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Another Method To Eliminate Iron?

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Has anyone used this method of avoiding iron? Any success?

"If you get a signal and you are not sure if it is iron or not, drop the frequency to 10kHz and swing over the target again, if the TDI numbers jump about, then it is probably iron, if it stays locked on the same number as in Multi, then it is worth a dig."

(reported by Bargeman in an overseas forum)


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Here below is a link to where this procedure to check out for a signal being of a iron nature.   In fact Steve has already put a link to Gordon Heritages suggestion way back in May.  Gordon was one of our UK Equinox testers.



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Heres another recent video on IB............. this was interesting.  Clearly those numbers even when not responding or in the neg range were near iron targets........ 15 - 17...... but for beach hunting worthy of checking if deep.


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I don't understand what this video shows.  He adjusted iron bias (Eqx 600 so range is {0,1,2,3}) but I didn't notice much, if any difference in the signals.  Also, I wish he had used all metal mode in all his testing (just saw that on in the very first run with iron bias = 0).

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