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Nice going Jimmy.

Good luck with your wild nugget hunting.

JW :smile:

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Jimmy,  Good to see someone using a detector for something different than what it was designed for.  The SDC-2300 is so fun to use and boy will it punch for small gold and other little targets.  Try it in a swimming hole some time and see what turns up, you just might like it.

This video was shot the day of actual release to the general public.  We had a blast in the water with the SDC-2300 and had Hats Off discoveries.


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    • By Againstmywill
      The large coin/token was found at a school. It is the same exact coin as the smaller one that is next to it in the picture, just bigger and a couple bundles of grain, maybe (see red arrows). The small coin is a real Chinese coin that I have at home. Question is, what is the larger one? Anyone have any ideas? A good luck charm came to mind, but I could not find any just like it. Thanks for any help.

    • By phoenix
      I saw the prototype of the first coil that will be released for the 2300.  10x5"  The tester really likes it and apparently it is dynamite on the jagged bits.   And the main  thing I wanted in these new coils, it is centre mount .  I will probably start using my 2300 a bit more 
    • By Dan(NM)
      Met up with a couple of fellow hunters to hunt a WW1/WW2 dump site, it was a button feast today. Also was able to score 2 mercs, a barber and a wheat. Overall a great way to celebrate Independence Day, thanks for looking.

    • By kac
      Went to one of my stomping grounds to try out my AT Pro with -5 clicks on GB and noticed the town had done some trimming revealing areas that weren't usually accessible. After an hour in just a small area I got these. The -5 on the Pro gave me more stable vdi numbers, the coins were pretty shallow <8" deep tangled in roots.
      The copper coin has so much patina on it that I can barely see a face of some sorts. Thinking of sending it out for professional cleanup.

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      Anybody tried it?
      Metal Detecting In The River for Treasure
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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Silver & Gold at its best.  I can not believe the finds some of my customers are making with their Equinox detectors.  This is the 5th gold coin (I'm only counting in US finds, not England) my customers have recovered with the NOX machines.  Brandon in UT, finds an old site and recovers a couple beautiful Seated Liberty Dimes (see pictures).  Then the following weekend (this last Saturday) he goes back to the same site and does the Holy Grail we all dream of. Yes he unearths a glimmering gorgeous 1886-S $5 Eagle.  
      I've been a dealer for 25 years and never before have I had so many happy customers making Top Quality Finds.  All I can say, is the Equinox and the Multi IQ Technology has to have something to do with all the treasures coming up.

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