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I finally had a chance to get out and try out the new Makro Gold Kruzer on a old gold patch that I like to use for testing. The mineralization there is tough and can be quite variable. ive tested many detectors there before and there is still gold present. I never detected all of the diggings so there is still some untouched ground. now it was the Mak gold Kruz's turn at it.

The new Mak Gold Kruz is a very nice, well built vlf detector with a higher frequency that is quite capable of going after those small to tiny bits that are left over at many pounded sites. most don't like to spend the time chasing tiny crumbs, but for a lot of places there isn't much left at those specific areas but tiny gold. If your after gold crumbs all the way up to larger gold then Gold Kruz  would be a great choice to arm yourself with. steve already did a well written post about everything and more on the Makro gold kruzer, so I will just relay my experience with it.

For this gold patch I was able to run Gold kruz in all metal with a sensitivity of 70-75 and 80-85 at some of the areas. it runs very smooth and without adjusting any isat, the threshold doesn't blank out over heavy spots of mineralization. others I tried before there do. some I could adjust some isat for a faster retune and they were good. The kruzer has a great balance and a nice grip and is pretty lightweight. it pings on gold easily and strong and was a great machine to hit the gold fields with. I am looking forward to using it more and also trying out the 7.5 x 4 " elliptical dd coil.

The only issue that I had was the length adjustment for the supplied wireless headphones was just a little short for me and didn't quite come down all the way over my ears. that is with a hat on though, so maybe without they would. also I was very near a motherlode highway with big rigs and all, so the headphones on full volume were slightly lacking. but the traffic noise is horrendous. out in other gold fields im sure they would be fine. maybe an update to the detector volume might make them louder? All in all the headphones were very comfortable and top notch.

I was able to easily find a few pieces of gold with the gold kruz and im definitely confident that it will make a great gold prospector. I would recommend it for anyone wanting a higher frequency machine.

I am going to definitely have more post coming and videos using the Makro gold kruzer, so I will keep you posted on its experience. I also am going to do a video on undug targets in the gold patches comparing The Mak gold kruz, gold monster, and equinox just to see how she goes. it wont be a competition , just a comparison in my areas. some will be better then others in different sites and situations.

my finds for the day for a couple of hours with Mak gold kruz was .7 gr or .5 dwt. not much but was a great experience. Thanks and Good Luck!


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Nice video, thanks, I'm very surprised you didn't feel the need to use a scoop, does the detector not overly care about your hand? 


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I generally dont use a scoop.  Unless im using a pi or zvt detector.  Most times i can pinpoint very well and i can get the target on the coil in a couple pinches of dirt. Usually faster for me then a scoop. But i guess you cant while using a gold monster.  Thanks for watching 

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No, the Gold Monster is very sensitive to your hand, as is the Equinox so you can't just wave your hand over it with Gold in it like you did in that video, I'm surprised the Gold Kruzer doesn't care about your hand.


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Does can't mean the same thing over in oz. Because if you read my reply post that is what i said, Cant with the gold monster. But that is not always true. Ive used both monster and equunox for gold and sometimes i can get away with not using a scoop. It is the same for most detectors.  Including gold kruzer.  It is very sensitive 16khz stronger then monster. So on some days it picks up my hand more. I believe it is the salts on your hands. 

Actually i really believe the scoop technique comes from oz, beings it is mostly a pi or zvt country. Not as many vlfs. I dont think u ever saw a pi or zvt video from oz that they were not using a scoop.  Ironically in 35 yrs detecting i have only seen a couple of vlf detectorist over here using a scoop. Everybody i know pinpoints with the tip of the coil then separates the signal from original spot with a pick then isolates it quickly to a small pile of dirt then sprinkles some of the pile on coil. When you hear it hit thw coil. Poke around with your finger till you touch target then bam your done. So i think different techniques and tools must be regional. 

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The scoop thing did not come about due to PI detectors. It is a direct result of the use of hot VLF detectors in the U.S. The early guys were using little plastic cups. Jimmy Sierra and the Goldmasters is when it seems it really got going. Virtually everyone I know uses a scoop and it is a best selling item at metal detector shops.

Time for a poll!

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I run my Nox and Monster on very high sensitivity and there is NO WAY I could get away with not using a scoop.  I lost my scoop once on a mission with Kiwijw and I found a bit of gold and it took me about 20 minutes to separate it as I had no scoop and couldn't use my hand.

I have a GPX PI machine and I've not needed to use a scoop with it, although I still do.  It is the VLF's that require scoops more than anything.  That's why I was a bit taken back the Makro didn't need one when it's higher frequency than the Monster.

More back on topic, I appreciate your Kruzer video, it looks a top notch high frequency VLF, I'd be rushing out to buy one if I wasn't satisfied with my Monster.


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On 6/21/2018 at 2:20 AM, californiagold said:

For this gold patch I was able to run Gold kruz in all metal with a sensitivity of 70-75 and 80-85 at some of the areas. it runs very smooth and without adjusting any isat, the threshold doesn't blank out over heavy spots of mineralization. others I tried before there do. some I could adjust some isat for a faster retune and they were good. 


Thanks for the report! This little excerpt above is the key improvement to this machine - they've really done some great work here. Very stable, and holds its threshold really well. If the AU Gold was an improvement over the Gold Racer it was maybe 8%. The Gold Kruzer seems like a 25% improvement. This will definitely allow more gold to be sniffed in areas where you normally wouldn't venture with a high freaker. 

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    • By bigtim1973
      Received my AF28 coil in and put it on my kruzer.
      I started out in 3 tone because that is what I would have normally ran anyway but, that was before I tried it out. 
      No more 3 tone for me.
      I have the Fe tone set at 2 and sensitivity set to 85 and in the standard 15khz freq for starters.
      Separation is very good with this machine with set up of the settings with this coil.  I am very satisfied with it. It has about the same ability to separate as the smaller 9.5x5 DD coil. Very impressed. 
      But moving on with the 11 inch coil,  I discovered a quirk when running the coil over a the 7 inch dime and 11 inch nickel while in 3 tone. The machine did not want to hit on the deeper coins. It would try to null out. I cranked the sensitivity up to about 93 and although it would respond to something being in the hole, the ID for both coins were off.  I was starting to get disappointed.
      I then swapped freq to 5 and then to 19 as well and was getting similar results. 
      So I tried it in 2 tone and whammo....it nailed the deeper coins in all 3 frequencies with the sensitivity turned way down as well. Then I tried 4 tone and the same thing happened. The machine responded very well with the deep coins too. 
      Very happy now.
      But I can see if someone got this coil and tried to test it just in 3 tones how someone could get discouraged with the set up. 
      I have read a lot about 3 tone with the multi kruzer and leaving the sensitivity down below 90 because it you are supposed to be able to get more target information and signal analysis while the Kruzer is in 3 tone. 
      I found that advice to be total bull$hix. 
      anyways, if you want more depth with a kruzer with the 11 inch coil with multi tones your gonna have to run in 2 tone or 4 tone because 3 tone is not going to cut it.

      Anfibio / Kruzer - Waterproof DD Search Coil - 28 cm / 11" (AF28)
      Part Number : 20000825
      Description : Anfibio / Kruzer - Waterproof DD Search Coil
      Size : 28 cm / 11"
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      Hello everybody,
      I want to build my own large coil (just exactly as GOLD KRUZER GK40 COIL) as I can’t get a new one in my area for certain reasons. Can anyone here help providing:
      1- how many turns in RX & TX?
      2- size of wire used in both dd coils?
      3- the way the wires and shields wires are connected at the bottom and in the connector pins?
      (the last point confused me, couldnt figure out how they connected those wire!!)
      appreciate your guide and help.
    • By kac
      I just got my 11" coil in and it seemed super light. Comparing it to the stock 7x11 that weighs 471g w cover and cable the 11" coil only weighs 492g with cover and cable.
      Depth wise the 11" seems almost the same or at least air test I can't really tell.
      Did they reduce the amount of copper in the 11"? Tech specs say it should weight 540g.
      If anyone has an 11" for their Kruzer or have an Amphibio stock 11 can they post the weight of it? Thinking my coil is out of spec.
    • By dogodog
      I started out the day on a high note by detecting an old farm that I found a Rosie and a merc on a previous outing. First good signals were some 22 casings. I then got into some 1970's pennies and hit a bunch of wheaties, The oldest was a 1919 pretty good I thought. Next up was a kids silver plate bracelet. Was hoping for better but it was not to be. After about 45 min. of trash I stumbled on an odd 1 3/4'' copper piece. This is very unique and I have no clue what it was. Last but not least was a 1943 p nickle, my first of this date. I thought it was an odd silver but seeing the delamination on the surface, my hopes were dashed.This nickel was at the 10'' mark.
      Now for the bad part !!!!
      On my way back home I decided to try and get permission for another old farmstead. This property is having a new house built on it and I figured why not. There were some drywall guy's there who did not speak english, so I decided to look at the old barn before I departed. The first sign you are in trouble is when a black cat tears ass out of the barn and almost hits you.  I should have realized I was headed for problems. Anyhow I decided to leave, Jumped in my big truck, pulled foward and into a 3 foot ditch I failed to see. After stacking about a ton of stone under my passenger tire I got out. But It will cost me a new bumper $350, Brackets $52, and possibly a new fender $400 + paint. I'm not sure my finds will cover my stupidity!!!
      My wifes thoughts were, Glad it wasn't me. You would have bitched for days about my bad driving. Sometime's dumb catches up with all of us.
      Damn Black Cat !!!!!!

    • By kac
      So sounds like the Gold Kruzer has a normalized id system? I thought it would put aluminum up higher than nickels or gold.
    • By dogodog
      After another long hot week and some things that are weighing heavy on my heart. I decided to hunt a little woodlot and creek to take my mind off the grind of life. I walked about 1000 yds down the creek with little luck until I found a odd item that looks like an umbrella handle. A short distance later I retrieved a very very small tea cup (cool). After striking out on the water, I thought that I might have better luck on terrafirma. Shotgun cases woo hoo!!! I then decided to hunt near a giant of an oak tree, every bit of 40'' through. Hoping for something good, I got a good deep hit. At around 11'' out popped a very large musket ball that measures .690 to .695. Thinking from a british brown bess. Spent another hour farting around and tripped up on a 97 number that kept bouncing down to the high 70's. Normally this would be coal, but the tone did not have the crackle that coal usually has. Woo Hoo out popped a 45 mercury dime. My second 45 in a very short time. Turns out that there were very small fragments of coal around the merc. The dime is cool, but I love Rev. War musket balls!!!! I ended my day with a 22 casing and a 22 bullet. Another good day with the MK!!!  Time to have a beer and cool off!!!

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