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Got My GPZ 7000

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My Gpz came late yesterday (Saturday), by the friends at FedX. I'm glad it came unassembled, because it gave me a chance to appreciate the individual quality and fit of each component. Everything is nice quality as I would expect for the money, even though the detector is a bit heavy, judging by the individual parts and the materials used in construction it's as light as possible with existing technology I'd guess. Fit and finish is in a different ballpark than my Whites as was the cost.

Assembly was easy, my only question is it best to use only one strut on the harness on your dominate side, or just put struts on both left and right (they sent two but only show using one)? I found the harness comfortable and with the harness the detector weight was a nonissue. Gave the batteries a full charge, powered up and completed the setup and audio sync... Also very simple to do, just follow the on screen prompts, no problems. I have large power lines directly behind my home so the Gpx was a bit unstable and not warmed up. I did not have it on for more than a few minutes, I'll play with the settings after studying the book some more and see if it will handle the interrence from the power lines.


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