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Pointer That Works Well With Nox. Need Suggestions.

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I did notice on the replacement 35 that inside the unit after taking off the cap, just below the inner threads on ether side there is a gap and this new one had grease shoved into those gaps that I'm not sure my first one had.  At least I didn't notice it on the first one.  Might want to check if yours has that area greased. I'll try to get a picture of it up later but it's of course all black inside.

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https://www.minelab.com/accessories-1/pro-find-35 Love mine!

Pinpointer preference seems to be as personal as metal detectors themselves.. I wore a hole through my Carrot tip (still works) so I thought it was time to try something new. I end up buying a TR

I put a bit of (transparent) tape over it. No noticable sound loss and no more dirt in the holes. I suppose it will not keep when using (prolonged) under water.

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    • By Againstmywill
      This is my first post after lurking for many months. Steve, you have a way with words and a level of civility that verges on saintly. I have learned a great deal reading your posts, specifically about the Equinox, and I hope to glean more from this excellent forum in the future. Thanks to others who also contribute excellent content. While I don't have much to share, I thought I would at least post a "tip" for a common problem we have. 
      Here is a link to a video describing a way to keep the Garrett Carrot's tip from wearing through for not much money.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Note poster Geotech's comments.
    • By Lighthouse
      So... the 800 will be my very first detector. Ultimately I want to be a nugget hunter, but I'm starting as a coin and relic hunter to get a feel for the job and it's routines. Those factors in mind, whats the best pointer that's gonna be with me through it all? 
    • By kac
      I did some river hunting and descided to take my MK out with the waterproof wired headphones and my ProFind 35 pp for piking through the river clay as it is waterproof. Left my PI machine home because the power lines make it impossible to use in the stretch of water I was hitting. I realized that the Profind 35 does not effect the MK in any of the frequencies at all with the wired headphones. The green wireless ones go bonkers with 5 and 14khz modes with that pp and I can only use 19khz with them.
      Strange how the bluetooth headphones react with the profind. I always assumed the interference was with the coil or control box and not the headphones. In park hunting I had gone back to my old Whites Bullseye pointer as it plays well with all my machines regardless.
    • By Valens Legacy
      I hope I am not asking a stupid question here, but I have a question about the carrot pin pointer my grandfather had.
      When I was learning his detector, a Equinox 800, I tried to use the pin pointer that he has to find the item that was showing on the detector.
      I never got a response until I got within a couple of inches from the item, it turned out to be a dime from the 1930's.
      What is the usual range of these pin pointer carrots, and is this one working properly if I had to be that close to the dime.
      I really want to learn this equipment so I can use it properly.
      Thank you Caleb
    • By GB_Amateur
      Seeing Simon resurrect Norvic's idea of replacing/removing the shaft from a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 to convert it to a pinpointer:
      and also seeing Steve H.'s earlier mention of the Pulse Dive smaller coil performance for rings:
      "I was impressed by the performance of the 5" coil, easily exceeding what my normal pinpointers do on my classic 'Steve's wedding ring air test'" in this thread
      got me wondering (for those who don't have a ML GM1000 sitting around colleting dust) if the Pulse Dive w/5" coil attached would be a good option.
      Has anyone tried this?
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