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Ridge Runner

Tom Boykin What’s New In White’s?

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Tom you may have posted one time or another but if you did I didn’t see it.

Just checking up on you and White’s to see if any new detector coming that you could talk about?

Right now on this part of the forum I’ve seen more goings on in a Funeral Home than here . I’d even listen to a lie if you can make it sound believable.

Hope all is well with you and don’t be a stranger..

Remember you don’t have to be selling something to say hello.


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Hey Chuck. We have very aggressive goals for 2018 and beyond, so I will let our actions speak for themselves. There are enough empty promises online to fill an election ballet. The best thing we can do as a company is put our money where our coil is and work to bring new products to market.

There is a reason I haven't been on the forums much lately and that is due to traveling and being busy. Best job I've ever had and I am thankful for every second.

Hope you are well and keep your eyes peeled this summer for news from White's. One great way to do that is sign up for our newsletter - https://www.whiteselectronics.com/newsletter-signup/

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 It’s good to hear from you anytime and a pleasure to have you on the forum.

Oh I receive the newsletter from White’s for sometime.I look forward on getting it with the hope that something new is on it’s way.

A new detector is like a new car in it may not have that smell but has the excitement of something I’ve never had before. To be truly exciting it has to have something that no other detector has had but if it does it has to out shine way beyond what may came before it.

If a detector is on the market and you can’t  exceed that detector beyond anyone wildest dreams you have nothing. One detector came out not to long ago I think that has gone beyond any expectation a person could have. If you can’t exceed what I’ll call top of the line of detectors. Then you just as well pack up and go home . I’m saying you’re a day late and a dollar short. What I mean by that is what your selling is history and like history it’s in the past.


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