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Silver Sabre - What Do You Folks Think?

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I found a Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax, the old one with the red pinpoint button. Has a 8" coil and looks to be in good shape 150.00 with a cheesy pinpointer. Any thoughts for making it a backseat toy?


I got it for 100 bucks and it's like brand new! My wife grabbed it and now it's hers. I put a fiber lower rod on it with a nylon coil bolt and it works great. She has a treasure pro and this is lighter for her and easier to operate. It's the small box one Steve like the modern silver uMax.But with an all metal pinpoint button and a threshold control. I'm trying to talk my sister out of her unused Compadre but for some reason it likes the closet at her house.


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Never had a Silver Sabre myself but  it seems Monte and few other oldtimers used to speak very well of the original big box Silver Sabre for hunting in the thick ferrous. Not sure about the newer uMax though. Hard to go wrong at that price!


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After a second thought............

If ya need a behind the seat quick opportunity/tot lot/whatever machine and you want a Tesoro, just buy a new compadre. Unless you are gonna spring for a model with manual GB the compadre would be smart money. $160ish with a warranty.

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16 hours ago, fredmason said:

maybe for 100 bucks...if it works!


Yeah I picked it up for 100.00 and it's like new. Must have been in a closet for years with no battery in it. Works good easy to play around with. I let the seller keep the pinpointer. Found a nickle in my front yard already so I'm slowly paying it back!

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On 6/8/2018 at 11:48 AM, Johnnysalami1957 said:

I got it for 100 bucks and it's like brand new!

Tesoro's lifetime warranty makes you wonder:  was it simply a marketing ploy, or were they really built to last?  There's something about an analog detector that isn't the same today.  Consider digital music, which hit the scene bigtime in the mid-80's.  Yet today there are afficianados who swear by vinyl. 

I think you got a good buy.  Go out and enjoy the instrument!



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15 hours ago, phrunt said:

I'm sure they were built to last, however they do have electrolytic capacitors and that means they have a limited lifetime


That's a Tesoro PCB for a Silver Umax, 6 capacitors there just waiting to die. 😉  Fortunately they're easy to replace by the end user so people should be able to keep their Tesoro's alive and kicking for many years to come, the coil will probably die before the detector if you're capable of some basic electronic repairs.

Temperature is a cause of shortened life on capacitors too, someone in a very hot climate is likely to have failure before someone in a milder cooler climate.

This is some good reading on Capacitors and lifetimes.


Just like most computer motherboards in the past. They look simple to replace and the machine as a whole isn't running like a PC.

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