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The Elusive Indians At Least For Me?

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I have been detecting for 10 yrs now and my total count for Indian Head Pennies stands at 3.  My area was settled mid 1850’s. I have found numerous barber’s, V nickels, shield nickels and a couple of seated coins have been found. A bunch of teen Wheaties but the Indians are still hiding from me. I see a lot of you guys finding them on nearly every hunt and one guy in Ohio they just seem to jump out of the ground for him.😁

i think of the ratio of coppers to silver in finds but with all the coins I have found minted at the same time as the Indians I just wonder what happened to the Indians in this area.   

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This is probably a silly question but could you be skipping over them? I have only found 1 and it was when I first got a detector and I was digging everything. After I got used to it I usually skipped over the zinc numbers. That was with an AT Pro. I actually got rid of it because I was just coin shooting with it and not digging anything else.

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First 8 years I used the Etrac and the Indians were 12-11-32 to 34. I never pass up those numbers to dig. In the last couple of years I have tried fisher’s, deus and the equinox but still no luck with the Indians. I have a couple of my sons that hunt the same areas and their luck is about the same as mine.  I love the Indians guess they are dodging my coil.

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    • By Rivers rat
      Hello went back to the spot of my latest trench and decided to dig one longer,i left markers last week which were still there on thursday but were gone on Saturday ...........so i left some this time heavy enough that u need a bit of strength to move those rock.......I was equipped with the 9"HF 1 spade ,1 pickaxe and 1 Hodan pick.Weather was ok not too hot.
      The pickaxe really helped to loosen the compacted gravel,and i think with a bit of practice i will getter better at it.I detected the spoil once out ,and it was very easy with the deus to switch 
      on and off.
      So i found:
      -1 Rose farthing
      -1 Nuremberg token
      -1 beautiful button from the 4th regiment of the East  India Company
      -1 roman coin
      -1 strap of some sort probably medieval.
      I did found anything while refilling the trench(which is good) and i more than happy with the result as i still got 100s of trench to do on that spot but also i am the only one allowed as most of the license holders are scrapping only🍌.I also found a pretty long clay pipe
      Enjoy the work out 

    • By GB_Amateur
      Got out to my (lately) best producing site for 2 1/2 hours last week -- a permission which I still have only covered less than half the area.  I thought I had hit the garden spots initially but that has turned out not to be the case.  One of the reasons I wasn't high on my current spot is that it had been backfilled with gravel.  When?  I don't know but based upon aerial photos I was thinking in the 1960's.  I've been pulling up keepers the last half dozen times and in that time I've only covered an area about four swings wide by 30 m long.  "Low and slow" is paying off.  The area is moderatly trashy with both iron (mostly nails and screws) and aluminum (all kinds, especially foil but some square tabs and the always present can slaw).
      I was running the Eqx 800 in Park 1, ground balanced, custom 5 tones, gain of 22 (high for me since I usually suffer from EMI in my town), recovery = 4, and iron bias = 0.  For iffy targets I had programmed the profile channel with Park 2, 50 tones, recovery speed = 6, iron bias = 0.   I can't seem to get my brain to hunt in 50 tones, but using that to verify good/bad targets works pretty well.  If I get repeatable tones and TID's which match the 5-tone signals then I dig.  Sometimes I get completely different TID's in 50 tones, other times I can't lock on a tight tone range from any direction.  When I've dug those they are some kind of iron.
      Ok, back to the hunt.  I mentioned above the gravel backfill, which is in the neighborhood of 2-3 inches in thickness.  There is a soil (sod) layer above that which varies in depth from about 2 to 5 inches.  When I get down to gravel and haven't recovered I start to feel more positive.  Most of my good finds in this area have either been at the top of the gravel layer, in the gravel layer, or below it.  Recovery is a bit tricky since it's not so easy to dig in gravel.  (BTW, this is true rounded river gravel, not sharp limestone chunks which some people call 'gravel' and which is even more difficult to dig in.)  I was using the standard Lesche hand tool (well, my toothless modded one) which does pretty well in gravel and stone.  The key is to hand pinpoint (TRX great for that), keep the blade away from the find and try to leverage it out with soil/gravel as an insulating buffer.  I do this when in regular soft ground as well but it's even more critical in gravel or stone.  I always have a plastic scoop to remove the loose ground (hopefully also containing the target).
      The dime hit in the penny/dime zone.  I'm not one of those detectorists who can tell the difference betweeen copper penny, clad dime, and silver dime.  All, under the right conditions, will ring up anywere in the 24-29 TID range for me, and I've even seen pennies hit 30 (but not staying there).  Interestingly I didn't find a single Wheat penny on this hunt, but I've found quite a few in this area.  Both nickels rang up where nickels typically do -- 12-13 with possible slides to 11 and/or 14.  The Buffie in particular was not a clean 12-13 but good enough!  The deeper the coin, the more likely it will be bothered by nearby iron.  And, no, I still haven't found a Warnick with a high TID.  So far I can't tell them from regular nickels (nor some evil size&shape aluminum).  This one is in the best condition of any Warnick I've found.  Unfortunately it's overexposed in the picture.  1942-P.  The Merc is a 1937 plain.  The Buffie is 1936-D.  None of these is scarce but I'm always glad to get silver and Buffies with dates.

    • By steveg
      Hi all!

      I just returned from a short vacation back home in western PA, and squeezed in a couple of hunts at a few old sites -- an 1872 farmhouse, an 1885 house, an early to mid 1800s foundation, and a 19th century cellar hole...plus a short time at an old church or school house estimated to be late 1800s. I managed a nice variety of finds; here are some of the better ones. The large cent is 1818, the pinkish-looking Indian is an 1863 fattie.

      There is writing on most of the flat buttons, but the only ones I can make out are the gold-gilded one that says "TREBLE GILT STANDARD COLOR," and one other that says "SUPERFINE STRONG LONDON." Does anyone know any ages on those?

      The round crotal bell says "OCT 24 76 & MAY 14 78" -- and has a maker's mark that has a small circle, then a diamond with a plus inside, and then another small circle. The other, acorn-shaped bell has no markings...


    • By Smithsgold
      Metal Detecting an Old Homestead
      Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures.
      Hope you enjoy the video,
    • By Dan(NM)
      Finally got everything cleaned up from this week's amazing hunt. Ended up putting in a little over 10 hours in three separate hunts. Unfortunately after the first 6 hour hunt that netted the most, by the time I could get there the following day they had already spread a layer of base coat over the vast majority of the lot. But I was able to pull a few more keepers out of the area that they had not covered up to that point. I may go back in a day or so and chase every iffy deep signal to see if there's anything left in that small area. Turned out to be one of my best hunts ever. I was able to double my silver count for the year which brought me to 38 silver coins year-to-date.

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