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    • By Brunks111
      Something that have noticed and has bothered me is how the resale price of the currently available ML PI's generally sits around the 70 - 80% of there retail price. The White's PI's that I have recently seen sold on another forum are selling for 40 - 46% of the current retail price. The question is does this represent a great secondhand deal on the White's PI's or an expensive retail price in relation to the value they retain. Something to consider is an unfavorable Aussie Dollar for the White's machines has driven prices up. I love my GMT and will eventually get a PI and resale is something i always look at. TDI Pro Oz $3300 AUD @ 45% is $1485 or a GPX4500 $3750 AUD@ 75% $2812.50. I would assume the ATX would be somewhere around the White's resale. Why don't they retain value?
    • By Au4Gold2
      I am looking to clean some of my specimens that I have found over the years with hydroflouric acid. Done enough research to know not to mess with this nasty acid. I have been able to locate two mineral preparation labs, one in Colorado Collectors Edge and Voelter Minerals...Texas. I am not comfortable sending them via air mail . If anyone knows of anyone in California who does this type of stuff I think a few of us would use this service if its available.
    • By Swifty
      The scale I currently have is no longer working correctly, I wish I could say its broken from all the really heavy nuggets I weigh but the reality of it is, most of the gold I find is in the sub gram
      category. Taking a look at the scales for sale on line I don't see any that stand out, so what are you using for your nuggets?
    • By Noah (FL)
      With gold prices on the rise, over $1500US an ounce right now, up from $1200 at the beginning of the year, I am tempted to sell an ounce of the broken 10 and 14K bits I’ve accumulated.   
      Just curious as to what the rest of y’all do with your gold jewelry.  Save it or sell it??  
    • By 1515Art
      I could use some advice here, these are somehow associated with what looks like a spot metal plating device but I don't really know anything about this stuff or the chemicals, the stuff sealed in the silver bag sounds ominous and is anybody here familiar with any of this stuff. the little brown plastic bottle where the label has disintegrated has about 3/8 of an inch of dark clear amber heavy liquid, i believe for plating gold???? Im not messing with any of it until im sure what it all is any ideas?

    • By Bhogg
      Hi All
      I’m in an area that’s got some pretty sandy ground and some of the coins especially the copper coins are pretty much unrecognisable and even the slivers are very badly stained with a blackish look to them.
      So I’m just wondering what seems to work the best to bring them back to life so they resemble what they should look like?, I don’t expect them to look fantastic due to how bad there condition is in now but it’d be great to at least be able to recognise what they are.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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