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A Bit Of A Mixed Bag. Hope You Enjoy.

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Hi guys, I am going to start off with going back a few weekends when Mrs JW & I headed over to the West Coast to catch up with my mate. The weather was looking like being absolutely mint, which for the West Coast is a bit of a rarity. We took the jet boat of course as the rivers & scenery are stunning when the weather gods are smiling. I finished work at lunch time to get the boat sorted & to give us time to get there before dark. We encountered a bit of snow on the road heading over the pass from Otago to Westland but on getting to the coast it was just stunning. The next morning my mates mate wanted me to give him a hand with going out in his boat to pull up his crayfish (lobster) pots & to rebait them & chuck them back. I was there mostly just to make another person on board so he could legally take more crays. We did quite well. Yum.


After that it was off to the river.




Above pic looking up river & below, looking down back to the coast.


Deer prints on the beach




But how stunning is the scenery? And we were the only souls there.

Sorry guys, Something has popped up & I have to bail. Will continue.......stay tuned. :smile:




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Looks like we are in for a treat ?  Looking forward to the rest of the post.

One of the best things about NZ is it's low population, wide open spaces with no people around.  I greatly enjoy going places where there is nobody else around. Call me weird, but I hate big crowds and busy places.

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 I must be weird too.  Looking forward to the continuation of the story.

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2 hours ago, normmcq said:

 I must be weird too.  Looking forward to the continuation of the story.

I think we're all a bit weird around here Norn ?


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On 6/19/2018 at 4:22 AM, normmcq said:

 I must be weird too.  Looking forward to the continuation of the story.

Ha Ha....I know I am definitely weird. The tourist crowds of Queenstown really wear me down. It is so nice to get away up in the hills detecting or over to the coast down in the bottom left hand corner as far down as the road goes. Thank god the tourists have not discovered that spot too much .....YET. From the nearest town it is a 52 kilometer no exit road to get there. No creature comforts like hotel, motel, cafe or even a campground (thank goodness) Then the 52 k trip back to the town to carry on to anywhere else. Having a jet boat just opens up all its splendor & beauty. A deer hunters & fishermans paradise. It could do with better gold than it has/had, but I love the place. Mrs JW is pretty keen on it too. Not too keen on pushing the jet boat though when we run aground :rolleyes:

Mrs JW took this pic on her phone just seconds before my mate, who I was following, went aground. So naturally I just followed suit. Happened all so quickly. With the sun strike you could not see through the water, let alone even where you were going. The deeper channel was hard over to the left, right up against that shingle bank & narrow at that. 














A short video clip below. Left click on it.


JW :smile:

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Mrs JW went for a spin in my mates little, in length, 350 Chev powered jet boat named "Hare Raising Havoc". Probably should have been spelt Hair.


As Mrs JW found out. Mrs JW added some sounds to muffle her screaming. If I drove like that in our one, she wouldn't get back in it with me. Funny how husbands cant get away with it but friends can.:rolleyes: Mrs JW filmed it on her phone so did not too bad a job considering. Note the rev counter when you can see it. 

Video clip. Left click on it. Try to enjoy it as much as Mrs JW did.:biggrin:


JW :smile:


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haha she sounds like Yvonne going down the ski slopes with all that screaming ???

Sounds like you had a fun adventure.

Look at that glassy water, beautiful.


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Wowzers! Love that boat! And the view, just incredible. We had a jet boat but sold it. Used it strictly for salmon fishing and moose hunting, loved navigating super shallow waters and jumping the occassional gravel bar ... if I'd been smart though I'd have stopped to dig some of gravel instead lol. Looking forward to reading the stories and seeing more images of NZ.

That has long been on my want-to-go list and have an open invitation to go/ visit some friends met online unrelated to detecting/ mining. But am "kinda" screwed because I've developed a disinterest in flying on a plane with other people -- small bush plane like the ones all over the skies here (Alaska) no problem, anything bigger and with hundreds of people at the airport then right next to me on the plane, boring me with their talk, annoying me with their presence, no thanks. Yes, me weird too. 

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Hi Mac, Thanks for dropping by & for your comments. I see one of your interests is writing. You should write on here more often :smile: Be good to hear/see some of your adventures. 

Jet boating sure is fun & can get you into some amazing country. The Geography/geology of the south island in NZ is very similar to that of Alaska's. Glacial. All be that NZ is on a much smaller scale & many of the hundreds of glaciers are but just a tiny remnant of their once, I know many were more than just once, former selves & now restricted to way up in the heads of the mountain valleys. In there death throws, but when you get up among them still an awesome sight.





rob roy glacier wanaka 024


rob roy glacier wanaka 017

Getting back to the jet boating & the river in the above boating pics. Being a hunters & fishermans paradise. They commercially shoot deer from helicopters & cart them out by the truck load. Still can't get rid of them. Here are a couple of red deer that a couple of guys got from jet boating up the river in my pics. Sorry if it is a bit graphic for some of you. But just stunning scenery.

3.6 m SR20 Nissan 9


3.6 m SR20 Nissan 7


3.6 m SR20 Nissan 8

Sorry there is no gold content but when I first started the thread I had every intention of putting some in there. I got interrupted when I first started the post & when I got back to it to carry on & add some gold content my train of thought of that had gone. My main reason for boating this river is looking for gold. Many many side feeder creeks coming into it. In my above pics my mate & I dropped Mrs JW off on a nice sheltered from the wind beach while we went further up to a creek to explore. We left her there with my little boat & she had her camp chair, book, magazine to do her crossword puzzle & the thermas & lunch. So she was sweet while we buggered off & did our thing. We were gone a few hours, found buggered all. Came back for a late lunch & a coffee. Couldn't see Mrs JW in her camp chair or on the beach. Oh no. WTF. Hope she hasnt wandered off into the bush. As we got closer & were pulling up by my little red boat, there she was sitting in it. What are you doing I said. She told us that she was sitting in her chair just on the beach/bush line when she thought she heard something in the bush behind her. She couldnt see anything but then a stag let out a roar right behind her. She screamed, the stag bolted & she bolted to the boat. What a crack up. :laugh::laugh:

OOpps, got a bit carried away again. :rolleyes:  

Good luck out there

JW :smile:



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Great vids, pics, and story!! Would love to be there myself!👍👍

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    • By nugget hunter nz
      So took the gpz out for couple days were I hunt managed to find out that my extra waterproofing didn't work after 20 mins of first day with xcoil so was back to std 14 on day to all and all we had good trip pulled 5 grams for 2 days and 3 nice bits including this one 
      It was all creek hunting and was defanitly impressed the the zeds depth 

      Just hoping with few days sun in a bag rice the xcoil will work normaly again.. Guess I will have to wait for nf coils to be realesed for water ones as the std 14 took on water to even tho they ment to be submersible to 1 mtr 
    • By 1864hatter
      So I managed to squeeze in another half day outing to my spot up in the mountains. More digging and moving boulders uncovered another 3 pieces of gold for 1.5g. The larger piece is 1g and is quite coarse / rough for this area. The black material is slowly being dissolved by hydrochloric acid. The first photo shows the creek. A little bit of water with a lot of boulders. Historically this creek has produced nuggets up to 12oz, I'm sure under one of the boulders there will be one for me. Will probably be a month before I get time for another look. I'm trying to finish building my house extension in my spare time and my two young daughters keep my busy.... 

    • By phrunt
      Around this time of year I normally have some time away and go somewhere, lately I've tried to focus that on a bit of prospecting.  It's not that often I get a chance to take my Caravan out and get away as my daughter is always in School which ties us down but seeing it's school holidays at Christmas we took advantage of that and took off.  I went to a spot I knew I'd at least find some gold and is close enough to home that it's not a giant mission.  The weather started off pretty bad, it wasn't long after we arrived we had some snow, in the middle of summer!!!

      Before I'd even arrived I was contacted by the NZ Minelab dealer asking if I wanted to go on a mission with him, I jumped at that opportunity.  He was going to take me to a couple of his creek claims to do some detecting.  Unfortunately Queenstown has been getting slammed with weather, I think the Aussie heatwave has pushed all the wild stuff across to us as our weather has been well.... weird.   Seeing the river was flooded too high for his 4x4 to get across he had a plan B and took me to some other claims he has on some creeks and we detected around there.  Unfortunately we had no luck with the detectors.  Possibly the gold was just too small in the area for them, he normally just dredges.  He put a pan down into the gravels and panned it out and it had a fair few flakes in it.
      The drive was pretty crazy, I'd never been into this area before.... You have to follow one of the worlds most dangerous roads, rental car companies ban their customers from using the road and I believe car insurance companies won't cover you if you have an incident on the road.

      This is us driving it here, you'll see the little flat bit where the plant life is along that cliff side, there is a skinny little road there cut out of the rock, there were even areas with signs saying if it has rained recently don't pass this point as the cliff may come down, so of course we passed the point even though it rained bad the night before 🙂

      It had a pretty crazy bridge, this bridge had a massive gully below it, a LONG way down.    All very old infrastructure, put there by the old gold miners I would guess seeing that's what the area was all about.
      As we got nearer to where we were heading the gold mining history became apparent

      Then we arrived and I saw the cliff we had to climb down to get to the creek!!!!

      Yup, that's it, we had to climb down there..........

      Fortunately we made it, plenty of good bedrock to detect but no detectable gold to be found, the creek was in flood too.  Either way, it was a great adventure to a place I'd never been before.  By the way, climbing out was five times as hard as getting down, and we had to turn back at one point and take another route as we were stopped by a steep cliff face.  😮
      The weather had improved now but my Caravan's annex became as casualty of some strong wind and got a tear in it, my wife claims she can fix it so we ripped it down.  First time we'd used it, I don't like the effort it takes to put up so now with the better weather and no annex life was good.

      Next up I decided I'd hit a creek I'd had VERY good luck in early on in my detecting, JW took me there and I got a few grams on my first time detecting properly.  I had high hopes after all the flooding some new gold had washed down, it's a pretty crazy fast flowing steep creek.  It's a public fossicking area so it's been hit pretty hard I'd imagine.  I'm not game to take my GPX or QED up this creek, I'd be too worried about falling over and dropping it in 😞

      Some bits you just can't deal with and have to climb up the edges to get around them.

      I stumbled across an anaconda, looks like someones been up to no good, no dredging allowed in public fossicking areas!

      It's a nice creek to hang around in on a hot day.
      The last time I came to this creek I got pretty lost, I went up a cliff to get around a waterfall and couldn't find my way back down 🙂 This didn't happen this time, I was heading up the creek well, further than I'd ever been before.

      I found this spot on the way, looks like someone had been attacking it digging behind the big rock, I couldn't find anything there.
      I then kept walking up the creek and got a iffy signal on the GM, mostly in the ferrous area but occasionally flicking to non-ferrous, it was annoying as it was under a fast flowing little waterfall, I had my hopes up, this one seemed real.  I dug down and down through the gravels and the target was still there but screaming out a solid non-ferrous signal, after some messing around I remembered I had my Garrett Carrot in my bag, got it out and pinpointed it in no time, down on a bedrock it was, I scooped it's area out and tipped it up on some ground beside the creek.

      You can see in the photos how fast the water is flowing.

      Amazingly something I've always wanted to find, an old Chinese Gold miners coin.  Even JW has never found one of these suckers.  The Chinese heavily worked this creek, they have nice neat stacked rocks regularly in spots along it.  They took a lot of time to stack their rocks neat and tidy.

      It is broken but most of it's still there, a great find in my opinion.  If anyone can identify it I'd love to know more about it.  I don't even know which way is up 🙂
      I spent another day at the creek and found nothing more.  Time to go sluicing! I always take my pooch sluicing, he likes hanging about at the creek and enjoys the drive to the spot.

      My wife helped find spots to sluice, shes quite good with a pan and if she had 5 or more flakes to a pan I'd try the spot out.

      It wasn't long and she got these flakes.... all in one pan so I was excited, time to make a dam and drop in my A52S Sluice.

      Dam built! a real masterpiece, it'd make a beaver proud. 🙂

      and in she goes.  A good flow but not enough to take advantage of the A52S not needing classifying, bigger rocks kept getting stuck, bugger, extra work.

      I dug my big hole where she got the test flakes and watched the gold appear in my indicator matting

      Only the tiny bits stay in there but it's handy to know you're getting gold.
      I started the process late in the day and the dam building took most of the time so we ripped it out.

      there's gold hiding in there.....

      Four decent little nuggets too, just picked these out by hand.

      Not bad for about 2 hours with the sluice in operation.
      We arrived back at the same spot the next morning to hit it again.

      My hole got pretty big, I used the indicator matting to work out where to dig and followed the gold, it was in a line.  I couldn't get very deep, the rocks just made it too hard with my shovel, about knee depth was it.   I already had to move some massive rocks.  After about 5 or so hours my wife and daughter were more than ready to leave and I was tired so we called it quits.

      This was the total.  My best ever sluice result, not bad for a public fossicking area.

      The black sand gets annoying doing the cleanup, gold gets sucked up on the magnet with the sand too. I had to be careful.
      I spent about an hour or two on the trip coin detecting, mainly just when I had a small chance, I put minimal effort into it as I didn't have the time but checked out little spots as I had a chance.  I managed to find a silver ring, a gold ear ring and some coins.  A few dollars in modern coins my daughter got too but they're not in the photos, long spent 🙂

      This was an unusual coin find, never found a coin from Chile before.

      And now I'm home again, for a few days at least.  My next mission needs to be to go detecting with my QED/GPX as I'm desperate to use my 10" X-coil, I'm super excited about it after seeing how well it performs on my last mission with it.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Had this article forwarded to me. Funny how the guy wanted to brag up how much his detector cost. I know there is an exchange rate and all but still.....
    • By 1864hatter
      Had an outing with a good friend to a Local creek yesterday. We dug a huge hole and moved some big boulders and found the 1.3g right at the start of the process. Diligent detecting elsewhere in the creek produced the other two. The 1.7g was right at the start of a crevice that seems to run under a virgin bank... Might dig that out some time but there are some fridge size boulders in the way. Cheers for the fun day out buddy.

    • By 1864hatter
      With yesterday being fathers day I went down to my claim with my dad. Targeted the same spot as last time where I got 3.2g in an hour. This time we spent almost 4hrs and did a huge amount of digging but only managed to find 1.2g. Including a little specimen, which is a bit more rare for that area.Such is life, golden day out with dad though.

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