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Nugget Finder 12 X 8 Evolution Coil For GPX In August 2018

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A few months ago when talking to the guys at nugget finder about coil options they hinted at a new small coil coming out soon, here is the news i was waiting for.

Some exciting news for GPX users, a super sensitive coil with good ground coverage in the evolution windings, will be interesting to see its performance especially compare to the new coiltek 9" and also the SDC.

From the nugget finder website https://www.nuggetfinder.com.au/products



The 12"x8" Evolution will be released in August 2018



More Details and Pictures soon to be released!


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On 7/21/2018 at 7:04 AM, phrunt said:

Awesome, I will be getting one! 

They were previously saying 14x9 was the smallest size flat wound coil they could make, I guess they've found a way.


 ? I thought you would be all over that,

I had been asking them if they had plans to do a replacement for the sadie in the EVO windings and they had mentioned that they had a new coil coming that was performing excellently and was smaller than what was currently available in the flat/evo windings so i knew it would just be a matter of times, the sadie will still be good for getting in the really tight spots but the 12 x 8 will cover so much more ground whilst still be maneuverable in vegetation and rough ground.

with the performance of the 14 x 9 on small gold I am super keen to see what the 12 x 8 can do.



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Is that a mono coil or DD? Indestructible little devil isn't it? :laugh: 

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On 2/9/2019 at 5:19 AM, phrunt said:

After seeing KiwiJW's Sadie coil I was thinking that coil maybe for me, it's a solid little thing and at 8x6 it can go places nobody else would be swinging their PI's or Zeds.

So I sent the dude who makes them an email just to see what he thinks about the Sadie Vs the 12x8 EVO.  This was his response.

"The 12x8 Evo is more sensitive than the 8x6 Advantage on small gold, however the 8x6 isn’t far behind.  The 8x6 is more tolerant of noisy ground when compared to the 12x8 Evo, it’s also lighter, easier to pinpoint with and great for getting into tight spots.    The 12x8 will have better depth than the 8x6 and this depth advantage will increase significantly as the target size increases."


Tough decision as when I got my 14x9 before the 12x8 came out I was told its as sensitive as the Sadie, possibly more so and a lot deeper.

These new generation coils are sure bringing PI's back in the game after the Zed's release, just imagine how good the Zed would be in manufacturers like Nugget Finder were able to make coils for it.


Hi Phrunt, how is the (12x6 x coil) going for you? 

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