil.  I'm not keen of the idea of swapping coils and then trying to scan a large area with a smaller coil, just to get that ability to get closer in a hole or closer to a wall.  But I wonder if a second detector, maybe another 600 or 800, with a shaft cut ultra short could make a nice hand held extra tool that would be easy to carry around.    Really short shaft, also remove the arm rest extension, 6 in coil, hang it off the belt?  Maybe someone has already done such a thing?  Maybe it's a over costly solution when the pinpointers work so well already.  But could it double as a good diver/river setup as well? 

I think you are overthinking the pinpointing thing.  Just relax be patient and X the target. Make a mental note on a point on the soil where you get the strongest signal. The NOX has a dual bar graph that will help you and can also ratchet down to a smaller area. Then use the handheld pinpointer on that spot on the soil before digging and in close proximity to it. It may zero right in on your target and give you a really close dig point. Using the handheld digging tool dig a 3" crescent shape 3/4ths around and as deep as you can go then pry up the soil and see if you have your target. Or using a hand weeding tool or a screwdriver just pop it out of the soil. Sometimes your treasure will slip down to the bottom. Continue to use the handheld until you find it. Sometimes small old rusted away things disappear. But if something gives a good signal it's there. Usually something very tiny that moves around. Or you might have already taken it out of the hole and tossed it off to the side like an earring back. Other times its a large deep target that shows a strong small signal that you have to decide to dig down for. When I'm in an untraveled area, field or a place where finesse doesn't come into play bring a slim shovel and just scoop it out. Swing the coil over the pile you removed and go from there. Use a scoop when beach hunting an always position the scoop before the target and at an angle that you would most likely intersect it. Sand is another animal so be more patient. I never really used a handheld for most of my recovery because they weren't invented yet. Now I can't live without it. I saves time, labor and is kinder to the area you are recovering from. This method must be used on nicely kept lawns Please cover your tracks always and pick up and discard the trash. I find that picking up even litter goes a long way in this hobby when people see you policing the area. It's the right thing to do anyway. This hobby is for enjoyment. If you get frustrated you're gonna have a closet queen detector. If I find myself getting obsessive and disappointed I head for the car. I see lots of people finding really nice things on here. I used to find crazy silver in the 70s and 80s. I Only actually found one fantastic gold and diamond bracelet and a few wedding bands. Been very dry for the last 2 years but that's how it goes. So slow down relax enjoy the scenery. Let your mind wander and listen to what the machine is telling you. It'll happen don't worry. Good Luck! 

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Pinpointer preference seems to be as personal as metal detectors themselves..

I wore a hole through my Carrot tip (still works) so I thought it was time to try something new. I end up buying a TRX and sold it right away.. Did not like it at all.. Then I bought an F-Pulse and Profind -35. After carrying 2 or sometimes all tree at a time for several hunts I kept on going back to my trusty Carrot.. It’s hard to put it to words why but it just works, and it works fast with no fuss. Profind -35 is a close second. I don’t like the shape of it and the fact I have to search for the power button every time but the performance is good.  F-pulse is just to fussy and sensitive..  

I leave my Carrot on full power all the time and just ratchet down when needed. I can grab it out of my pouch and instantly turn it on by feel. It’s noticeably faster and easier for me to use then the others which is very important to me.  



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On 9/16/2018 at 1:07 PM, Johnnysalami1957 said:

Please cover your tracks always and pick up and discard the trash. I find that picking up even litter goes a long way in this hobby when people see you policing the area.

Thanks for all the hints!  To this part, I picked this up from all the videos and items i read before I got started.  Haven't left a hole open even once.  Glad I got the pinpointers because I'm definitely going easier on the sod holes now that I'm not digging through every shred of roots.  Found so many items stuck up in sod roots early on but without a pointer I was destroying it all searching. 

I also have had a few comments from people either thanking me for hauling out the trash, they see me at the vehicle emptying it all, or it just generally gets a smile while crushing a can and pocketing it, or a question from them about it.  At one beach now I leave all the bottle caps around the foundation of a flag pole because someone saw me throwing out almost a hundred bottle caps at the trail can and they collect them.  (my first week beach hunting i was a bottle cap god).  So yeah even if I don't find anything precious, I feel good about cleaning some of that trash up.  What has amazed me is the sharp shards I've found in beaches so far.  People have some lucky feet not to be getting sliced up on those.   In the bag they go.

Might have to start doing more research and finding more interesting places that might have historical items to find.  The penny collection is piling up and I build more interest from older interesting items then I thought I would.   I'll take your hints with me.


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On 9/16/2018 at 6:18 AM, Alluminati said:

Hey that is interesting JustSwell, it would make a good setup for someone to snorkel with.

You could also make a coil the shape of a pin-pointer. That would be a bad ass pin-pointer.

It sure does look like a good length for snorkeling now that you say that.    Being short and with the small coil it probably goes through the water better. Just out past arms reach and able to get along side a ridge.  I haven't taken the equinox diving full under at all yet, but have been out up to my shoulder depth. Light as it is the water drags on it pretty good with the standard coil.  Slow moving like that as I can feel the pressure it puts on the poles.

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On 9/16/2018 at 6:43 AM, Chase Goldman said:


The one situation for me where having a pinpointer on steroids or at least a short shaft VLF is when scanning the "tailings" pile and side walls of an excavated CW hut or pit for relics. 

I was definitely thinking about that with the shorty thought.  Being able to stand in a ditch or trench and scan the sides more easily.  We have roads being replaced around here this summer and there were plenty of trenches this may have worked well on.  I've been up on shorelines where the water is digging the ground away and creating small cliff edges.  I've held the equinox up at those banks for a short while but it gets to the arm sooner then later and can get awkward.  I wonder if detecting for gold on the side of a mountain it would come in handy at times to have a shorty.

I agree however, the pinpointers seem to do a pretty good job.

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Update on the waterlogged 35:  After posting about sending it in quickly to service and their quick replies that it was done, I got an email the next day or two that it was replaced and was on it's way.  Arrived today, new box.  Battery went in and did a quick test.  Now I need to get it back on the hunt.  Minelab was nice and fast about everything.  UPS was really fast on the RMA, Fedex made me wait an extra day on the return from what their email report said.  It all happened pretty fast but that's also how quick our summer is vaporizing. 

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